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May 20, 2024

De Ja Vu and Dreams

By Monique Jetton

Last night I got this uncontrolable DEJAVU feeling. The only problem was that I was dreaming. Is it possible to have had some sort of seventh sense since birth and have just dismissed it? I'm trying to figure various things out and nothing is making sense.

If people do have various senses that are hyper-sensitive, how do you find out what they are and how to make them work? In my case I remember doing various unexplainable things as a child, but then I just stopped. There was no traumatic experience in my life to make them stop. Was it just the growing up process? If so, why are they back now? Was it because of the hypnotherapy? Did that open something that was hidden from me until I was old enough to deal with it?

Lately I have been beginning to wonder if my dreams are just dreams or if are they views to some different level of reality or to the past. In my life, I have only seen two therapists to assist me in the issues that I was having when I thought they were just too overwhelming. Both of them told me not to worry that I could handle the situation and that I already knew how to deal with it. How do you know? But the weird thing was that yes, I did know what was going on and how to deal with it. I just needed someone to agree with me. Yet, last night in my dream I knew what was going on and knew that I had been to that place before, but I knew full well I had never been there in my lifetime. That's not to say that maybe past lives play a part in this.

Have you ever had a dream be so vivid with colors, smells, places, and other people around you that you know? And then wake up and feel refreshed, or sense the smell lingering in the air of your room? What happens when you sleep? When taking my psychology classes, there was a brief segment on dreams. I learned, according to the book, that dreams come from life experiences or something you saw, or events that happened in your life. Okay, part of that I can buy because I have had dreams that I went back to a part of my life and redid something and changed it but that event really happened to me. But the places my mind has been taking me and especially recently I have never been to. How do you explain that? Or is there no explanation?

Do you get a chance in life to go back and fix something that happened in the past and meet people that you knew before? For example, in one dream I had two cousins that looked like me and then in another dream I had two sisters that were my identical twins. Yet when they were my cousins I was okay with it, but when they were my sisters I felt that I had split myself into three people. Then it hit me last night that it was not the case. They were the same, I just moved them into sisters. But did I or was it part of a different reality? Welcome to my warped reality!

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Published on 2002-11-11
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