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July 22, 2024

A Valentine from the Heart

By Lydia Manx

Carefully he sketched the line. The sharp point on the pencil didn't resist his movement and a deep scarlet was the reward. This shade worked much better than he'd dreamed. The Internet was so useful for picking up cosmetics without being noticed by nosey saleswomen gossiping and pointing him out to their equally empty-headed coworkers. The risks were fewer once he'd invested his money in a postal drop box.

Taking a deep breath he put down the lip liner and found the dusky gray he'd just purchased last week. This would be the first time using the liner and he had to wait as his hand trembled. When he got to the corner of the right eye he had to dab at the tear. He hated when they cried.

"Fine, be that way. Just for that we will take a time out!" The CD needed to be changed anyways and she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. The drugs pumping through her body would keep her frozen for at least a good three more hours. He'd be done by then.

"Oh, this one is my favorite!" He exclaimed and popped the player open and swapped out discs.

My funny Valentine
Sweet comic Valentine ...

Frank Sinatra belted out the Rogers - Hart classic and he danced around and soon was back to the girl's side.

"There now that's much better. No more crying or I'll have to start over and that's too time consuming." He hummed along with the Sinatra classic while doing a soft shoe tap and bounce. She didn't seem to appreciate the work he was creating.

Yet you're my favorite work of art ...

He laughed and said, "That's the truth!"

Her eyes went wide as he returned to putting the makeup on just so. He tutted and shook his head.

"This is really a lost art! Nobody takes time to present themselves properly when in public. I knew from your photograph online that I could bring out your natural coloring. That black lipstick wasn't doing a thing for your features. This rose blush will bring out the true beauty of your cheeks." Painstakingly he brushed with soft strokes over her quivering face. No matter how he tried to blend the drugs he wasn't able to get them to stop shaking.

"Now, I realize we haven't had much time to chat since our shared online conversations. But I wasn't ready to share my talents until tonight. That last email mentioning a restraining order was uncalled for! After all, we hadn't a proper introduction much less a civilized meal. And you acted so pleased at the gifts I'd been sending. Sorry you didn't get to date Mason, but just that once. He really doesn't get out nearly as much as I do. My medication keeps him quiet. He hasn't figured out why he keeps waking up tired. That's now our little secret." Mason was difficult but controlled with the right dosages of meds.

A thump from the other side of the room and he jumped up to check on Mason. The bedding was in disarray and Mason was thrashing. He wasn't awake but trying to fight the drugs.

"Brother, stop struggling. I told you she wasn't for you. You never listen." He picked up the syringe on the countertop and prepped another injection for his brother.

Stay little valentine stay ...

Sinatra sung to him as he further drugged his brother. Mason had met just once with the little offering, with nearly no prompting from his big brother. How many times would he keep chasing these sluts and bringing them home on a first date? Even after he was finished cleaning them up and creating the perfect date Mason never appreciated the efforts.

"There now we're done!" He pulled out his digital camera and began snapping pictures documenting the transformation. He well knew her own parents wouldn't easily recognize their angry child in the pictures. But the press loved them. He'd seen nearly all of his photos published somewhere afterwards. He didn't like to think about that.

"This is a much better look for you. I will cherish these moments forever." He felt his heart leap to his throat as he snapped the last picture.

Now all was left was the posing hands over her heart and then he brushed her hair out slowly with a natural bristle brush then sprayed on a nice light hairspray. The soft curls framed his work well. Mason was no longer making any noise. That made him smile. He'd forget tonight ever happened. He always did.

She was perfect. Her eyes welled up with unshed tears as he brushed back a stray wisp of hair with his gloved hands. He wanted to stroke her face with his fingers but forensic science had advanced too much in the last few years and he wasn't willing to share any stray bits of himself that could link him to the murder.

He grabbed the last syringe prepared and shot her full of insulin. She'd be dead in no time. Reluctantly he put the lid on the powder pink coffin. The van was ready for delivery and she'd be set inside a graveyard right before dawn. It was hard to let his valentines go but tradition dictated it. After all he'd been doing this for over two decades and nobody had found him. His heart raced as he moved her to the van. Maybe they'd figure it out this year. Only time would tell.

The CD finished up with Sinatra singing the song.

Each day is Valentine's day
Valentine's day ...

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2008-02-11
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