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April 15, 2024

The Games People Play

By Tyler Willson

Really baby, she's just a friend!
I just want to date other people.
                           Everybody's heard them
                           Everybody's played them
Sure I'll respect you in the morning
Of course I still care, I'm just not ready
                           We all start down that road
                           That road that goes to hell
                           Our intentions are noble
                           It's our methods that don't work so well
I think I just need my space
Let's see if time apart can help
                           We all play these games
                           Harmless relationship games
                           No one really gets hurt,
                                   Or do they?
How can I live without her?
My life means nothing without him.
                           Sharp silver cure
                           Drains hot red sorrow
                           Another loser has now been claimed
                           By the games people play.

Article © Tyler Willson. All rights reserved.
Published on 2009-08-03
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