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April 08, 2024

Ten Things an Adventurer Never Wants to Hear in a Dungeon

By The Bard At Large

#8 and #9

10. "What the hell is that smell?"

9. "What do you mean 'Beltazaar had the map'?" (Wait for it.)

8. "What do you mean 'a giant purple worm swallowed Beltazaar'?" (Told you to wait for it.)

7. You overhear your party leader saying, "Water? We don't need no stinking water!"


6. *snick!* "Oooooh, sorry. Guess that was trapped after all."

5. "Hey, it was a choice between buying the poison antidote or this sweet new scabbard for my sword!"

4. Your party leader shouts, "Cast the fireball now!" ...while you're standing in front of the mages.


3. "Oh, you wanted ten flasks of burning oil!"

2. "Nothing bad can happen to you -- we tied a rope to you."

1. "I need a volunteer."

Article © The Bard At Large. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-10-12
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