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Dark Whispers: Running Amok 46

By Lydia Manx

Charlotte pointed to the smaller of the two monitors on Nathan's desk saying, "That's Tim, the main bartender from Dark Whispers. He's one of Kenyon's pet vampire wannabees. But I don't recognize the room. Hell, most of the houses all look the same to me. Ugly." A nod from both male vampires confirmed her opinion of the so-called modern era of architecture.

Nathan offered, "Earlier there was a woman Tim called 'Aunt Maddie' in the room. They're in an upstairs bedroom I gathered from earlier conversations on the site and I guess it's her house from what else I saw."

They silently watched the scene unfold between Kenyon and Tim over the seemingly unconscious Jim. The loop finished up and the main screen was back to the normal desktop. The secondary monitor finished up its loop of video a few moments later. It was the same room from a different view. The room was well covered with both camera angles. From a glint off in the corners of the screens Charlotte suspected there were more than just the two cameras run in the bedroom. The obvious use was online pornography or kinky sex games at least. The current use was monitoring a poorly chained vampire.

Tim had to be an idiot to think that set up was going to keep Jim contained even after he'd brought that box of crosses out. All bets were off once Jim fanged into a human. Kenyon must have had a heart attack when he saw that mess. She bit back a grin knowing that Kenyon was totally screwed if Jim got even a mouthful of blood. Kenyon's threats of removing Jim's eyes had been pretty intense but that was just because the enforcer was so drained. Once he had fed, Jim would be out of that house in a flash and heading for her. That thought caused her to frown. Yeah, Jim was pretty pissed off at her killing Bethany but then she didn't like Jim's heavy-handed attempt at kidnapping her in Florida.

They all stepped back and absorbed what had transpired at the house where Kenyon's pet enforcer Jim was obviously being held against his will. They all had been amused to hear Kenyon ask Tim about the online viewing. It was nice to know it hadn't been hidden so well. Somehow Nathan had stored and saved the evening's live feed from Tim's dear old Aunt Maddie's upstairs bedroom entertainment bondage playroom. Nathan had only shown them the various clips of video from the moment Kenyon arrived until he had left. Once done he said, "I have quite a bit more from earlier if you want to see."

Nobody really wanted to see any more of the dysfunctional room's history but Eddie said, "Show us just the bits before Kenyon arrived when Tim brought Jim into the room."

With a voyeuristic tug they all watched a snippet from a few hours before Kenyon had showed up in the online video clips. Charlotte knew it had to be only about two or three hours prior because Jim hadn't been in Tim's possession until earlier this evening. The night had dragged on so long that she was exhausted by the mere knowledge it was still within the last twenty-four hours. And humans claimed time flew when you got older. That wasn't true for vampires. At times it seemed the nights dragged on forever.

Maybe it was just her. All their eyes flipped between the two monitors as the clips of the room in different angles began to play.

**The inside of a bedroom somewhere in North County suburbia much earlier in the evening there are signs of life in the bedroom. The lighting is soft and the lens slightly unfocused. A bed is framed with gauze and ropes just off center on the bedside table. It doesn't look like the same room Jim was in at first glance. The evening unfolds just so.**

"Aunt Maddie, I told you I didn't need your help. Hell, you aren't even supposed to be here. Why aren't you over at your friend Emily's house playing cards already?" Tim looked exasperated by his aunt. In his muscular arms Jim is slumped over nearly doubled over at the waist. He isn't moving other than by Tim's sheer strength.

Aunt Maddie is a pretty nasty looking creature. She's wearing some tawdry red shiny underwear that could be seen right through the black gauze blouse. The buttons were straining under the undersized size choice of tops coupled with the woman's rather well crafted surgically oversized breasts. She completed the trashy look with skintight blue jeans and four-inch-spiked black 'come-and-get me' pumps. She wasn't really helping so much as she was nagging at her nephew. She downed another gulp of liquid and waved her cigarette trying to get his attention. She never looked directly at the camera but there was a slight lift to her chin indicating awareness of the potential viewers. She licked her lips and slightly rubbed them together in an unconscious motion. She savored the drops of liquid left on her plumped lips with a darting tip of her tongue. All were the practiced moves of a woman used to using men with sex as her weapon of choice.

"Timmy, look at me when you're talking to me. Don't you have any fucking manners?" She arched a thinly plucked eyebrow while blowing a cool stream of smoke at the man's back. Tim was busy dragging Jim into the room obviously ignoring her as much as he could. Since it was her house she had to know the cameras were still rolling so the swear word was deliberate. Maddie was well geared to being watched.

"We'll have to move the bed." Tim said while glancing around the room still hoisting Jim slightly off the floor. The vampire wasn't resisting -- just pretty much deadweight.

"Aunt Maddie," he turned to look directly at his relative, "can you just turn the damn cameras off for once?" He spoke to Maddie with a strength that seemed abnormal. Usually Tim placated the bar patrons and sucked up to Kenyon. His decisive manner was at odds with his normally shown public persona.

"Why? I told you I have them on all the time and I shut the viewing option off just like you showed me how. It's just being stored for us later to laugh." She rolled her eyes indicating her boredom with the topic. Maddie moved out of the frame and grabbed something. A large tumbler of liquid reappeared in her hand.

"What's that in the cup?" Tim sounded beleaguered. He struggled with Jim's large frame half dragging half lifting the vampire towards the middle of the room next to the bed.

"What the fuck do you think? Apple juice," she grinned and knocked back a slug of the obviously not apple juice liquid. Another deep drag off the cigarette and she said, "Okay, you can move the bed against the wall once we have that guy up in the bindings otherwise it's too hard to haul a limp body up and lash them in properly."

The voice of experience obviously, Tim nodded and hoisted the unmoving vampire up and then dumped him on the bed temporarily while they began to rig the suspension of chains and leashes around Jim's body. His aunt was actually helping and seemed to know where all the straps went nearly without looking. The smoldering cigarette and half full drink had been set off to the side out of view. The smoke slithered around the room in a lazy haze. It was a homemade sex swing that had more attachments and chains than the usual mail order kits. Some kinky games could easily be devised with such a setup. The leather cuffs were quickly strapped around the unconscious vamp suspending him a half foot above the bedding. The chains weren't heavy-duty industrial links but lightweight and it was obvious that a well-fed vampire would have little trouble snapping them off and getting free.

Pushing back straw colored hair Tim's aunt growled, "Well that's not nearly as much fun when they're unconscious."

"Aunt Maddie, you don't want to see this guy awake. I told you he's not safe to be around." Tim hadn't told his aunt much but she seemed to have a glint of knowledge in her eyes when she said, "Bring 'em on, Timmy. There isn't a man alive I can't handle." She did a slight bump-and-grind against her nephew. Tim stiffened and shuddered.

Leaning over the bed she purred, "We have some time don't we?" She licked her lips suggestively this time it was deliberate and directed directly at Tim. She yanked on the chain and Jim swayed unconsciously still slightly suspended above the queen-sized bed. His body looked lifeless. She poured herself around the bed and was right in front her nephew.

Tim shook his head saying, "No, we don't. Let's move the bed now. He has to be unable to free himself. This set doesn't have any safety buttons right?" His body betrayed his torment. Aunt Maddie noticed and ran a hand down his chest saying, "Damn you. I want you to do me here and now. If you don't you'll be sorry."

Leaning against the bed, her back to Jim, she pouted and moved her arms so her breasts strained up and nearly out of the red bra. She slowly darted her tongue between her pouting lips with a slight flash of teeth as she bit her bottom lip and then she ran her hands down her body in a well-practiced shimmer move. She was willing to play even with an unconscious vampire at her back. Wiping a hand across his face he reluctantly said, "My boss will kill me."

"Please me or I will kick you and your weird buddy here outside. I never asked why you needed my room so you definitely owe me." Her eyes were half shut and she was working herself into a state. She slowly pulled Tim's shirt out from his pants and unzipped him. He didn't protest or resist. The dance was not new to either of them.

The camera was perfectly framed to watch the brutally fast coupling. Whatever was coursing through Maddie's blood besides alcohol obviously heightened her satisfaction. She moaned and wiggled with pleasure over her nephew's sweating figure. He slammed into her with a familiarity that went beyond a single chance act. Once done she slid off him saying, "You can move the bed now. Try not to scratch the floor up. And you still owe me. You know how much I hate quickies." Casually slapping his ass she wiggled off the edge of the bed.

Tim nodded and put his clothing back in place while his aunt exited the room without a backwards glance. Jim swayed unseen behind Tim as he moved the bed against the wall. Slits revealed his eyes to the camera and they were blood filled. The sex had fed Jim just enough to activate his senses. Tim must have leaked some unseen fears while his aunt sexually used him. There was a snip and the monitors both went black.

"Damn now, that's a healthy family tree. No wonder he wants to be a vampire. He's had that bitch sucking the life out of him probably for most of his years." Charlotte was surprised to hear herself say once they all refocused. She again had found that she was empathetic to humans. She needed to stop being so weak-willed when it came to people. Even while Maddie didn't know for sure what was up with Jim, it didn't stop her from scratching her itch on the bartender. That little sexcapade definitely woke Jim up from near death.

Nathan smirked saying, "There's tons of drama on the site, not just dear old auntie and nephew but an assortment of creatures in the basic sexual combinations humans seem to favor. I didn't see any of the rest of our fanged set except Jim until Kenyon showed up, I just wanted to show you how Jim was doing. Do either of you need to see any more?"

"I'm good," Charlotte quipped.

"I'm sure you are," Nathan flashed a naughty teasing wink and Eddie chuckled, "Yes, you are. Thanks, Nathan, I think we'll skip the tour of Middle America's bad housewives and their boy toys." Humans never failed to amaze vampires with their willing destruction of themselves and their surroundings.

"And they think we are scary," Nathan deadpanned while closing out the screens of the video loops.

"Does the aunt know that Jim and Kenyon are vampires?" Eddie asked Nathan. Charlotte was curious about that also but it truly didn't matter to her because she wasn't going to leave either of those humans alive if given the chance.

"Unsure. She knows something is odd about them but doesn't ever ask Tim directly. From what I saw she is pretty well drugged most of the time or completely drunk. Or both. Tim's her meat puppet. Worse than a fledgling with a bad master." Nathan spoke carefully and paused between the sentences, as he weighed the impact of his words. Vampires tended to refer to humans as blood donors or meat puppets so he was deliberately using a term with some baggage. And it wasn't nicely matched luggage either but scar filled emotions raked across raw nerves. They all left that alone.

"Do you know where the house is?" Eddie asked.

"Should have that information in the next twenty minutes." He continued tapping on his main computer then nodded.

"Actually less." He opened up an email that had arrived and silently read the contents. Both Eddie and Charlotte resisted peeking over his shoulder or into his mind. He hesitated a beat then turned back to them saying, "Well, that's interesting."

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2007-07-09
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