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July 15, 2024

Peek of the Week 086

By Anita Lee

Pastel painting by Sierra Pastel Society signature artist Anita Lee

Pastel painting, "The Ajijic Playa," by Anita Lee, S.P.S.

"In my first private art class at the age of nine, I got a box of 48 pastels. I had those pastels for over 30 years as I moved around to three countries and six cities. Many other art mediums entered my life in those ensuing years. I spent years working in 3D, in both sculpture and jewelry. When my hands were giving me problems from all the hard work of these mediums I decided that I needed to do something that would be easier on them. I loved being out in the beauty of the mountains or by the ocean in California where I was living and wanted to do something where I could capture that beauty in my art. I liked the bold colors and easy portability of pastels and decided to give them a try. That was about six years ago that I reacquainted myself with pastels. I don't have those original 48 pastels anymore, I gave them to a nephew who loved art, but now I have more like 600 sticks of various pastels. With pastels I can take the beauty of the world around me and make it my own. Like the Impressionists who experimented with light and color, I am challenged by portraying the incredible light of Mexico with my own vision. Just before I started developing this body of work... I had started to experiment with the colors I was using. As you can see by some of the pieces... I have really gotten into coloring my world." -- Anita Lee

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Article © Anita Lee. All rights reserved.
Published on 2007-04-09
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