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April 15, 2024

My Mother's Smile

By Tyler Willson

Reading a book on a summer night.
Window open, trying for a little fresh air.
Millions of bugs beat themselves against the screen.
Some find the tiny space where the frame is bent
And buzz around the single bulb inside
Their tiny buzz ringing in my ears.
I'm not quite moved into my new room yet,
The only furniture is my old bed.
Not very soft, and very squeaky,
It is comfortable and welcomes me
Like an old friend.
Long white lacy curtains tangled with cheap tin rods,
Lie crumpled on the floor.
I notice the sun warming the eastern sky;
I have read all night long.
Noise from the other end of the house
Tells me that dad is getting ready for work.
Mom comes to turn off my light
Seeing me still awake, she asks what's wrong.
I hold up my night's companion
"Couldn't put my book down."
Mom smiles that smile that tells me
She has more than once spent the entire night
With a good book.
I sit up and stretch, muscles frozen
Where I have lain all night long.
Mom smiles again, shakes her head,
And leaves.

Article © Tyler Willson. All rights reserved.
Published on 2009-05-04
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