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June 10, 2024

Return of the Vault People, part 3

By Tedi Trindle

On March 19, 2003, a man named Fletcher Richman spoke with the Associated Press regarding the new dig he hopes will be sanctioned in Bruton Parish Church. Richman is the spokesperson for Sir Francis Bacon's Keepers of the Seventh Seal, a group of self-proclaimed metaphysicians whose vocal insistence prompted the archeological dig in the historically-significant 17th century churchyard in 1992.

According to inside sources, Richman's interview with the press violated an agreement which he had with the church to not seek press coverage. The church is also bound by this agreement. The reasons for this agreement stem from the surge of interest the 1992 dig created. The church is hoping that minimal press coverage for this new proposal will prevent an influx of seekers bent on digging up the graves of our ancestors in search of the contents of Bacon's vault, said to contain the secret to world peace.

Richman stated in the interview that, during the 1992 dig, he felt that archeologists were looking in the wrong place, but kept his peace. Through meditation and prayer with his fellows, he now believes that the location of the vault is beneath the pyramidically-shaped monument erected to Elizabeth and David Bray. The Brays are buried in the family plot belonging to the Page family. Colonel John Page originally gifted the land (and a sum of money) on which the original Bruton Parish Church was erected. His burial monument is an obelisk which stands at the center of the churchyard, in a position which would have been located right next to the original church.

Richman, pointing to the Bray monument said, "Underneath here is a spiral staircase that goes down to a Freemasonry library." Richman and his fellows believe that the contents of the vault can stop the holy wars in the Middle East and that the current conflicts indicate the beginning of World War III, or Armageddon. So they are back at this time to find the key to preventing global destruction.

According to Richman, the vault was originally buried at Jamestown, and was moved to Williamsburg in 1676. Although it would have made sense for the vault to be moved at that time, Bacon's Rebellion (Nathaniel Bacon, the leader of the rebellion, was a cousin of Francis Bacon) occurred at that time and Jamestown was burned, there are some time line issues that need to be resolved. Colonel Page did not gift Bruton Parish with the land for the church until 1678. The church was not completed until 1683.

Timeline issues aside, however, it would be easy for the imaginative and spiritual mind to wander through the present-day cemetery and imagine a conspiracy of Freemasons, pioneers, and believers in cryptography, ancient texts and metaphysics to conjure up a scenario which lends to the story the vault proponents are believers in. Freemasonry in the 17th century was widely practiced. Many of the higher level functions of the lodges were closely guarded secrets. They used many symbols within their ranks, including those of obelisks, pyramids, and torches. There are many such symbols immortalized on the graves of the ancients in the churchyard. The stated goals of Freemasonry coincide perfectly with the tenets put forth in the founding of America, Bacon's "New Atlantis". Many of our most revered founding fathers, Franklin, Paine, Hancock, Marshall and Washington were members of Masonic Lodges. Jefferson, while never proven to be a card-carrying Mason marched with Masons during processions and was the intimate of Masons within his own family and his acquaintance, and even in France during his years as Minister Plenipotentiary to France.

Viewed from the scientific standpoint, however, evidence for the existence of a vault in Bruton Parish Churchyard is scant. After two extensive and well-documented digs, nothing of any import has been discovered. A geologist who participated in the 1992 dig took over 20 core samples going down to the waterline at a depth of 20 feet in the churchyard and found no evidence of human presence there. He stands ready to take more samples under the Bray monument if asked. Vault proponents are mysteriously reluctant to take advantage of modern ultrasound technology, which is routinely used to determine the location of much older artifacts, such as dinosaur bones.

Church insiders say that there will be no new dig. The church has posted "No Trespassing" signs at the entrance to the churchyard, so that they may prosecute any unauthorized diggers. Some believe that no matter how many digs are sanctioned, believers will never be satisfied that the vault does not exist, hence their reluctance to utilize modern technology. Richman and his fellows say that, if necessary, they can summon thousands of metaphysicians to surround the church day and night until a new dig is authorized. So, they are at an impasse.

Is there a vault? Was Francis Bacon the keeper of ancient secrets? If there was a vault, is it still in the churchyard, or has it been moved to a more secure location? If there was a vault, why has it been kept a secret all these years, and what is the chain of custody which maintains its secrets? Where is it now? And who knows where it is?

It is, of course, eminently likely that this is all a myth. However, it doesn't take much of a stretch of imagination, knowing how human intercourse goes, to think that maybe, maybe, such a crypt of ancient manuscripts has been protected through the ages, passed down from generation to generation, a legacy for the world to come.
Article © Tedi Trindle. All rights reserved.
Published on 2003-04-28
151 Reader Comments
Donald G.
10:28:37 AM
Fletcher Richman (aka Bradley David Richman) is not the man that he portrays himself to be. Be aware of his extreme quick temper and misuse of testosterone injections. He is a fake and writes nothing but fantasy bullshit based on his hallucinations. We know him very very well.I have nothing to gain from any of his enemies by posting this. I am independent and real!
Ray Bacon
10:35:23 AM
A real student of the Ascended Master Saint Germain would never be quick tempered but calm and in balance. This is NOT what Fletcher Richman is at all. This man has severe mental problems such as paranoid schizophrenia. His brain is severely pickled by over 20 years of misuse of testosterone injections. He abuses such perscription drugs. Bruton church knows all about him because of his threats on them. Yeah, his claim of having thousands of metaphysicians surrounding the church is another empty threat. It will never happen. He threatened my friends and me. We have nothing to do with him anymore because he is ill tempered and unreasonable to be a REAL Ascended Master Student!!!!!!!!!!
Miss Ellie Henderson
01:51:26 PM
"See ye no man after the flesh," stated
the Ascended Master Jesus the Christ! To
'Donald G.' and 'Ray Bacon'...I have known, traveled extensively with Mr.
Fletcher Richman professionally and also
personally, and have known his private medical history for many years now; he is calm, poised, and faithful to his great love and sincere passion for true Metaphysics; and not the person you attempt to discredit him to be! Shame on both of you for writing such nonsense and very evil, misinformation about this person who has worked tirelessly and faithfully for over 23
years on behalf of the Historical,
Scientific and Metaphysical Truth about
Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault buried
in Williamsburg, Virginia! 'TIME WILL
REVEAL THE ENTIRE TRUTH' concerning this
matter...so 'Watch and Listen'...the
Great Seventh Seal will be made public
and professionally brought forth in
God's Time, and in God's way, no matter
what is being said against those persons
who have the Divine Guidance and Wisdom
to overcome all sinister attacks against
them! Respectfully, "I AM," Miss Ellie
Allen Buresz
05:07:49 PM
I truly hope that all will seriously consider what I state here.

(1) The Bruton Vault "legend" is definitely worthy of historical and scientific study.

(2) Fletcher Richman is a truly dedicated Baconian historian - and a lovely genuine person who is kind yet unmoved by discordant human creation. He has spent over two decades researching the foundations of America as related to Sir Francis Bacon, and has assembled impressive amounts of documentation regarding Francis Bacon's Sacred Freemasonry Vault at Bruton Parish church grounds. He is a dedicated and persistent student of True Metaphysics who will not allow any criticism or condemnation to deter him from his goal of educating the American public as to this Sacred Vault!

Warren Angel
11:55:55 AM
September 29, 2009
10:55 a.m. CST

To Whom It May Concern:

I have know Fletcher Richman for many years. I have traveled with him extensively; he truly walks with God and walks his talk. He always goes into prayer and meditation before doing anything. He is a great role model, and I never seen him criticize or condem anyone. He also has never misused medication, and I have often
been with him when he visits his team
of professional physicians due to his
birth trauma he experienced several
decades ago!

Those who try to slander and defame
him should be so ashamed...as this man
if legally protected under the United
States of America's Disablility Act!

When people can't get their way with him they get violent and lash back anyway they can; I have seen it happen for years. If anyone is truly in their Hearts and follows the teachings of the Ascended Master Jesus the Christ, and call themselves 'Christians' they would not criticize or condemn anyone. What I have learned through the years is, if you criticize or condemn, what you see in others is most likely in you.

"Mirror-Mirror...on the Wall!"

The two people above, 'Donald G, and Ray Bacon' have not gotten their way with him and are rebelling. As the
Ascended Master Jesus the Christ has taught us, "What you sow you shall reap."

Fletcher is a true Baconian Historian and an Honorable Man; his heart is in helping humanity, and wanting the TRUTH to come forth. And the "Great Seventh Seal" is a Love Gift to Humanity" that Sir Francis Bacon, 'To the Glory of God,' on behalf of the American Citizens, placed carefully in the backyard of Bruton Parish Church during the late summer of 1676...for future generations to find and to be professionally excavated for all the world to see; learn from, and enjoy...before it is too late!

Therefore, 'take heed you silly human
and vicious adversaries, and 'Stop this
ranting and raving' from your puny
intellect against that which God has
sanctioned to occur PRIOR to December
21st, 2012!

Yours Truly, "I AM,"

Warren T. Angel

Shelley Smyth
03:11:17 PM

"When a wise man points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger" Lao Tse
And then goes on to criticize the finger! Such is unenlightened human nature up to the point when a great hidden discovery is shown to the world. No matter what the 'popular opinion' is, no matter what the resistance to it is, no matter that it only appears to have no scientific basis, no matter what obstacles appear and no matter the silly nomenclature used (the Vault People) Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault does exist and IS coming up.
The attacks by "Donald G" and "Ray Bacon" are such blatant fabrications to all who know Mr. Richman, it's hardly worth the energy to rebut. Suffice it to say that abusing prescription drugs and being mentally imbalanced quite aptly describes the miscreants and not in any way Mr. Richman.
Behind these vicious attacks is an undisclosed motivation. Both "Donald G." and "Ray Bacon" benefited financially (one of them for many years) from Mr. Richman's generosity. That financial support has been canceled due to their own consciously-made decisions and they are now throwing a tantrum as a result. They wanted the rules to apply to everyone else, but not to themselves. As the saying goes “God does not reward bad behavior”.
Whenever any of us points one finger out in blame, four fingers are pointing back at us.

Shelley Smyth
Fletcher J. Richman
08:51:39 AM
Dear Baconian Historians and Friends:
Thank you so much for your kind support
of your compassionate comments due to the sinister attacks that were recently posted on various Chat Rooms and other
sites on the Internet. It is obvious to
me that those uninformed and nefarious
individuals that wish to attempt to
discredit the earnest and passionate
research that pertains to the real Divine Truth of 'Sir Francis Bacon's
Bruton Vault Legend' are running scared
due to the realization that their mean and misguided attacks are not working at the level they were hoping; God's Divine Timing and the Professional,
Public excavation of the 'Great Seventh
Seal' located in Williamsburg, Virginia,
will expose and 'lay to the rest,' once and for all, the evil intentions of those members of Satan's global, 'One World Government' and his Puppets, Pawns, Claws, and Emissaries...and the Sacred Contents of 'Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault will prove the reality of
the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings,
and Angelic Hosts...to the 'Glory of
God,' on behalf of the Freedom of all
of humanity-at-large during these very
serious, 'Latter Days here on Earth!'
God bless you, and 'God bless these
Divine Undertakings.' Sincerely and
Respectfully, "I AM," Fletcher J. Richman October 25, '2009
03:51:39 PM
still at this nonsense.. watch your wallets
Francis Bacon
01:46:32 PM
Responses by Richman's colleagues are actually from his multiple personalities. These people are not real and do not exist.
Warren T. Angel
11:43:29 PM
To the misguided fool pretending to be 'Francis Bacon,' I AM a real person, and
so is Miss Ellie Henderson; Allen Buresz,and Shelley (Fowler) Smyth; the two cads called 'Donald G. and 'Ray Bacon' are pen names of individuals whom are cowards by NOT recording their real names, because the true Baconian Historians who knew them from the past would be able to properly identify and deal firmly and harmoniously with them
through proper prayer, meditation, and
then dynamic Decrees accordingly. Mr.
Richman does not suffer from multiple
personalities; I have known this man
for over eight years; traveled with him
extensively throughout the United States
and Canada, and have chosen to remain a
faithful Metaphysical friend, business
associate, and grateful colleague. Now,
enough said on this topic; let us all
be about the 'Father's business' and
act in a mature manner, as the time is
so short for humanity, before the Major
Earth Changes truly begin, so that the
purification of this Planet can finally
take place: "Peace on Earth, Good Will
To All Men, Women, and Children now and
forevermore." Very Truly Yours, "I AM,"
Warren T. Angel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Miss Ellie Henderson
01:33:43 PM
Last evening, my friend and business
colleague, Warren T. Angel of 'Tudorgram
Metaphysical Research Historians,'placed
a reply comment on this posting that concerns the false statement made by an alleged person misusing the name of 'Francis Bacon' about Fletcher Richman, a devoted and sincere Baconian Historian
and passionate Metaphysician. By placing
in your computer Google Search Engine, the following information: Copy the URL to your podcast reader~Liquid Lunch ..you will discover that the named individuals listed there of Miss Ellie Henderson; Warren T. Angel, and Shelley Fowler (Smyth) are real and living human beings. Allen Buresz (DC) is an active Chiropractor living and working in Lemont, Illinois; Shelley Rockwell (Fowler) Smyth was Vice-President and
also Co-Founder of Pinnacle Computer
Systems, LLC, and lived, worked in the
region of Dubai, U.A.E. for several years before returning to her 'home country'of Eastern Canada. Warren T. Angel and I are also Metaphysicians and devoted colleagues of the Sacred 'Quest for Sir Francis Bacon's Great Seventh Seal,'that is historically and also very scientifically located in the city of Williamsburg, VA; U.S.A., in the backyard of Bruton Parish Church on Duke of Gloucester Street. Miss Shelley
(Fowler) Smyth, Warren Angel, Fletcher
Richman, and I have been featured many
times on Toronto, Canada's live telecast
and radio show called 'Liquid Lunch'
that can be found on www.thatchannel.com
and the various podcasts featured there.
Although the continued efforts of very
nefarious and sinister attacks against
those whom have received and earned the
Sacred Anointing of God's Divine Grace,
Mercy, Illumination, and Protection from the vicious 'slings and arrows' of
demonic forces that wish to keep hidden
the Sacred TRUTH about Sir Francis
Bacon's Bruton Vault Legend by trying
to cause harm and disgrace through
slanderous, libel, and destruction of
character of these listed individuals
and others associated with the Bacon
and 'AMERICA WILL BE THAT LIGHT' to help set humanity free from the constant
burden of the hypnotic domination of the
mean-spirited Lucifer and the Fallen
Ones, including their Puppets, Pawns,
Claws, and Emissaries here and abroad.
Mankind's Awakening is near: The Final
Countdown has begun, and very soon, the
complete ENDING of the 'One World
Government~New World Order's Plans of
complete domination over living beings
and all life here on Earth will 'come
to pass!' God bless you; GOD BLESS
AMERICA forever! Kindly, very Firmly, and Respectfully, "I AM," Miss Ellie Henderson
Anthony Greene
03:04:28 AM
Fletcher Richman has continually used the fake cover story that he is "researching" the Bruton Vault in order to trick people out of their money through financial misrepresentation for the last 25 years. Fletcher Richman caused MASSIVE financial ruin - and agonizing psychological torture - to my family for the last 2 years through his lies, deceptions, and financial fraud. It is still hard to believe that he could have caused just horrific destruction to my family - along with the assistance of his co-conspirators, Warren Angel and Ellie Henderson. Read the details of what he did to me and countless others over the last 25 years at http://sacredvaults.org
Lee Melanson
07:13:41 PM
The posts immediately above by Warren Angel and Eleanor Henderson were written by Fletcher Richman. He would never allow them to write their own thoughts. He might even be flying solo and just pretending they're still with him. All of the other people mentioned above have left him because HE STOLE THEIR MONEY using the Bruton Vault 'project' as a ruse, as he did with Eleanor and Warren. The trust fund securing everyone's money was found not to exist. If Eleanor and Warren are still with Fletcher, then they're completely brainwashed. They gave him $200K and $100K respectively 7/8 years ago and still have not been repaid - just like everyone else who gave him money (who were told to expect repayment within days/weeks/months). What is REAL is that Fletcher Richman is nothing but a common thief happy to destroy people's lives to satisfy his own insatiable, power-mad, greedy impulses. Fletcher Richman IS the sinister force he always claims is after him.
Fletcher Richman
04:38:52 AM
"All the world's a stage, and the people, merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and a man in one Lifetime, plays many parts." ~Sir Francis Bacon

How very sad that there is being such
precious time wasted on attempts to be
so vicious and judgmental against other
individuals whom truly are devoted and
faithful Christian and Metaphysical,
Historical Researchers. As Beloved
Ascended Master Jesus the Christ so
rightly stated: "See ye no man after the
flesh!" Anthony Greene is a Pen Name for
Allen Buresz (See his comment statement
posted at this site on September 28, 2009). Lee Melanson, born in Dallas,
Texas in 1923, passed away in the mid
1990's...she was in her mid 70's. What
is really important to remember here is
how short time is for humanity-at-large;
God, the "Mighty I AM Presence," knows
that there are three sides to every
situation: Your story; my observations,
and then GOD'S TRUTH...which will always
prevail according to the Divine Plan.
Miss Ellie, Warren, and I will continue
to Pray and Decree for Allen Buresz's
Soul to be healed from the demonic
forces that have grabbed his attention
away from remaining calm, harmonious,
positive, and productive during these
'End Times' here on Earth. God bless
you, Allen...and anyone else that tries
to attempt to destroy ANYONE who has
earned the anointing to help raise the
Sacred, 'Great Seventh Seal' that was
carefully placed, lovingly and securely,
deep in the ground and in the backyard
of Bruton Parish Church, located in the
Historical City of Williamsburg, VA, by
Sir Francis Bacon (now known world-wide
as the Ascended Master Saint Germain).
Anthony Greene
03:48:38 AM
Note how Fletcher Richman conveniently ignores the fact that he has stolen MASSIVE amounts of money from me (and many others). To save potential future victims from what my family and countless others have suffered, the scam that Fletcher Richman is still involved in must be exposed. His masquerade as a "Baconian researcher" and a "sincere and dedicated Ascended Master student" is merely a cover for his cruel lies and deceptions by which he tricks people out of their money - leaving them financially devastated! For details, go to http://sacredvaults.org
Fletcher Richman
11:54:29 AM
To the Readers of this Posting: I do
and am kindly apologizing for the sad
and vicious tirades on this Internet
site from Allen Buresz (also known as
Anthony Greene, William Travis, and the
comment above from 'Lee Melanson' who
was a dear friend of mine; she passed
away in the mid 1990's). His statements
on his evil website, and those from two
others, are nothing but lies, slander,
libel and defaming ideas that will be
handled by the Tudorgram's Legal Department, when the time is right, so that more important and timely research can be safely accomplished Historically on behalf of Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault.

Allen, and his associates, have no hope to live a productive, successful, and happy Life, as long as they try and attempt to continue this series of evil attacks against those individuals whom have worked so hard to forward the progress that Manly Palmer Hall, his wife of 50 years, Marie Bauer Hall, and others down through the past decades, have accomplished concerning
this vitally important Metaphysical
Project...the professional and public
excavation of Sir Francis Bacon's Great
Seventh Seal that is located in the
backyard of Bruton Parish Church, in
Williamsburg, Virginia.

As long as Allen Buresz, and others,
persist in holding within their feeling
worlds and consciousness, thoughts and
emotions of criticism, condemnation, or
hate of any description, including mild
dislike or disdain to want to do harm,
injury, imprisonment, or death to me
and the members of the Tudorgram Team,
they have no chance in Heaven to remain
joyous along their Spiritual Journey and Life's Path.

From the Ascended Master Saint Germain:
"It is not your province to judge
another, for you do not know the forces
playing upon another nor the conditions. You know only the angle that you see of it and I tell you that
if an individual should be entirely
innocent of any intent to wrong another, the individuals who send
criticism, condemnation, or hate to such an one, are doing worse than
commiting physical murder. Why is this
so? Because, thought and feeling are
the only Creative Power, and while such
thoughts and feelings may not touch or
harm their objective, they must return
and bring with them the conditions sent
out by the individual who sent them
forth and always with accumulated energy.

So after all, the one who holds vicious
thoughts to another is in reality but
destroying himself, his business, and
his affairs. There is no possible way
of adverting it, except for the
individual to awaken and consciously
reverse the currents."

~The Ascended Master Saint Germain;
Discourse IX; Page 108, from the "I AM"
Discourses," Volume III. Published by
the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1935
Chicago, Illinois

In closing, "I AM" determined and more
focused than ever before, to 'Keep On
Keeping On' with the Sacred Quest to
serve God, the 'Mighty I AM Presence,'
and to assist the Ascended Master Saint
Germain, with the necessary and timely
Historical and Metaphysical Research,
until such time that it is appropriate
to see the 'Light of Day' on behalf of
the greatest 'Love Gift' given to all of humanity, (besides the Birth, Life
and Ministry of Beloved Ascended Master
Jesus the Christ. The Sacred Contents
contained in 33 copper cylinders of
Writings, Documents, Treasure Maps,
Artifacts, and untold Wealth, that is to be carefully dispersed among those
chosen by God to be the Caretakers of
the contents that will wipe out our
Nation's 14 Trillon Dollar Debt, and
place the American People back into their homes; return the manufacturing
businesses here to the United States of
America, and balance the 'Seven Pillars
of Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis Divine Vision for North America': Religion; Education; Health; History; Science; Philosophy, and then the Arts!

Once our Beloved America has a chance to heal from the nefarious wounds and evil attacks from the Luciferian's Agenda of their plans of destruction with their 'One World Government~New World Order~Illuminati Agendas...and also through their horrific and mean International League of Sinister Alien (UFO) New Age Agencies plans to wipe out the 5 1/2 Billion Souls living here on Planet Earth~ once the Bruton Vault is brought forth out in the open, then on behalf of other Nations, too, the benefit from the proper and public raising of the marvelous 'Great Seventh Seal' Vault of Sir Francis
Bacon's...before it is too late...will
save America by the very Sacred energy of 'Divine Love' that will pour out in the Earth's atmosphere when that glorious day arrives there in Williams-
burg, Virginia.

God bless you; be safe, and 'Always on
Guard.' Sincerely and Respectfully,
"I AM," Fletcher; Miss Ellie, and
Warren~Tudorgram Metaphysical Research
06:57:18 PM
Fletcher Richman is a SHE-HE or HE-SHE and very, very confused and a fragmented soul. Throw in steroids on a continuing basis and you have a jacked up extreme compulsive addictive behavior that is really a diaster waiting to happen. He has multiple personalities. She never completed her sex change ope a living. He is a supreme narcissist who under that smile is really a shallow very person. He will most likely never seek the theraputic help he sincerely needs as his ego is the size of Godzilla.
Everything about HER reeks of TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Why is it he focuses on the I AM people? Think about it! They are in denial of their first few chakra centers and that is just were he likes to slip in and take pyschic energetic control! What do you bet SHE HE has an implant she got while having her sex change operations in Colorado Springs CO.? What do you bet HE SHE is an implanted operative for the REPTILIAN Elites...He is being used by an evil force bigger than his godzilla ego! So he pays himself handsomely because on some level most likely the unconscious level he knows that he is an operative with an implant being manipulated to run interference on the REAL story and destiny of the VAULT in Williamsburg. He is ruining it for everyone to where no one will want to touch it again! He is doing his Covert BLACK OPS job well isnt he! Really he is the ultimate victim in the bigger picture here.
Anthony Greene
03:07:21 AM
As of January 8, 2011, a number of federal agencies now have the documented evidence in their possession that shows the crime spree of Fletcher Richman - that has lasted for DECADES. Thank God that shortly this criminal - and his enablers - will receive the Justice they deserve for STEALING my money and that of so many others who now face financial devastation due to this con man! You can find examples of his scams at http://sacredvaults.org
Fletcher Richman
09:16:23 AM
"When the student once understands, that whatever he connects himself with
through his attention, he becomes a part of to the degree of the intensity
with which his attention if fixed; he
will see the importance of keeping his
attention off the seeming destructive
angles of human experience, no matter
what they are.

To discuss the seeming inablility, shortcomings, or faults of your friends
and associates, but builds that element
upon which your discussion rests,
within your own consciousness, and
also adds to the appearance, which seems to be in the other individual."

~The Ascended Master Saint Germain;
Discourse VIII, Page 93; from 'The I AM
Discourses' that are published by the
Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1935

To the cowardly individual known as
"Anonymous," take heed that your cruel
and vicious statements will not be
tolerated; the Legal Department for the
Tudorgram Team and I are carefully and
firmly monitoring each and every mean-
spirited posting that is being placed
on the Internet, and in God's time, and
in God's way, YOU and your nefarious
co-horts will be required to 'See the
Light of Day' through Divine Justice, in order to help you be 'cut free' from your own human creation and very demonic influences.

In the meantime, those individuals who
love and appreciate the Divine Legacy
that Sir Francis Bacon left here within
the borders of the United States of
America through his various Freemasonry
Vaults, will and are moving forward with the continued Historical and also
Metaphysical Research...with joyous
harmony and gratitude for such a great
spiritual opportunity to do so during
these challenging, yet exciting, 'End
Times' of human creation and discord.


God bless you, and 'GOD BLESS AMERICA'
and Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault
located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Sincerely and Respectfully, "I AM,"
Fletcher Richman and the Tudorgram Team
Lee Melanson
01:29:34 PM
Fletcher Richman can NEVER be "dear friends" with anyone as he claims he was with Lee Melanson. A predator always makes sure there's no emotional attachment whatsoever between he and his every victim. Fletcher sizes up everyone, EVERYONE he meets to determine whether and how much money he can steal from them. Period. That is his sole purpose in spending any time with anyone. Everything else he represents is not his purpose at all, but is his lure.
The FACTS are he hooked Lee Melanson into his Bruton vault/I AM illusion, took her on one of his famous insane disorganized road trips, refused to pay for her to return home, another person with them had to take Lee in for 2 weeks until Lee's family could come and get her, she lost her home in Albuquerque (thanks to F's financial predation) and died penniless in her '70s with her family in CA, a tragic, unnecessary ending and all of which makes Fletcher's claim that he was a dear friend of Lee's absolutely ridiculous and patently false.
The knock-on effect of the financial devastation Fletcher causes (which he never acknowledges and couldn't care less about) is ongoing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical agony for his victims. Life-changing in the worst of ways. Lee was in her '70s when to her great misfortune, she met Fletcher and he put her through this horrible, stressful series of experiences as he's done to many others. Could this stress Fletcher wreaked upon her have contributed to her early death?
When responding to several victims' public accusations on this and many other sites that he stole money from them, Fletcher attempts in every instance to distract the reader's attention with long-winded religious piffle while completely ducking the glaring financial issue. That is his standard operating procedure. Duck and distract, is his m.o. Pretending something never happened doesn't change the fact that it did happen. In fact, it actually brings attention to the subject because he's obviously avoiding addressing it full on, casting immediate doubt upon himself.
Fletcher Richman's detractors are not talking about a few hundred or even thousands of dollars. Conservatively, Fletcher stole using manipulation, false promises of repayment, a phony trust fund "backing" the money and his Bruton vault twaddle, reportedly between $700,000 to $800,000 from 2004 and 2008 from four people alone. Not a penny of it was used for any actual research on the Bruton Vault, nor was it used for forming a proper organization, hiring the right people and approaching the relevant parties to make formal arrangements for a legal, scientific, real physical dig that would actually prove his claims. Oh no - that would end his money-making scheme. The promise of 33 copper cylinders buried in the Bruton Parish Church graveyard to be brought up at some vague time in the future must be kept alive in order to keep the cash rolling in.
For all any of his victims care, Fletcher can quote from the original tablets God gave Moses. The only thing that matters to those who've had our finances ruthlessly ripped to shreds by him and had our lives thrown into turmoil as a result, is for him to admit to his actions, (and stop blaming his victims), to make full restitution plus damages for pain and suffering and to stop trying to trap new victims. Anything and everything else he does now is rejected categorically, in advance and in its totality. The jig is up. The lights came on. The cat's out of the bag. We've seen behind the curtains. Anything Fletcher Richman writes is pure deception, he is extremely hazardous to your health and must be avoided at all costs
12:02:23 PM
Fletcher Richman craves attention and money and this continuing to parrot the Ascended Master Discourses as his own private reason to steal and harm everyone he ever met should draw attention to his true character.
He has taken from stolen and conned his way across America and drug the Ascended Masters Names along to give him some kind of honor or above the law type of attitude.
He has no conscience and will and has harmed hundreds of people from as young as 2yr old all the way to 92 and cares nothing for the stress and karma he creates as he seeks out his next victim. He plys all websites waiting for the curious and seeker of information concerning the Bruton Vault, Oak Island vault to grab interest to himself. His whole desire is the chess game of who will be the next to have all their credit cards run up and loans made he never intends to repay. He promises payment from a imaginary trust fund. His own family has denounced him and tries to pretend they are not in contact,and glad he doesn`t live near them in Ca. At least the FBI isn`t looking for him there yet? His helpers like Marie Haught who used her paralegal experience to make his non disclosure papers safe for themselves to con everyone she and Fletcher ever sent those legal papers,meanwhile pocketing plenty for herself,and untold well over 1 million over the past 25 years. He has a group known as Warren and Miss Ellie who are under his cult type control and do his bidding. They too have lost hundred`s of $100,000 and are penniless as Fletcher does to everyone he ever meets.
Warning and discernment regarding anything this parasite on mankind will do if you contact this person. Do not let him know you own anything or have credit cards or a vehicle.
He will size you up as to what he can get out of you so be WARNED about Fletcher Richman Aka Bradley Richman.
Warren T. Angel
03:41:01 PM
From 'Chief Peacemaker/Flying Eagle'...Warren T. Angel:

To the Reader: "My name is Warren T. Angel, and "I AM" a close friend and business partner with Tudorgram Meta- physical Research Historians. I have happily known Miss Ellie (Henderson) Williamson, and Bradley (Fletcher) Richman since December 2, 2002.

Miss Ellie and Fletcher introduced me to the 'Sacred Quest of Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault,' and I enjoyed traveling to Williamsburg, Virginia, where the Historical, Scientific, and Metaphysical site is located at Bruton Parish Church. Since my first visit there, I have returned with Miss Ellie and Fletcher many times, and have had the good fortune of meeting local residents, Baconian Historians, and Freemasons that have also spent several years in study and research concerning this important location and Legend.

"I AM" NOT a 'booblehead,' and "I AM" NOT under Miss Ellie or Fletcher's hypnotic or domineering control. "I AM" a Christian Metaphysician, and am also a 100% Student of the 'original' "I AM" Activity (NOT the Saint Germain Foundation or any other alleged Ascended Master Student Organization)...and have read, studied, and applied (to the best of my ability) the Sacred Teachings that are contained throughout the 'original texts' of the Saint Germain Series (there are now 20 Volumes that have been pubished by the Saint Germain Press, Inc.)...and I must say that I am so glad that I have these Teachings handy, as the instructions have saved my Life, and they also have kept me
calm, harmonious, and productive...especially through all the adversary attempts on my well-being.

Miss Ellie, Fletcher, and I are NOT thieves, or con-artists. We have morally and professionally applied the legal requirements of having Non-Disclosures/Confidentiality Agreements, and 'Limited Partnerships' Contracts created by Attorney's and Paralegal's, to be applied to the various Historical/Metaphysical Projects that are very dear to our Hearts.

Throughout the many years of travels here in the United States of America, and throughout Canada, the Tudorgram Team and I have often helped the homeless and down-trodden individuals and families that we have met along the way; we also have done our best to assist the adversaries named Allen Reno Buresz; Shelley A. Rockwell Fowler (Smyth); Frank Joseph Wiegert, and Judy (Alena) Cox in times of deep despair and challenges as their friends and fellow Christian Metaphysicians...not to exclude helping some of their family members, too.

Because of the jealous nature of these adversaries, they refuse to give the necessary self-correction requirements to remain a part of the 'Sacred Quest for Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault/Oak Island Legends,' and they have no one to blame but themselves for their own personal and business challenges at this time, or in the past.

These individuals who are bent on spending so much time trying to destroy the entire 'Tudorgram Team' through very vicious lies, slanderous comments, and defaming, false statments, will NOT be successful, no matter what the appearance world states otherwise. Allen, Shelley, Judy (Alena), and Frank (Joseph) will be required to learn their lessons of 'Karma' according to what they are presently sowing and misrepresenting on the Internet; their reaping of their 'just deserts' will be sad and most damaging to their own minds, bodies, worlds, and affairs, according to Divine Laws of Right and Justice, as clearly stated throughout the Sacred Saint Germain Series of Metaphysical Teachings, and also the King James Version of the Bible, (1611).

"I AM" and will be moving forward with any and all required Historical and Metaphysical Research on behalf of 'Sir
Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault/Oak Island Legends'...and "I AM" most grateful to be an American, and a part of such a wonderful and important series of exciting adventures.

God's blessings, and 'GOD BLESS AMERICA' and Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault/Oak Island Legends!'

Very Truly Yours, "I AM,"

Warren T. Angel
Tudorgram Metaphysical Research Historians

Fletcher Richman
04:29:26 PM
Saturday, January 15, 2011
East of the Rockies

Sent: 4:28 p.m. EST

To the Reader, "When one becomes instantly angry, he punctures other spheres of that quality and the accumulation rides in. Jealousy is the wide-open channel upon which every other destructive activity rides in. When things are done consciously, they have much more power. When the energy is released, it acts because the individual has set it into motion and it makes no difference whether he be king or chimney sweep." ~The Ascended Master Saint Germain; Volume III, Discourse XV, Page 178. Published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. Chicago, Illinois~1935.

It is very obvious that the following individuals have open themselves to be used by very nefarious and demonic, destructive forces by their evil comments and false statements on the Internet: Allen Reno Buresz; Shelley A. Rockwell Fowler (Smyth); Judy A. (Alena) Cox, and Frank Joseph Wiegert.

The Tudorgram Team: Miss Ellie (Henderson) Williamson; Warren T. Angel; and I (Bradley David "Fletcher" Richman) have spent many wonderful years together sharing extensive travels throughout the United States of America, Canada, and abroad...our main goal and 'Divine Mission' was to self-correct to the best of our abilities, and to read, study, deeply
contemplate~meditate, then apply the Sacred Metaphysical Teachings as contained throughout the 'original' King James Version of the Bible, (as edited by Sir Francis Bacon in 1611), and also as contained throughout the Twenty Volumes of the Saint Germain Series, as first published in 1934, by the Saint Germain Press, Inc., of Chicago, Illinois.

As what had happened to the Beloved Ballards (Guy Warren; Edna A. Wheeler, and their only son, Donald), the original founders of the "I AM" Activity that was first started in Chicago, Illinois, on October 3, 1932, there has also been a serious attempt by former members of the 'original' "I AM" Activity to slander, libel, defame the entire 'Tudorgram Team,' by using false statements and vicious lies against us in order to discredit and destroy our forward, positive, and very successful momentum on behalf of the 'Sacred Quest for Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault' located in Williamsburg, Virginia, and not
to exclude the unique 'Sir Henry Saint Clair's Oak Island Legend' depository location in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Miss Ellie, Warren, and I are doing our very best to remain calm, harmonious, joyous, and productive, even though the appearance world states that we should be trying to 'run and hide' from the outer world, especially due to the series of
nefarious and sinister attacks against our good name and reputation that has been recently posted on the Internet by
Allen Reno Buresz (Lemont, Illinois); Shelley A. Rockwell Fowler (Smyth), (Ontario, Canada); Judy A. (Alena) Cox, (either residing in South Dakota, or Nebraska); and Frank Joseph Wiegert (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Miss Ellie, Warren, and I are not
'running from anyone or anything.' We
are innocent of the lies and false
statements as have been made on the
Internet; God's timing, and way, will
prove this according to the Divine Plan.

"THE LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS; 'I AM' THE OPEN DOOR WHICH NO MAN CAN SHUT!" Therefore, the Tudorgram Team and I will do our very best to 'Keep On Keeping On' with the many daily requirements of reading, studying, contemplating~ meditating, and conducting Historical/Metaphysical research on behalf of the 'Sacred Quest of Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton
Vault/Oak Island Legends' according to God's Divine Mission for our lives.

Miss Ellie, Warren, and I are NOT con-artists; we have dedicated many years of our lives to these research projects, and have also applied the legal requirements of having Non-Disclosure-Confidentiality Agreements and 'Limited Partnership' Contracts
composed and signed by all parties concerned, with the application of having professional Paralegals and Attorney's to assist us.

We are NOT cowards, or afraid of these
sinister individuals who have tried to
cause such damage to our character,
reputations, and on behalf of the
quality of our focused and organized,
Historical and Metaphysical Research,
success and productive happiness will be the 'order of the day!'

For Allen Reno Buresz (also known as
William Travis and Anthony Greene)and
Shelley A. Rockwell (Smyth) to try to
destroy the Tudorgram Team is utterly
ridiculous; their many 'skeltons in the
closet' that we have not exposed on
the various blogs and postings has
proven that we carry the integrity and
moral fortitude to know better than to
do so on the Internet, or elsewhere.

To try to use my private and medical
condition as a manner to discredit me
is so mean-spirited and dangerous to
their own Soul's growth...and the many
Karmic Lessons that Allen, Shelley,
Judy (Alena) and Frank (Joseph) will
have to endure is so severe...and very
sad indeed!

We will continue to keep them in our
daily calls of Prayer and Decrees; we
have nothing but compassion and under-
standing for these lost and troubled

In closing, and this will be my very
last, official and public statement on
the 'Piker Press' posting...the entire
'Tudorgram Team' and I wish to thank
those individuals whom have had the
kind courtesy to write and/or call us
with their concerns and messages of
well-being for our continued safety,
protection, and with their assistance
to help us move joyously forward with
our daily activities on behalf of Sir
Francis Bacon's Great Seventh Seal...
HIS Bruton Vault Project/Oak Island
Legends from Williamsburg, Virgina, and
Nova Scotia, Canada.

'Divine Truth and Justice will now prevail!'

God bless the United States of America, Canada, then all other Nations here on Earth; and God bless the proper and professional raising of Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault and Oak Island Legends according to God's Divine Timeline!

Sincerely and Respectfully, "I AM,"

Bradley David (Fletcher) Richman
Tudorgram Metaphysical Research Historians; The United States of America

Miss Ellie Henderson
04:40:28 PM
Let the Truth B Revealed
For going on eleven years I have been a member of The Tutorgram Metaphysical Historians in the quest for the raising of the Bruton Vault.
I have noticed that those who join this quest, the Vault seems to be a catalyst for the bringing to the surface whatever the person is dealing with.
In Vol.3 I AM Discourse#1 Page 8
The Ascended Master Saint Germain states "In this work and under This Radiation everything that is latent in the individual is being brought forth to be consumed."

There are those of us who have dedicated our lives and fortunes to this cause.
there are also those out there who do not want this Vault raised of the contents revealed. They have gone on the internet making vicious personal attacks in a campaign attempting to destroy the credibility and integrity of the Tudorgram Team. They have done this using assumed names and identities, thinking they could hide and not be accountable for their actions.
There is Allen Reno Buresz, who also uses aliases Anthony Greene, and William Travis.
He claims Tudorgram defrauded him of money and is the cause of all of his finincial woes.
The Truth is he was already in deep finincial trouble long before he met Tudorgram. By he and his wife's admission he was heavily invested in the Temple of the Presence. He took out loans to support an extravagant life style, living beyond his means.
He saw Tudorgram as a business investment and a way out of his financial challenges.
When the business did not take off quick enough for him, he began these vicious attacks against Tudorgram.
There is Shelley Rockwell Fowler Smyth from Ontario, Canada. She also uses lady opulence and anonymous.
By her own admission she is a convicted felon, and served time in a United States prison for her misdeeds. After her incarceration she eventually relocated to Dubai in the Middle East, where she resided for 13 years.
After months of extensive phone consultations at the expense of Tudorgram, Shelley chose to return to Ontario, Canada to represent the excavation of the Oak Island legend.
There is Frank Wiegart, also known as Joseph, and Donald G.
There is also Alena Judy Cox, also known as Ray Bacon.
These two individuals that I house was falling down around me. This is a complete false hood.
Over the years Warren Angel and Fletcher have assisted me with yard work and house repairs.
It is important to note that Tudorgram assisted the entire Cox family financially for a period of several months during some hard times.
When we shared with Alena that we could not do this indefinitely, she became angry and started to attack Tudoram on the internet.
It is unfortunate that these individuals used Sir Francis Bacon websites for vicious self serving purposes.
I will not be commenting on this again, as I need to turn my attention to what really matters. To continue in the quest for the raising of the Bruton Vault and the helping of our Beloved America.

Sincerely I AM
Miss Ellie(Henderson)Williamson
Anthony Greene
08:08:20 PM

By today's posts by Warren and Ellie, they have confirmed in writing that they are conscious co-conspirators in the cover-up of the theft of almost $200,000 from my family. Covering up a crime means that you then also become guilty of that crime. My story is "Tragic story 1" on the sacredvaults.org web site.

All attempts to deny that Bradley Fletcher Richman is a heartless con man with no conscience continue to ignore the FACT that he stole almost $200,000 from my family based upon promises of money from "gold bullion" and a "trust fund". This is especially sickening since the "gold bullion" and the "trust fund" NEVER EXISTED - these were all LIES fed to me and my wife in order to steal our money!

Since all of this money is BORROWED MONEY - mostly from credit card cash advances - I find myself a victim of theft each time I receive another credit card bill. This will continue for the next 35 years unless this money that has been STOLEN from me is returned.

Proving the insidious mind control that he has over Warren and Ellie, Fletcher Richman has commanded Warren ("not a booble head") Angel and Ellie ("courtesy call") Henderson to write defenses of him. They immediately followed orders! They completely ignore - as does Bradley Fletcher Richman - that I and so many others have had our money STOLEN through Fletcher's lies and deceptions.

As of January 15, 2011, four federal agencies now have evidence in their possession that documents the money schemes of Fletcher Richman. Thank God that shortly this liar and deceiver - and his enablers: Linda Marie Haught, Warren Angel, & Ellie Henderson - will receive the Justice that they deserve for participating in deceiving people who trusted in their sincerity and honesty - and who are now trapped in financial devastation due to Fletcher Richman!
11:27:49 AM
After listening to the Tudorgram team on a couple of occasions on thatchannel.com I am pleased to announce that not one member of this Team has ever steered me wrong. Not one member has stolen from me, or thatchannel. They have been prompt with payments. They also choose on their own volition to include hair or primping for the show, as I am the co-host. I have never asked, nor demanded, unlike, Shelley Smyth to have these things taken care of by them. Shelley on the other hand demands, and is a thief. There is no other word for it. She claimed she had no allegiance to thatchannel and being a no show last August without even the consideration of a phone call to me further contributed to my opinion of her. Con and self serving person that she is she does not live by the 3 Criteria to a good life. First she does harm to herself and others, being me and the Tudorgram Team. Secondly she does not operate from Truth. Even with truth on the table, she refuses to seek a harmonic outcome to her slander, fraud, and allegations that are unfounded. I hope she listens to the show on January 22nd. I will call her on this. I normally don't like bringing up the past, and allowing Karma to take care of people like her. In this case, though, I desire to give Karma a helping hand.
Anthony Greene
03:43:47 PM
Read the details of the Fletcher Richman (aka Tudorgram) THEFTS of money from my wife and me at http://sacredvaults.org (Tragic story 1). The evidence is now in the hands of federal law enforcement agencies.
Lee Melanson
08:16:40 PM
If Fletcher Richman’s lips are moving, he is lying. Any negative statement made against a victim of the alleged fraudster Fletcher Richman is for certain a lie, is irrelevant and is only meant to allow him to continue his constant tactic of duck, deceive and deflect. The fact is his victims have the documents proving massive amounts of money were sent/given to Richman and his alleged co-conspirator, as well as emails from Richman promising the return of the money with bonuses, which he said would come from a non-existent $7 million investor and a non-existent $12.5M trust fund of Richman’s. We allege Richman stole $1.1 million between 2004 and 2008 from five people alone. Most victims have not received one penny in repayment despite having dozens of emails from Richman stating “the money is coming”. Just because money wasn’t stolen from you, doesn’t mean money wasn’t stolen from others. None of the Tudorgram team including Richman work. Any bills Tudorgram paid were from the money allegedly stolen from his victims – including the bills he paid to thatradio.com. Accordingly, it is in Firecleanse’ best interests to alert the owners of thatradio.com that if they accept one penny of funds from Fletcher Richman or through a third party for the January 22 show, they need to know they are accepting alleged STOLEN MONEY and are aiding in presenting this financial predator as an honest person. It is certain this show will be used by Richman to lure in new victims. The victims have spent a massive amount of time and energy since August of 2010 exposing his sociopath. Why would anyone DO that if they hadn’t had their lives destroyed financially by Richman? For a full Report, Victims’/near victims stories and Updates go to www.sacredvaults.org"
Anthony Greene
11:56:31 AM
Fletcher Richman and L. Marie Haught and his Tudorgram co-conspirators (Eleanor Henderson & Warren Angel) took - through lies, deceptions, misrepresentations, and financial fraud - almost $200,000 from me. That is as evil as holding a gun to my face and stealing my money! Read what they did to me (Tragic story 1) at http://sacredvaults.org
07:49:39 AM
@Lee Melanson. It is a grievous,immoral, indecent thing Shelley to use the name of a deceased person to further your insidious smear campaign, with your co-horts, to discredit. You're running scared, Lady! Your attempts to thwart an appearance on thatchannel this weekend have come to a standstill. You're grasping at straws. The co-host and host for that show is a professional! There is no slander if nothing is brought out with your names on it! Is there? What are you afraid of? What makes you think that dwelling on this negativity will make it better or make it go away? Operate from seeking truth, Do No Harm To Others. That is the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! If this is instilled so deep in your mind, you are living under a dark cloud of Negative and it's still a choice for you to either dwell in the dark, or let it go. It is the tenth spiritual Law! Allow the Source to be with you, not the darkside, DarthVader!
Anthony Greene
01:43:09 PM
There is no smear campaign. I want the money back that Bradley Fletcher Richman STOLE from me returned - NOW!

Let me summarize this tragedy to my family CLEARLY and simply. Bradley Fletcher Richman tricked my wife into sending him $50,000 by wire transfer through the phony "business account" of L. Marie Haught in August 2008 in return for gold bullion (WHICH NEVER EXISTED) that was to be brought by Fletcher to our home in 3 weeks during Labor Day weekend. After coming up with an explanation as to why the non-existent gold bullion was not brought to our house, Fletcher Richman then repeatedly tricked me into borrowing money on credit cards and sending it to him (with his various false reasons why it was urgently needed by him for "important" meetings in various states) "for just a few weeks" until Dec. 2008 when he claimed he would finally have access to his non-existent multi-million dollar "trust fund". He promised that not only would he return my wife's money ("I will repay your wife . . . that is for certain") and my money, but he would share his inheritance "trust fund" with me in gratitude for having assisted him in traveling to various November 2008 meetings in the western states. I have the original emails in which he promised to return this money that I borrowed for him from cash advances on credit cards. He promised verbally and in writing that the money would be returned from his "trust fund" (WHICH NEVER EXISTED). He never returned one dollar to us to this day.

Read what they did to me and my family: (Tragic story 1) http://sacredvaults.org

Susan F
12:04:24 PM
I personally knew Lee Melanson. I travelled with her as did my sons. Fletcher was just begining the Bruton Vault project and I like Lee and many, many others were mesermized by the idea that we could assist in bringing this Vault to light. We all believed we were assisting America to learn the truths of Her past and regain our Liberty. But as time went on I know for a fact Lee used all her credit cards and money to travel to the various sites with Fletcher. I know she was so glad to see them and felt so blessed. At one point she and I and my two young children were abondoned by Fletcher in UT. We were in her station wagon and I drove us all back to our home in NE at that time meanwhile Fletcher was to have come driven her back to AZ where she lived. He never came and she had to live with us well over 2-4 wks. She felt Fletcher was doing some really terrible things to get money and her family finally came to drive her back as she was then in her 70`s. She wrote me for many years and Fletcher was able to turn her attention to the Vault again and lived with her and I know he took many of her books and items when she was not home and aware. But she was such a wonderful person and it was difficult for her to believe anyone who talked about Saint Germain and took her to Historical sites could be so corrupt. At one point she wrote me I should make up with him because he was trying to do such good even tho he might cause hurt to others. My husband and I were asked to give Fletcher our entire income tax refund,of over $2500. We were promished that back with interest. I had a car and the agreement was he would provide the funds to drive and we would be gone 4-8 wks traveling around the USA. He trying to find someone to finance his efforts. I fell away when he continually would do what he called "intuitive readings" on individuals,usually young women and those who had money or credit cards. He would give them just enough to get their interest and then their money. I knew what he was doing then was not right and I wrote the Saint Germain Foundation that he was using their books and conning people for money. Fletcher felt that I was the one at fault and he has always made everyone else look bad when it has always been him. I trusted him and believed this Vault could change the downward spiral America had begun but I felt in my heart as is said here "Do no harm, hurt no one." Fletcher has harmed nearly everyone he ever met. If he hasn`t yet, trust me he will. The lady from the program is just deluded as I was and everyone who ever comes in contact with Fletcher Richman. He promished my family over $250,000 from his so called 'trust fund' when he got it. He told me his own father said he would never get it unless'over his dead body.' That was a direct statement Fletcher always made. Now his family has stated loudly,clearly he has no TRUST FUND. Now either they are all lying or Fletcher lies?
Fletcher has told so many fabrictions over his lifetime to make his own personal story sound polished that he forgets there were certain people there when those activies took place and do remember. I know the truths of his begining activities conerning meeting Manley and Marie Bauer Hall. I was there it was my car who got him there it was me and a very innocent John Swanson from Mount Shasta who were "used" by Fletcher to create a air of honesty so he could get Marie`s trust. She never gave him anything of value and certainly Manley never passed the mantel to this crook. Manley was ill and under great care by his manservant and never had time for anyone like Fletcher. Fletcher was using the fact that he had been to Williamsburg,Va to the Vault site to gain whatever he could to give himself credit and get attention. He would always drop by Marie`s front door with flowers that he had used the money for our only meal of the day to try and keep himself in her thoughts. It never happened. Fletcher has used this whole idea of the Bruton Vault and now the Oak Island Vault to gain money from others. He hates to work and has honed his trade of lies and cons on people for the 25yrs I have known him. I had hoped God really had reached his mind but it is so dark that he couldn`t tell if it were light or dark because he needs mental help. He has used this whole wonderful Bruton Vault mystery to draw attention to himself,and he has been very good at it if you see some of the posts on various sites. He has spent time in libraries and 'borrowed' all of what he writes and says. Charlotte from As Above and So Below website figured Fletcher out and I am so glad she was able to call him out and pull the wool away even if for one minute. As Fletcher likes to say the "truth shall set you free" and that is why I am going to this extreme. Someone has to believe I have nothing to gain here in telling this horrible story. Why would I? I tried years ago to stop this predator by writing to the Saint Germain Foundation about what he was doing and I have again, but apart from that he will just say the dark force is me and all those who have had their entire life savings taken. He pretends all of them are at fault and he is the poor victim. That is just what the dark force here on this planet do the best,they always cry foul even when they know they are dirty. Fletcher is as black a human I have ever me tand hope everto have to meet. He will be escorted to the 'compound of light with his last breath' I have no hate,revenge or ill feelings for his soul but the human Fletcher has been the destroyer and has allowed the physic to take over and drive his every breath. I do not quote the Discourses because Fletcher is so well practiced in destroying them with his filth and lies they deserve better. But one day he will have to face the karma of hurt and untold harm he has brought to each of us. As he use to say about Eliabeth Claire Prophet that for all those she lead away by her teachings she would have to one day assist each of those to their Asension before she got her own. That is exactly what Fletcher has decreed for himself. Nothing any of us say here or anywhere will cause a change in Fletcher because he is wholly gone over and cannot come back this lifetime. I write this in hopes any who might find this will call to the God within themselves to know what is right for them. My only mistake was in not learning wisdom early on in my life but we are all here for lessons,and I will tell you one and all, you will get mighty lessons if you are in touch with Fletcher!!! He is the greatest soul growth you will ever know!!! I offer my love and blessings to all who find this and just surround all with that until their own Ascension from this veil of self created darkness.You can read some of the tragedy in my life with Fletcher on www.sacredvaults.org.
It was many years since I contacted him thinking he may have changed and my youngest son didn`t remember being stranded and dumped by Fletcher but in 2004 I found Fletcher again thinking by chance God had really healed him of the meaness and heartless attitude he had then. Surely he had changed? I emailed him for over 2 yrs. I didn`t really spend time with him till a trip to the west coast in 2009. He invited my son & I all expenses paid as we would never have gone because we had no money for such a trip. He assured me he had 'investors' and with this supposed film documentary they would have books and lots of money rolling in with the Vaults going nation wide. I did not know he was at that moment on the trip working to get $30K from a investor and I was sitting next to him when he told the man on the cell if his wife wouldn`t transfer those funds into his Tudorgram Corporate account he must tell her he would divorce her!! We were in WY and I thought to myself, "Oh NO, not again?" But we were along going to CA and anything I said from then on would have resulted in him dumping us when we got out to use the restroom. That has always been what Fletcher has done. So I had to play the part so we could safely get home as my son & I were along. When I witnessed the paranoia of Fletcher that the FBI or the Saint Germain Foundation was spying on him and the cruel yelling at his supposed friend,Warren I realized Fletcher was someone I had to get away from and get home ASP. I could feel the anger and confusion around him while we were in Mount Shasta and knew this was my awakening to the real Fletcher.
Actions speak louder than words and Fletcher uses words to pave the way to his next con.It is a chess game that he plays so well.
I don`t care if this reaches Fletcher but I would just like to say to the producers and owners of that radio show that will allow slander against innocents who have given thousands upon thousands of dollars to raise these vaults to have Fletcher call them liars is beyond me? What kind of people would believe the facts?
As we speak the FBI is involved and everyone who has or had contact with Fletcher will be called to give their deposition and that might be embarassing to the owners of this radio show. The money he paid to be on your program was money he took from those same investors. I know many,many more who have been harmed are coming forward.We may change our names here but the FBI has been given all our documents and emails from and about Fletcher, Tugorgram, Warren T Angel, Miss Ellie, Marie Haught and a few more he doesn`t think we know about.
The truth really will set us free as it has me and I for one am glad this is coming out after all these years. The age of Aquarian is upon us and the truth will out and nothing this person claims we did wrong to him is the truth. The truth is the truth and no amount of lies can cover over the over 11 which is a master number who have come forth. More will come forth as time progresses.
Just read the stories on www.sacredvaults.org to see the rest of the story as they say...........
Anthony Greene
10:37:57 AM
The correct website address to read about Fletcher Richman scams, such as fake trust funds, phony research, etc. is: http://sacredvaults.org
Warren T. Angel
02:57:18 PM
TO THE READER: This will be my very
last posting, too, on 'Piker Press,'
as there are many more important needs
and serious issues on behalf of our
Beloved America to focus on and address
at this time. To those individuals:
Allen Reno Buresz... also known as
Anthony Greene and William Travis; Shelley A. Rockwell Fowler (Smyth)...
also known as 'Anonymous' dated 01/07/2011, and deceased 'Lee Melanson'... Judy A. (Alena) Cox...also
known as Donald G., Paul, and Susan F.;
Frank Joseph Wiegert, Chuck Christansen
and Charlotte Masuda: As the sinister miscreants, scofflaws, and hate-mongers
that you have chosen to become by using
lies, slander, libel, and defaming, very false statements on the various
websites, blogs, and chat rooms that
you have been wasting and spending so
much time on since Christmas Day of
2010, the entire 'Tudorgram Team' and I
state to you now: "Silence forever your
nefarious opposition of the proper and
professional raising of 'Sir Francis
Bacon's Bruton/Oak Island Vaults' by
your cruel tongues, pen, and all other
destructive activity against the Tudor-
gram Team of Miss Ellie, Fletcher, and
I NOW...We will continue to hold each
one of you in our Daily Calls of Prayers and Forgiveness for your mis-
guided and discordant, immature and
sad behavior on the Internet, and also
elsewhere. May God grant you Divine
Mercy...before it is too late for your
troubled and twisted Souls! GOD BLESS
AMERICA! Very Truly Yours, "I AM,"
Warren T. Angel
Anthony Greene
12:09:32 PM
WHO IS THE REAL "SINISTER MISCREANT" that Fletcher is referring to in the above post where he poses as "Warren Angel"? Fletcher Richman (Johnathan Carpenter, Bradley Mercer, and other aliases) STOLE almost $200,000 from me using lies and deception - claiming that he would repay me from his "trust fund" of 12.3 million dollars! The trust fund does not exist!

Mercer family members have confirmed that there is absolutely no trust fund and never was, and there was no family "oil fortune" from Fletcher's grandfather. After reading the tragic story of what their son, Bradley Mercer ("Fletcher Richman"), did to his victims, his parents confirmed by telephone that everything that we were told about Fletcher's "millions" in a "trust fund" was a pack of lies. Furthermore, his aunt (who he had claimed was the "trustee" of his "trust fund") phoned us to confirm this. She followed up with a number of emails also confirming this and the fact that there NEVER WAS A HUEY MERCER OIL FORTUNE!!!! Read about Fletcher Richman's cruel scams at http://sacredvaults.org

Anthony Greene
05:13:53 PM
Since the early 1990s, Fletcher Richman always had a woman on his arm - one he introduces as his wife but, with the exception of Linda Marie Haught, never actually is his legal wife. To be sure, she would have the obligatory car, apartment or house, bank account, credit card and a family who would lend her money, all of which he would extract from her usually to a greater extent than a lesser one. His purpose in taking a "wife" on a regular basis was to a) give him a fresh source of funds, b) a free place to live without it being in his name and c) by introducing her as his wife, she would give him an air of seriousness, stability and legitimacy. This just goes to underscore again how the people in Richman's life are only present to be stolen from or to act as props holding up his house of cards - or both.

One of his "wives", who witnessed his fraudulent ways and who was finally able to leave him on the third try, said to him upon parting, "I'm not going to jail for you". She described him as "nothing but a thief" and she pointed out "that he has conned so many people and ruined their lives". Read more of her description of him at http://sacredvaults.org

Lee Melanson
08:10:53 PM
Fletcher Richman is one of the the most arrogant, hateful people on the planet. He dupes his victims out of massive amounts of money using a non-existent silent millionaire backer and non-existent $12.5 million trust fund plus his Bruton Vault twaddle, causing total devastation in his victims' lives and his only comment is that he has "more important needs and serious issues" to take care of (???) but of course NOT the return of hundreds of thousands of dollars (Millions over the last 25 years) he has ripped off from his victims.

The readers are smart enough to see that Fletcher Richman himself has named SIX people who claim he stole from them or was in the process of stealing from them, and those readers will certainly think, "Wait a minute!! Why are so many people accusing him of theft if no thefts occurred? Who would spend all that time setting up a website in order to specifically warn people about him if it weren't true?" Exactly. We all have much, much better things to do with our time, but it is so important for us to stop Fletcher Richman from destroying more people.

Stealing from people is HATEFUL. Only sinister miscreants like Richman (or children who haven't grown UP) steal. Calling the victims liars is HATEFUL. When you tell the truth as the victims are doing and have the documents and emails to back it up, his accusations of slander, libel and defaming evaporate, just like Fletcher Richman's adamant protestations of innocence evaporate. Fletcher Richman and his gang of thieves are GUILTY. See how this poisonous spider weaves his web at http://sacredvaults.org.
Susan F
10:44:27 AM
Fletcher Richman would hope all the flap that is being found on every site this crook and liar has been or goes will fade away,but this is NOT going away!! It is a direct result of what Fletcher and his band of doom and gloom thieves and liars have done to everyone he has ever met. Just see some of those experiences with him at http://sacredvaults.org
The Light of God does and will illumine everything this con man has done and is attempting. I guess he never believed what he told all his victims,that karma will come back and bite everyone who does harm to any other part of life. If these postings about Fletcher, Warren T Angel and 'Miss' Ellie and Marie Haught aren`t cause for any self respecting individual who is seeking truth must have a question about this whole dialogue going on everywhere on the web. Go to http:/sacredvaults.org and take a look at the proof and you can plainly see why we are turning our light of truth on the dark lies and deceit these individuals have caused in the lives of everyone they have met.
Fletcher cannot explain away the words of his Aunt Sylvia who he claimed was the trustee for his so called TRUST FUND. She says he needs to be turned over to the law and investigated and arrested. There was no Trust Fund and she was not a trustee for his imaginary $12.5 million. Well, the FBI has reports from many,many people and more every day. Fletcher, more and more are coming forward.
As they say Fletcher, you better run but we in the Light of God know for a fact YOU AND YOUR GANG OF THIEVES AND LIARS CAN NEVER HIDE!!!!
All the rocks you try to hide under will have the light of truth right there wherever you think you can hide. I am smiling as is everyone who has been hurt by you in the past and know Justice and Right is our Right to Demand of the Universe and from what we all can see you might even have to try and flip hamburgers that is until they do a background check and discover all the reports and bad things you have done in your file.
All those words or spiritual nature and historical words are just words to you. You drag everything sacred and good down into the slime of lies and cheating and you will continue to do so or so you believe. Don`t you know the Age of Aquarius is upon us all and that means the Truth will out and nothing can change the truth of who you took money and promised millions of dollars. Not to mention the older people you took all the little they had to live on. It`s all a game and you believe you are a "Gamer" you must live by the Laws of the Universe as all life must or don`t you know that yet after all your spiritual writings??It was all for SHOW??? Your game is up we all see you for who you were and are.You are the only one who can change but we will continue to shine our light of truth where you try to slink off to. Now it`s CA again? Afraid of the earth changes aren`t you?? The mountains probably won`t hide you and your lies either. Wonder where and who`s bed you`ll be hiding under and in next???? Susan F
Chuck Christensen
11:35:32 AM
Hi Boys and Girls... Run, don't walk... if you see this group of gypsies run for your life. There is only one I am, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who personifies His enlightenment is suspect. I'm still hoping that the "Fletch" will sue me... comon "Fletch".. let's see what you've got... walks like a chicken... talks with forked tongue, takes folks money for nothing.. "Fletch" I like the book you left me with all the scribblings. I photocopied every page my friend. Looking forward to seeing you in court... YOU ARE A FRAUD... come and get me.
Thomas Tusser
05:57:48 PM
I spent the afternoon reading about this Fletcher Richman character. I always wonder how people fall so deeply into these scams.

According to the various stories I have read, this con only works on those who would be easily lured by vanity and greed and are also lacking in the basic logic accepted as common sense in our society. I would definitely agree this character sounds like a snake oil salesman,but am I really a victim if I enter into a scheme that sounds too good to be true while thinking I am smart enough to get out without being harmed? I don't know anything about the spiritual beliefs involved here but aren't vanity and greed frowned upon? Doesn't anyone feel just a little bit of responsibility their personal motivations and involvement? I keep hearing "he did this bad thing to me". Sorry folks, you did it to yourselves. You let it happen.

A fool and his money are soon parted~ Thomas Tusser
Warren T. Angel
03:04:40 PM
THANK YOU, Mr. Thomas Tusser, for your
enlightened comments about the 'Sir Francis Bacon~Bruton Vault Story.' Finally, someone has 'hit the nail on the head' that the Allen Reno Buresz's,
Shelley A. Rockwell Fowler's (Smyth),
Frank Joseph Wiegert's, Judy A. Alena
Cox's, and a small band of misfits who
had every chance to do their very own research; traveled extensively with
the Tudorgram Team, and met many others
who believed in the Bruton Vault Legend, must take responsibility for the choices that they made concerning
their investments and willing involve-
ment with this Project...so now you have come along here at this site, and have shared your wisdom. Mr. 'Thomas Tusser,' you have been the very first reader of this particular posting to
recognize THEIR own Karmic Lessons in
this series of learning opportunties for Spiritual Growth. Kudos to you for
letting those on 'SacredVaults.org' now realize that they have a chance to fianlly move on, and to stop writing such 'poor is me' messages of pity
on the Internet. What a waste of time
for all involved; America is in need of
our Prayers for her Protection, now more than ever. Hopefully soon, every-
one will forgive, forget, and get on
with their own lives...better for the
experiences of what discernment truly
means, and what it can do, to help one
make better informed choices in the
future. Mr. Richman and the Tudorgram
Team are NOT snakeoil salesmen, but did everything legally to make certain that business contracts were composed by professional attorney's and also paralegals...these individuals had plenty of time to see their own attorney's before they chose to sign and notarize legal contracts, and were NEVER forced into investing their funds for such a real and important project as is this Historical Event that needs to take place according to God's Divine Time-table. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Warren T. Angel
Anthony Greene
05:19:35 PM
I have documented evidence (and LAW ENFORCEMENT does too) of the WRITTEN promises made to me by Bradley "Fletcher" Richman of massive amounts of money that were to be given to me from his trust fund (THAT NEVER EXISTED). This money was suposedly to be given to me in gratitude for my borrowing money from my credit cards until he had access to his trust fund (THAT NEVER EXISTED).

There have been more people contacting us at http://sacredvaults.org and relating the cruel and horrific suffering that Fletcher Richman has inflicted upon them. There have been MANY instances of theft by deception and lies. More crimes inflicted upon others by this CON MAN will be posted soon. You can read of the hideous deception he inflicted upon me and my family at http://sacredvaults.org/tragicstory1.html
Anthony Greene
06:17:07 PM
(1) The cold and callous posting by Thomas blaming the victims as being greedy is totally unacceptable! What a classic case of someone who does not know all the facts BLAMING THE VICTIMS OF A CRIME! We all had a number of individuals (co-conspirators) assuring us that Fletcher Richman's promises to us would be kept. They assured us that Fletcher was ethical and honest. Instead EVERYTHING he told us was a LIE designed to steal our money!

(2) What an ABSURD and WARPED posting by Warren! I and the other ROBBERY VICTIMS are being told that we should have checked into everything so that we would have known that we were being scammed and robbed! So according to Warren I should have checked to see if I was being ROBBED! So he is saying that it was our fault that we did not recognize the LIES and DECEPTIONS for what there were!! It is OBVIOUS that Warren is no longer an unwitting co-conspirator, but a very willing participant in crimes against my family and others across North America!

Richman Watch
07:33:28 PM
Thomas Tusser is an arrogant, self-possessed blow hard sitting high up on his self-made pedestal peering down critically over his spectacles at the 'pedestrians' who find themselves defrauded and shattered. You would be better served, sir, to assist in catching this financial predator, Fletcher Richman and his cohorts, instead of JUDGING THE VICTIMS. Remember, no matter what you say about any victim of fraud, BERNIE MADOFF AND OTHER FRAUDSTERS WERE FOUND GUILTY! It is THEIR actions that are illegal - not the VICTIMS' actions!!

As for Warren Angel, he is completely lost in warped reality. He has witnessed and participated in Richman's aptly named 'snake oil' frauds for EIGHT YEARS. He has heard the promises Richman makes both verbally and in writing to his victims while he is duping them out of their money. He knows for a fact that all of those victims have never been repaid when they call demanding or begging for their money back from Richman, and Richman runs away from the phone, leaving the victims to talk to Warren!. Warren KNOWS IT ALL AND HAS PARTICIPATED IN IT. To deny that Warren is a co-fraudster and criminally liable is complete nonsense.

The only 'business contracts' that were 'composed' were phony documents by Linda Marie Haught (Richman's key co-conspirator and money launderer) that were meant to cover up and to give the appearance of legitimacy, honesty and legality to the deceptions and robberies.
Anthony Greene
06:44:55 PM
Warren has become as much of a LIAR & DECEIVER as Bradley Fletcher Richman is.

(1) During the first week of August 2009, Warren phoned me to tell me to check my email because there was a very urgent email from Fletcher Richman. Warren also added that he had just been in the Wells Fargo Bank in Gonzales, Texas with Fletcher and that "the trust fund is real". That is the exact quote! YET 13 MONTHS LATER I LEARNED FROM FLETCHER RICHMAN'S FAMILY THAT THERE NEVER HAD BEEN A TRUST FUND! AND MONTHS LATER I LEARNED THAT THERE NEVER HAD BEEN A HUEY MERCER OIL FORTUNE THAT THE TRUST FUND WAS CLAIMED TO BE THE RESULT OF!

(2) So what was in the email from Fletcher Richman (after he had already stolen almost $200,000 from us through his lies and deceptions)? Fletcher wrote to me that it was MANDATORY that my wife immediately send him $30,000 more. He told me on the phone the next day that if my wife did not send him the $30,000, then he was "told" by a "divine being" that she would have to reincarnate a number of times in extreme poverty as her punishment!

Warren T. Angel
12:59:19 PM
It is so obvious that Thomas Tusser's
recent comments, dated March 20, 2011,
really 'struck a nerve' into the mind,
body, home, world and affairs of both
ALLEN RENO BURESZ,(Pen Names: Anthony
Greene; William Travis and William Herbert) and SHELLEY A. ROCKWELL FOWLER
(Smyth); her Pen Names have been Lee Melanson, Anonymous, Queen HATEsphut, and now Richman Watch)...and I am happy to know that others who read the evil posted on the SacredVaults.org website are seeing through all the nonsense and lies that these lonely misfits are listing as 'stories' on the Internet. Notice that Allen and
Shelley NEVER refer to their previous
association with the psychic realm, or
the fact that Shelley, as a convicted
felon, has a permanent injunction that
she can never legally be in the United
States of America...ever again. So
obvious that her drug smuggling crimes
were very serious as to lose the right
to travel freely here within borders of
America, yet she tries on the Internet
to have the readers feel that she is so
'lily white and clean' from any wrong
doing whatsoever. The Tudorgram Team
and I have worked long and hard to be
of Divine Service to others, and when
Allen, Shelley, Alena, and Joseph did
not get their way, and were not willing
to 'self correct' and live a better way
of Life, they decided to turn on the
Tudorgram Team; Miss Ellie, Fletcher, and I. Time they take complete and
full responsibility for the conscious
choices they made to invest and get so
involved with extensive travel and the
many meetings and conventions that they
willingly and happily attended during
the past few years along with the Tudorgram Team. Mr. Thomas Tusser,
THANK YOU for your words of wisdom and
insight...and I know you will 'stand
your ground' and not let Allen and also
Shelley's statements shake you from
your own beliefs about the many Karmic
Lessons these people need to learn. Time to move forward, and positively,
so the real Sacred Vault Projects can
be successful in the future. Warren T.
Anthony Greene
09:15:27 PM
Fletcher Richman again thinks he is fooling somebody by posting under the name "Warren T. Angel". His wacky language gives him away every time! No one else on the planet writes in such a slimy slithery pseudo-religious serpentine manner.

Fletcher Richman deludes himself into thinking that by repeating LIES and DECEPTIONS over and over, somehow someone will eventually believe him. Only his 2 minions, Eleanor Henderson and Warren Angel, are still trapped in Fletcher's wacky upside down world of LIES.

It is an absolute FACT that EVERY PERSON - I REPEAT: EVERYONE - over the last 25 years that Fletcher has interacted with (1) has regreted ever meeting him and (2) has lost either precious time or money to him - WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!! That is quite a record.

Read the horrors he has perpetrated upon people who initially TRUSTED him and LATER lived to reget it: http://sacredvaults.org

Warren T. Angel
12:48:16 PM
"Forgivenss is written with Invisible
Ink." ALLEN RENO BURESZ...also known as Anthony Greene; William Travis, and William Herbert... your 'facts' are so wrong...not EVERYONE whom has ever
met Fletcher regrets it...just those
poor fools and misguided, evil misfits
who were not able to self-correct...and
those locked into VANITY and GREED, as
you have been for so many centuries,
Allen...are the real losers here. YOU
are so wrapped up in your own self-pity
and hatred for the REAL TRUTH about your CHOSEN and willing involvement with the Tudorgram Team...and now, after several months of ranting on the
Internet, YOU have only shown your real
Colors of condemnation and discord!
SHAME ON YOU! Stop wasting such precious time by your childish and misguided behavior; no one credible is listening but those who are also in
need of self-correction. I AM not an
idiot, but having Free Will, I have
chosen happily to move forward in doing
the Historical/Metaphysical Research
that is important...instead of losing
time and resources on such immature
and horrible efforts to try to destroy
others. What would Beloved Ascended
Master Jesus the Christ say about YOUR
months of cruel efforts...that have not
worked out for your vicious agenda? I
AM the true author of these posts that
carry my name...not Fletcher...so stop
attacking him, Miss Ellie, and I now...
before it is too late for your Soul. I
still notice that you, and others, are
NOT using your legal names when posting such vile and corrupt lies and disdain on various Internet sites...so
what does that say about all of you?
COWARDS...that's what! I will continue to keep you and your family in my daily prayers and decrees, as you need them now, more than ever. FORGIVENESS starts with YOU, Allen..and until you 'Wake Up' and begin to live a balanced and compassionate Life...your Life will only be more lonely, sad, and at a loss. Truly, "I AM," Warren T. Angel
Anthony Greene
12:48:02 PM
Fletcher Richman still again thinks he is fooling somebody by posting under the name "Warren T. Angel". His slimy slithery pseudo-religious serpentine language gives him away every time.

Bradley Richman ("Fletcher Richman") very well knows that he can NEVER mention the name of anyone else other than his mind-controlled minions, Warren Angel and Eleanor Henderson, because they DO NOT EXIST! He has NO SUPPORTERS ANYWHERE, other than Warren & Ellie, who still are deluded enough to believe that they will get their hundreds of thousands of dollars back from him! Everyone else has made every effort to stay away from him once they have discovered that he is a cruel serial thief and deceiver - with ABSOLUTELY NO CONSCIENCE and no concern whatsoever for the financial and psychological harm he inflicts on others.

EVERY PERSON - I REPEAT: EVERY INDIVIDUAL - over the last 25 years that Fletcher has interacted with has both regreted ever meeting him and has LOST either precious time or money to him - WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!

Read the tragedies he has perpetrated upon people who initially TRUSTED in his promises and LATER lived to reget it for the rest of their lives at: http://sacredvaults.org
07:34:37 PM
AGAIN, people, let's keep our eye on the ball, shall we? Richman's tried and true m.o. is to ALWAYS distract your attention away from his 25 year crime spree by distracting, deflecting and therefore, deceiving. Always the shell game operator. Realize, KNOW that pointing to his victims is specifically meant to take your attention off HIM! Anyone to a man or woman, who has been with him for any length of time can tell you that:

No matter what you do,

No matter how “good” you are at following teachings and daily activities that are recommendations ONLY, and are not to be ENFORCED upon you as Richman does and are made MANDATORY by him for his own slippery purposes later described,

No matter that you never challenge him on his obviously fantastic, unbelievable stories and excuses,

No matter that you never hold him accountable for his myriad of broken promises and excuses small and large,

No matter that you give him money whenever he asks for it based on his promises of repayment,

No matter that you jump to finish tasks whenever Richman commands you (COMMANDS you) to do something.

You can knock yourself OUT doing it all. But no matter what this habitual liar says to the contrary, NOTHING YOU DO MATTERS because YOU ARE STILL NOT GOING TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK!! Understand this immediately and save yourself a lifetime of anguish.

Here is how truly slippery and scheming he is: By making those lifestyle recommendations MANDATORY, Richman can and does always use the excuse that the money you loaned him or gave him to be repaid as he agreed, is not coming back to you because you have not complied 100% with those mandatory activities, based upon his phony claim to have input from his non-physical, non-existent "friend" and until you DO comply, you're a bad, bad person and your punishment is your money is withheld! This slimy tactic can and does go on forever! He also uses his co-conspirators and minions as spies to report to him if someone was not complying with his every demand (in the worst tradition of totalitarian communist reporting on one's neighbors).

No matter how vicious Richman is in accusing his victims of not living right (and who is HE, a career swindler and serial womanizer, to tell ANYONE how to live) and no matter how meticulous you are in adhering to his enforcement of the "teachings" and Richman's every command, your money has gone into his pocket and out of his spending-addicted hands forever and is never coming back to you as he always promises. If you are currently supporting this criminal believing he is real, then know the following and verify it for yourselves. His current bobble-headed co-thiefs, most who've been with him for years - Ellie, Warren, Estela and Marie - and who, among them, have given him hundreds of thousands of dollars, obey his every order, obediently swallow his screaming, blaming and verbal abuse (which is totally contrary to the "requirement" of remaining calm and harmonious at all times, but HE of course is exempt from it all), allow the total commandeering of their incomes and control over every aspect of their lives, and STILL, in spite of tolerating all that, to this date some eight to ten years later, THEY HAVE NOT BEEN REPAID. Would you like to wait that long when you were told it would be a matter of weeks when repayment would be made? That's why his group is always so SMALL. Go ahead - test it out. Prove it for yourselves. Do it all with feeling, sincerity, earnestness and completeness as many before you have – it won't make a whit of difference - nothing will - when it comes to your money coming back to you as this cruel, wicked, self-indulgent, greedy, narcissistic financial predator has told you it would. And then you, like many others, will be joining the Empowered Richman Victims at http://sacredvaults.org.

BTW, Hatshepsut has no "e" after the first "t" as Richman indicated in his above posting where he turned "Hat" into "hate". By doing so, Richman accidentally, subconsciously exposes himself momentarily by parting the curtain that hides his true nature. He showed the disgust, indifference, disregard and hatred that he holds in his heart for all of humanity and who hides this nastiness behind a veil of false piety and phony compassion for others. Fletcher Richman is a morally corrupt and heinous human being. GOD'S TRUTH.
Warren T. Angel
05:15:47 PM
also known as 'GANDALF'...I sure know
how to spell the name properly of the
nefarious Eqyptian Ruler that you are
so proud of using as a Pen Name...I did
chose to spell it in a previous post as
to how your evil and cruel rantings have been reflective of your feelings
about ANY dedicated and sincere, 100%
Ascended Master Student. Notice how
you, Allen, and others still refuse to
accept YOUR own responsibility in the
various choices you all made to travel
and participate in all the valid trips
to various Conferences and Meetings that were, and still are, a real
part of the Historical/Metaphysical
Research that is so important. YOU are
such a waste of a human being, as long
as you choose to carry on your own hate
and dislike for the REAL TRUTH of the
decisions you made long ago. How so
childish, mean, and evil you have now
become. As a previous poster, Thomas
Tusser so rightly shared in his message
to you and the members of your vicious
website...VANITY and GREED are only two
of your most dangerous parts of your
own immature personality, Shelley, or
should I say: 'Gandalf.' Why do you'
still use Pen Names, where the members
of the Tudorgram Team have the maturity
and courage to use their own names in
a rightly mode of communication? Such
a waste of precious time, Shelley...to be such a low-life with your hateful
comments. NO ONE who is mature and
self-aware is listening...get it? There
are more important things to put one's
attention on, then your continued and
vile efforts to be a murderous idiot in
trying to destroy the Tudorgram Team;
God is watching you, Shelley...so just
be aware that 'INSTANT KARMA is going
to get you...and it already has!' "I AM," Warren T. Angel
Anthony Greene
08:13:40 PM
Fletcher Richman has exhibited such VANITY and GREED over the last 25 years that wherever this self-proclaimed "Ambassador of Light" goes, he looks upon each person as a potential source of MONEY to be gotten at any cost. Each person he meets gets a different concoction of LIES and DECEPTIONS. To one family, he proclaimed himself as the leader of a secret group of Manly Palmer Hall students who were safeguarding a 6,000 piece priceless collection of books and documents (and millions of dollars in gold bullion that was to be shared with that family within 3 weeks). To others he claims to be visited almost daily by a "being from Heaven" who is in a visible tangible body and who gives him orders and tells him secrets about those he meets (which he immediately shares with them to prop up their egos and get them to trust him with their money).

Fletcher Richman will tell any LIE. He will engage in any shady DECEPTION. Always with the very cleverly crafted purpose of STEALING PEOPLE'S MONEY.

EVERY PERSON - I REPEAT: EVERY INDIVIDUAL - over the last 25 years that Fletcher has interacted with has both regreted ever meeting him and has LOST precious time or money to him - WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!
Warren T. Angel
01:54:37 PM
ALLEN RENO BURESZ...of Lemont, Illinois
(Also known as Anthony Greene, William
Travis and William Herbert): "IF ONE
Ascended Master Saint Germain; Volume
III-Page 152 from the Saint Germain
Series of 20 Volumes; Published by the
Saint Germain Press; 1935-Chicago, ILL.
and get a handle on your 'outer mind
and human creation,' or otherwise, your
health and well-being, and a chance for
real happiness, will escape you now, and well into the future! Time to move
onward, and GET A LIFE! "I AM," Warren
T. Angel
William Travis
12:05:52 PM
Fletcher Richman, posting under the name "Warren T. Angel", continues to attack his robbery victims. His favorite technique is to quote from spiritual books in order to DISTRACT, DEFLECT, and DECEIVE the reader into thinkiing that he is a decent (although somewhat wacky) person.

In reality, Fletcher Richman (Johnathan Carpenter, Bradley Richman, Bradley Mercer) is a ruthless financial predator who continously LIES and DECEIVES everyone. Yet he expects someone somewhere to believe that the countless people that have been robbed by him over the last 2.5 decades are all lying about the crimes Fletcher has committed against them. RIGHT!! Everyone else is lying. Only "truthful" Fletcher, the self-styled "Ambassador of Light" and "Sir Shining Knight", is telling the truth.

Here's what Fletcher Richman wrote to me on December 30, 2008:

"Greetings to you; so sorry I am having to reschedule our phone appointment, but I just don't have the privacy I am going to need to share with you the GREAT NEWS that I will have more funds to give to you once they are released to me by the Estate Grantor...which is now scheduled for the 16th of January, '2009. I will need to be in San Antonio, Texas, to go directly to the bank there where my Grandfather's Trust is being in my name, on behalf of his legacy as a member of the 'Oddfellows' Lodge from there...the amount I will be able to offer you is now set at 1 million dollars in U.S. currency."

A few days later I was told that I needed also needed to be present in San Antonio. I also needed to LOAN Fletcher Richman $10,000 more in order for him to allegedly complete all the necessary paperwork, etc. for the withdrawal of money from his non-existent "Grandfather's Trust". This was after I had already borrowed $100,000 from PNC Bank and numerous credit cards and had sent the money to him by wire-transfers months prior to this BASED UPON HIS PROMISES and backed up by his bobble-head minions who assured me that Fletcher was truthful in everything he said.

Bradley Richman PROMISED that the $10,000 would be paid back to me (with interest), along with a cashier's check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS on January 16, 2009 when I met with him and the bank officials in San Antonio, Texas. I paid for the flight down to San Antonio, and waited for Fletcher and his "wife" to pick me up at the baggage claim area at the airport as he had promised.

Needless to say, Fletcher never showed up in San Antonio to meet me on January 16, 2009. He never returned my family's $100,000 or the $10,000, and never conveyed the promised ONE MILLION DOLLARS to me from his "Grandfather's Trust" - because THAT TRUST NEVER EXISTED. It was all LIES upon LIES upon LIES in order to have me LEND him massive amounts money! (see "Tragic story 1" at: http://sacredvaults.org

This TREACHEROUS SOCIOPATH, this LYING SACK OF DECEIT, has the audacity to steal from his victims, then follow up with attacking them personally. EVERY PERSON over the last 25 years that Fletcher has interacted with has regreted ever meeting him. They all LOST precious time and almost always LOST MONEY to him - WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!

Anthony Greene
11:40:51 AM
Fletcher Richman continues to post under the name "Warren T. Angel". His wierd loony language GIVES HIM AWAY EVERY TIME!

This dangerous sociopath and ruthless financial predator expects his robbery victims to be quiet and not hold him accountable for robbing them! NEVER!!!!!

He expects us to let him go on with his crime spree across North America without being stopped. NEVER!!!!!

There are no words to describe this serial thief, con man, and scammer! Fletcher Richman (Johnathan Carpenter, Bradley Richman, Bradley Mercer) will be STOPPED! This swindler and complete FRAUD will be STOPPED!

The victims of Fletcher Richman have determined that they will NOT ALLOW HIM to harm any more people in North America.

Read the tragedies he has perpetrated upon people who initially TRUSTED in his promises and LATER lived to reget it for the rest of their lives at: http://sacredvaults.org

Anthony Greene
11:41:09 AM
Fletcher Richman continues to post under the name "Warren T. Angel". His wierd loony language GIVES HIM AWAY EVERY TIME!

This dangerous sociopath and ruthless financial predator expects his robbery victims to be quiet and not hold him accountable for robbing them! NEVER!!!!!

He expects us to let him go on with his crime spree across North America without being stopped. NEVER!!!!!

There are no words to describe this serial thief, con man, and scammer! Fletcher Richman (Johnathan Carpenter, Bradley Richman, Bradley Mercer) will be STOPPED! This swindler and complete FRAUD will be STOPPED!

The victims of Fletcher Richman have determined that they will NOT ALLOW HIM to harm any more people in North America.

Read the tragedies he has perpetrated upon people who initially TRUSTED in his promises and LATER lived to reget it for the rest of their lives at: http://sacredvaults.org

Warren T. Angel
11:27:09 AM
To ALLEN RENO BURESZ of Lemont, ILL. and his Pen Names of Anthony Greene,
William Travis, and William Herbert:
"The uncontrolled, ungoverned use of
thought and feeling has brought about all kinds of discord, sickness, and
distress. Few, however, believe this,
and keep going on and on, continually
creating by their ungoverned thought
and desire, chaos in their worlds; when they could, as easily as a breath,
face about, using their thought
constructively, with the motive power
of Divine Love, and build for them-
selves a Perfect Paradise within the
period of two years. The angry,(Allen
Reno Buresz) condemning person, who
sends out destructive thought, feeling
or speech to another---who is poised in his own God Power (The Tudorgram Team) receives back to himself the quality with which he charged this power; while the poised person receives the energy which serves him,
and which he automatically requalifies
by his own poise. Thus, the creator of discord (Allen Reno Buresz) through
anger and condemnation, is consciously
destroying himself, his world of activity, and his affairs." ~Ascended
Master Saint Germain; Volume III, Pages
31-32, Discourse III, from the Saint
Germain Series of Twenty Volumes that
are published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1935, Chicago, Illinois

So, Allen Reno Buresz...PLEASE heed the firm yet loving warnings of the
Ascended Master Saint Germain, that
your continued efforts, under your very evil, 'psychic storm' of demonic
and mischievous intentions to destroy
the very lives of Fletcher, Miss Ellie, and me...will not be successful
NONSENSE, and 'GET A LIFE,' before it is too late for you, and others, that
are trying their best to slander, libel and defame the good nature of the Tudorgram Team. After you have
wasted so many months of precious time
and resourses trying to create more
chaos and discord in the lives of others...YOU are long overdue for a new way of Living...so get to it, before you lose everything that should
mean so much to you~your connection to
God, the 'Mighty I AM Presence,'family
and your health practice. I do have a
mind and heart of my own, and I am the
author of these post that list my real
name; I don't need to be immature by
hiding under Pen Names that are always
revealed here on the Piker Press.
Truly, "I AM," Warren T. Angel
William Travis
01:23:28 PM
Fletcher Richman, posting under the name "Warren T. Angel", continues to attack his robbery victims and qutoe from spiritual books in order to DISTRACT, DEFLECT, and DECEIVE the reader from the real issue: FLETCHER RICHMAN IS A RUTHLESS FINANCIAL PREDATOR WHO WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO STEAL MONEY BY DECEPTION AND LIES.

Fletcher Richman has made getting other people`s money a game. It is something he goes after and plays as if he were a junkie and can`t get enough, because until he loses his last breath, nothing will stop him from trying to harm his next victim. He gets tremendous satisfaction from this - and he has gotten so very good at it after all these years. Sadly we are not rid of this snake yet. He is still trying to run his scam. His aliases are Johnathan Carpenter, Bradley Richman, Ellie Henderson, Warren Angel, Tudorgram Metaphysical Research Historians, Bradley Mercer, Sir Shining Knight, Cynthia Mercer, Tudorgram Team, Tudorgram, Brad Mercer, Bradley Fletcher Mercer.

There is now a public forum dedicated to exposing and stopping Fletcher Richman's activities related to his unethical and alleged illegal, reprehensible methods of relieving people of their money. Please go to http://sacredvaults.org

Alan M
11:36:01 AM
Unless I am mistaken I believe we have a group known as the dirty 'four' otherwise known by all as Fletcher or Filcher,Warren Angel((no thing near to the real thing,not even from the same universe.LOL) and Miss Bobble Head herself,Miss Ellie who has been a cult follower for years. Following Filcher is just continuing on what she did with Elizabeth Claire Prophet all those years. Then the fourth of the gang members and hangers on, Marie Haught. Supposedly the so call'legal' eagle or shall we say the thief who likes to think she knows the law enough to work around it to make investors believe she is a true professional.LOL That`s a true joke,are any of the investors laughing yet?? Well, Filcher,or Fletcher or whatever you think you are and your gang of thieves do not represent anything but your own greed and cruelty. I know for a fact some powerful people are after your butts so better be ware of that rock you hide under because they all are growing "EYES,AND EARS" LOL. We are all just smiling to watch the cringe and gnashing of teeth and the threats you all are throwing and Warren the pitiful,You dirty the name of Chief Indian anything. No Indian would stoop to do the lies and things you do for such a insane being as Filcher. That could mean you are over the edge and need more than physic help about now. All those you and the group have called down to hurt all of the investors and everyone who ever knew you are protected from on high. What is coming to you all is what you all have sent out. Filcher likes to say we mirror what we send and this is exactly what is and will continue to come at you. Why don`t you all go out and try to get a "real job". Try to, and see who will hire any of you with your background check? Anyone investing with you would have to be on their death bed so you might as well try to figure out what living like a normal person has to and make their own way and not con everyone they meet for their next nickel.
Hey Fletch, How`s that Trust Fund Coming along? Your Dad should be dying any day now and your ship will finally come in?? LOL, LOL. If this wasn`t so serious this would be and is so sad for you all. You have just thrown away an embodiement to lies and harm upon everyone you ever met. Tell me how do you sleep nights? Is that why you, Fletcher have to sleep with ear phones on and music constantly in your ears? Can`t hear God that way can you?? He couldn`t get thru your thick skull with a sledge hammer anyway so as with all these posts this will fall on the deaf and broken hearts of you gang of four. God help you all, you will need it. What mountains will hide you when the earth changes start? I write this to those who know the truth and all who might be in your line of sights for their money and credit cards for your traveling and sight seeing trips around the country.
No Ascended Master would come within a acre of any of you and especially, you Fletcher! You are preyed upon by the dark forces because YOU have opened yourselves to their influence. No one who is truly spiritual would in anyway harm another as you have done over your lifetime. The Cosmic Law is Harm no one and no life and that is something we all have to face just as You who believe you are above the law?? Get a real life Fletcher and gang before the laws of man catch up to you because it will happen, it is just a matter of time.
I know there are agencies following everything and waiting for you to try and harm another. The long arm of the laws are after another crook and sleaz bag you and your group respresent. Be wary you may be runing but you can`t hide from the Light of God that reveals the truth of who you are and the harm you have done.
We are all watching and waiting your next step as is the God that knows your every thought.
Warren it doesn`t matter what names we all use and any new people does it really? We don`t hide like you all are doing. When do you plan on repaying Allen and Shelley plus all of us you all have taken money and made promises to you know you never meant to keep?
When do you face the lies you have told to yourselves all these years? We are not doing any of these posting and contacting the law enforcement unless we all have evidence,that is Hard and fast evidence we can use and will use in a court of law to sentence you all to long prison sentences.
We repond here to see the audacity and stupidty that comes from your minds that you believe you can do anything and say anything to hurt people who did nothing but try to help raise awareness of the Bruton Vault. That did not include the supporting and paying all your ways to travel for weeks and rent expensive cars and buy every meal on the road and all the movies,amusement parks and money spent on things that had nothing to do with the Bruton Vault. It was all a sham to get from honest people money to live your life of crime and not have to look back. Fletcher leaves people on the side of the road if they say anything that is their own mind. Are you and Miss Bobble Head Ellie worried you`ll be left on the side somewhere like some of us. He has no soul and thinks nothing for any age of those he leaves or the consequences he leaves for them and the lifelong harm he created for many.
Lets hear when you all plan to meet the investors face to face and plan on repayment per the so called legal papers you insisted they sign for repayment. You all have a long list of paper trails everywhere and everything you have ever done and they will all be used to show exactly what harm and ill you have done to one and all.
You all need to get on your knees and ask God to forgive you now while you can, He will always forgive you but you have to admit you really have done wrong. So until then we will continue this onslaught against what you all are doing to reveal the truth.
The Light of God Shines on All and It also reveals all truths and all lies. So Filcher, Fletcher, Warren (The unangel) Miss Bobble Head, Ellie,and 'legal egale' Marie Haught the idiot we`re all waiting to hear your next posting of lies and acusations against those of us who all have been hurt. Look in the mirror and watch it crack because that is what is looking back at YOU each, You all have done that this whole lifetime to everyone you have ever met as you have to your own life! Sad, Sad people to add to the weight of negitivty to this planet`s ills. God Forgives us all and heal the illness of the minds of this group of mistaken and misguided beings known as 'humans'.
Warren T. Angel
02:02:02 PM
Attention ALLEN RENO BURESZ, also known
as William Travis, William Herbert, and
Anthony Greene: This is going to be my
very last posting on this site, for
certain, as the Tudorgram Team and I
need to focus our total attention on our continued, Historical and Meta-
physical Research that is dedicated to
the Divine Legacy of Sir Francis Bacon
and his Sacred Vaults. SHAME ON YOU,
forevermore, ALLEN RENO BURESZ, for
still choosing, after all these many
months of your psychic rantings and
'feeling so sorry for yourself,' for
NOT taking complete responsibility for
the conscious choices that you made,
long ago, to be an active and willing,
Limited Partner in this Spiritual and
Meaningful Adventure. If Fletcher,
Miss Ellie, and I were really guilty of
any wrong doing, the agencies that you,
with a small band of other evil fools,
that were allegedly notified, would of
contacted us directly by now...so that
speaks volumes of just how empty and
disdainful your threats to me, and the
other members of Tudorgram, have been.
If ANY HARM or 'accidents, injuries, or
death' occurs due to your vicious and
sinister threats happen to visit any
member of the Tudorgram Team, the legal
and proper authorities will be quickly
notified...along with all the copies of
EVERY lying and slanderous 'story' you
have placed on your demonic website!
In ending this series of articles on
the VAIN AND GREEDY person that you
have been, and are still being...are a
disgrace to God, and the Ascended Hosts
...and also to your wife, Alice G.
Buresz, and your daughter, Diana Marie
Buresz, also of Lemont, Illinois. How in the world are you able to give your
patients any quality healing at your
alleged, 'Chiropractic Clinic' in Lemont, Illinois, with you being so full of hatred and demonic energy!? I
sure would not want your nefarious hands touching me in any fashion...as that destructive and negative energy during any so-called 'adjustments' goes
directly into your patients! Pray
that you STOP these wasteful series of
attacks, before it is too late for your
Soul! "I AM," Warren T. Angel
Jerome Ciok
12:52:40 PM
Fletcher Richman, posting under the name "Warren T. Angel", continues to attack his robbery victims! What a loathsome and wicked theif!
There is no doubt that this crook will soon receive the Justice at the hands of law enforcement that he so deserves.
We are all determined that Bradley "Fletcher" Richman will no longer harm any more innocents any longer!

Terry Plant
06:13:33 PM
when Fletcher Richman, Marie Haught, Ellie Henderson and Warren Angel and his other slaves least expect it, law enforcement will casually approach them and arrest them. they know this and that is why they fled from Albuquerque, NM last month. he's always known this, this is why he is so paranoid. anyway everything Fletcher writes and says is a lie cuz he took everyone's money from long ago and not the other way around which proves he's he greedy one and not the other way around, so if he finally has chaos in his life now it's long deserved payback for the chaos he was 100% responsible for bringing into other's lives. Hope your life has been shattered financially as you've shattered others even though you deserve worse. Good riddance to bad rubbish, Fletcher Richman.
Alan M
10:03:29 AM
Just a comment concerning the ongoing banter between an obvious sleez bag and those who were injured by the lies and thievery of Fletcher, Warren T Angel, Miss Ellie and the crooked, not para legal Marie Haught.
We all do have lives to live Fletcher but we have a mission given us now by our own God Presence to expose you and your life as nothing but a sham. The hundreds of people you have hurt over the many years you have worked to take what was not yours to have. We all gave to a greater purpose and that was not to feed you and clothe you on your merry way around this country in expensive rental cars and amusement parks. We all know why you don`t fly. You think you would be nabbed by authorites as you are on a 'No Fly' list. Too many rocks you think you have to hide under.
I just thought you`d be intrigued to know the rocks now will be 'growing eyes and ears'. Don`t you know the Light will find you and your crooked gang of thieves? No one eludes the truth forever. So Karma will be your partner until you face the vast amounts of money you have conned from innocent people. If we are all such vile indivduals then why don`t you put up or shut up with all your threats to us. We would all 'pay' to watch the court hearing and trial with all the hard evidence we have and where did you spend all the millions? That is the questions being asked by those on high and they are closing in and will find you one day when you least expect.
Life for you will continue to be harder and harder to con innocent people after they google your names the horrific stories are all there for anyone to see.
This is what you called looking in your own 'Mirrors'. What is looking back is your own evil and cunning and it looks like the beast that you have allowed to take over. God help you as you will need it.
Sad that this will fall on a closed down heart and mind and thrown to the ground as worthless by you,but still we have to keep trying to penetrate that evil you have allowed.
Meet with those who you have taken vast amounts of money and make a plan to repay them. Even if you never get it repaid in your lifetime still it would be a start at admitting you harmed so many people. What happened to living a life of harming no one and nothing? When did you believe you are above the Law? Fools only believe that and try to make their followers believe that lie. Do you care about anyone or anything except the next money you con from someone?? You remind me of the 'junkie' who can`t get enough of other people`s money. It`s all a stupid,dangerous game,one you have given your free will into doing.
Living every moment looking over your shoulder for those who are most certaintly after you all will be a very challenging life. I do have compassion for you but the rest is as they say up to you to come clean.
Randy Abrams
06:36:40 PM
If anyone has even the slightest doubt that Fletcher Richman is the sleaziest and most wicked con man ever to walk this Earth, you need to read what he has done to countless victims. Go to: http://sacredvaults.org

Miss Ellie Henderson
09:52:42 AM
To Judy A. "Alena" Cox, who resides at
either Scotland or Lesterville, South
Dakota...and who uses the pen names of
Donald G. or Ray Bacon; Susan F.; Alan
M., Jerome Ciok, or Terry Plant:
"When the student once understands, that whatsoever he connects himself with through his attention, he becomes a part of to the degree of the intensity with which his attention is fixed; he will see the importance of keeping his attention off the seeming DESTRUCTIVE angles of human experience, no matter what they are. To
discuss the seeming inability, short-
comings, or faults of your friends and
associates, but builds that element, upon which your discussion rests, within your own consciousness, and also adds to the appearance, which seems to be in the other individual. Few understand that when their attention is called to some destructive thing, how much and how often, they allow the attention to go back to it; or if another had displeased them in some way, how much and how often the attention returns to that incident, when they have the full power to control their attention and make it obey their command. Few, even among earnest students, yet understand what a mighty power their faculty of attention becomes under their controlled use.

I wish so much to impress upon the
students, how foolish it is to be
affected, displeased, or disturbed by the imaginary activities of the
ignorance of the outer self. When they
know: "I AM" the only All-powerful acting Presence in my mind, my body, and my world," they cannot possibly be
affected or disturbed by any of their
associations in the outer world. They
must know then, that they are entirely
immune from hurt or disturbance of the
outer mind, of other individuals, no
matter what they try to do.

With this understanding, or by giving
willing attention to this Great Truth,
they will soon find a peace, happiness,
and Self-control operating about them
to such an extent, that no outer
condition, disgrunted comment or
disturbance of their associates could in any wise disturb them, their world or their affairs. As soon as the
individual becomes aware that he really
has control of his own Creative thought, power and feeling; then he
knows positively that he can precipitate into his visible use, or bring into his use from the outer where it is already created, anything
whatsoever upon which he holds his
Creative thought and feeling firmly."
The Ascended Master Saint Germain; Pages 93-95; Volume III, Discourse VIII
and published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. Chicago, Illinois 1935

"I AM" also posting here, for the very
last time, my comments now, especially
since I have not written for some time.

The Tudorgram Team of Fletcher, Warren,
and myself, did our very best to help
Allen Reno Buresz, Shelley A. Rockwell
Fowler (Smyth), the entire Cox family
of Robert, Judy (Alena), Adam, and Andy
besides Frank Joseph Wiegert and his
wife Hazel Marie, others, too. Many
years of Metaphysical Instruction in
class room settings, several trips to educational conferences, and visits to
many of the 'Symbols of Freedom,' here in America, along with museums and churchyard cemetaries, were a part of the Historical and also Spiritual Quest on behalf of 'Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault Project.' Over twenty five years of extensive
phone consultations, many audio/camera recordings, photos; news articles, with Press Conferences, and Radio/TV interviews, were also a part of the valid research of this Patriotic Plan
to help educate, enlighten, and inspire
those individuals who consciously chose
to be an active participant of such an
important series of adventures.

Because these few people listed above, along with some others, decided to NOT
want to 'Self Correct' and make very
important, positive changes in their lives, they are now trying to join
together with an evil plot to destroy those of us who, at one time, were close friends and business associates of these discordant Souls.

The Tudorgram Team and I are happily
moving forward, in a harmonious and
positive manner, to continue the Sacred
Quest, no matter what others try to do
to stop us. "The Light of God Never
Fails, and "I AM" the open door that
no man can shut!"

America, our Beloved Nation, needs our
joyous prayers and decrees for Divine
Providence to step in and calm the very
chaos of human creation and discord,
before it is too late. Naturally, as
citizens of the Earth, we each need to
take conscious responsibility to remain
as kind, compassionate, and forgiving
of one another, in order to earn the right and favor of God, the "Mighty I
AM Presence," along with the Heavenly
Hosts, and Angelic Beings.

The Tudorgram Team and I will continue
to keep all of these troubled Souls in
our daily application of Prayers and
Calls to God for the removal of the
demonic forces that are using these
cruel people as 'Puppets, Pawns, Claws
and Emissaries of Lucifer and his fallen ones, so that they can FINALLY
have some peace and harmony, success in
their tormented Lives.

Fletcher, Warran, and I refer to the
King James Version of the Bible, as
edited by Sir Francis Bacon in the year 1611, and we also daily read and
study from the twenty volumes of the
'original' Saint Germain Series of very
special Metaphysical Teachings...the
contents from these Sacred Texts have
continued to give us strength and also
courage from our enemies attempts to
do us harm.

God bless America, and now, let us turn
happily back to the proper use of the
Internet, instead of trying to hurt and destroy others; time is so short
for humanity to 'Wake Up and Get Going'
with positive changes...'The Wheat is
being separated from the Chaff,' and
now that we are all being 'Weighed and
Measured' by our daily thoughts, words,
and deeds, which side of reality do
you want to be on? Hopefully, the right side of Christ Consciousness.
Sincerely, "I AM," Miss Ellie Henderson
Elaine Tonner
08:51:31 PM
Having read at the sacredvaults.org website of the horrors perpetrated by Fletcher Richman on unsuspecting victims, it is obvious that he must be incarcerated for the rest of his life so that he can never again harm anyone in the United States or Canada.

Finally there has been a complete exposure of this vermin on the Internet as the total fraud and sociopathic thief that he is. He will no longer be able harm anyone financially, nor cause any more psychological or physical harm upon families. No one will ever again be a victim of this vile, execrable, depraved, malicious, repugnant, vicious swindler.

In the words of Ellie, Fletcher, Warren and she will be "happily moving forward" into jail very soon for their crimes!

Alan M
11:37:29 PM
Strange how we never get any straight answers from any of the gang of thieves when they plan to begin repaying the $100,000`s you all have conned from innocent people? I`ll tell you one reason is you can`t tell right from wrong and all your warped brains know is to tell everyone on here how spiritual and knowledgable about the Bible and the Discourses you are. You know words and know nothing of the meaning or you would be on your knees begging for forgiveness for the lies and trickery you all have used to hurt everyone you ever met thru Fletcher`s scam over these many years.
It doesn`t matter what you write here to think you can call us all to self correct? Is not that the same thing as calling your own POT BLACK? Better clean your own crap up you all are responsible for and stop blaming others for the situation you all are in now. It has to be getting desperate for you all or you would be onto your next con job?
Or is it because mankind is awakening in their hearts to the liars like you all are and never again can the dark fool them?
Funny dream I woke this morning and saw Fletcher with bars over his face so either that is something he is calling for himself or you all are inside somewhere where you are lost to the truth. So we all have compassion for you all but know only you can release yourselves.
Meanwhile we do not have to seek God`s favor as you state above? Why would we?? We are doing exactly as we are being asked to do and I do this with great Love from God to you all because the darkest and lost will one day find the light and rejoice.
Your tripe about all your religious writings are falling on all of us who know all the real truth of your black hearts. To you all those teachings are just words and a means to con innocent people out of their money.
I have no anger or any feeling about this situation other than to respond in the hopes a light of love might spark within you all and you may find the path back from where you all have descended.
Since when is saying Truth against God? God is truth and light, where there is light there is truth and illumination. We have all come together on here and other places to post to the earth the lies you,Ellie, Warren,Marie, and Fletcher have given to all of us and the huge amounts of money taken by devious methods.
How can you believe we had lessons to learn which you feel you all were to teach us to be stolen from what was ours from God? We learned our lessons and now we chose here and forever call you all out for the evil you all did and try to do to innocent people wanting nothing but to do good.
That means you feel you have the right and surely the means to decieve to take from others what is not yours? We gave to God and to that service not for your waste at amusement parks and expensive 100 day road trips. Where is the documentary? That too was a lie who would touch you 4 with a 100 foot pole or want anything to do with your methods at gathering any historical documents? I know Fletcher stole books from various libraries when he was able to and the security was not up to par. Where does that fit in with your spiritual and mighty goodness you pour thru these writings? He has always lied and will never change so why do you think we could give any justifcation to your pretending how honorable he is for what he does for America? It`s not even laughable Ellie. Why don`t you just go home to your broken down,run down house there in Pittsburg? Fletcher has nearly run it to the ground as nothing ever has been repaired and you think nothing of what God gave to you thru that home. You have given your power away and by free will are as guilty of stealing $100,000`s of dollars not to mention stood in the path of those working towards their return to God. There is nothing greater that will haunt you but to harm another even after you know now the truth and still persist in keeping up the banter here and try to keep Fletcher from flying into one of his hateful rages. Isn`t that quite unchristan like? I never met a true student who needed a 'guru' (Fletcher) to explain what you could easily have asked the God within to explain.
I do hope you are done with posting here and go home Ellie and get a life away from the mind control of Fletcher and Marie and Warren. Are your eyes so glazed over nothing can penetrate to you the real Truth of God?
Only God can help you and your gang of thieves and liars.
No one who reads these postings here or elsewhere believe anything you all write because we have nothing to lose as you all stole everything we had anyway. We are being given back what God gave us unlike what you took we too will receive that all back plus heaped over and filled with joy from the Angels who protect us all.
The Angels always advance that which of the Light and good and all else will fail and fade away.
Elizabeth Claire Prophet was your last 'guru' what did that get you? When you discovered her lies and deception behind the scenes you left and felt betrayed afer all the years of service and money to her. Same thing different time,still haven`t learned where God is yet? Some just can`t get it so we all just have to hope light will eventually awaken you to the lies you`ve fallen for and the harm you have done to everyone.
Go Home Ellie!!!
Benjamin Fuller
01:15:42 PM
Fletcher Richman, Warren & Ellie have proven - by their very own double-talk - that they are guilty of the crimes that have been reported.
J. Connolly
02:51:39 PM
The above post of April 8, 2011, was written by Eleanor Williamson (aka Henderson, aka Heard, aka Joan Washington of Pittsburgh, PA) on direct orders from Fletcher Richman/Mercer/Carpenter a chronically homeless man of no fixed address, and she did so like the obedient, mind-controlled minion she is.
ATTENTION!! Fletcher Richman/Mercer/Carpenter - when YOU put YOUR attention and actions on STEALING PEOPLE'S MONEY using LIES and DECEPTION (also known as FRAUD), knowing you are DESTROYING THEIR LIVES but still going ahead anyway, then YOU are LIVING IN THE SINISTER, DESTRUCTIVE FORCE you are constantly preaching to your victims they must avoid doing. Only vicious, self-serving thieves like YOU would believe that stealing your victims' money is "helping them". You would be very well-advised to immediately take a very hard, grave look at how you rationalize your criminal activities to YOURSELF.
Your arrogance and stupidity know no bounds. You actually think that using your double speak words "appearance of" will automatically erase the FACT that you are nothing but a decades-long swindler hiding behind the slimy, rotting, stinking, putrid suit of phony religious piety, and pretending to be 'anointed' to open a historical site that you will never EVER be allowed to touch (which was proven definitively when you promised your then-victims that the Bruton Vault would be opened FOR SURE on your invisible friend’s say-so, on April 20, 2003 when in truth, of course, NOTHING HAPPENED, which did not prompt YOU to self-correct. Oh no - you then just went and played at an amusement park).
There is no "appearance of" here. It does not "appear" you stole money from me and dozens of other victims. You DID steal money from me and dozens of other victims. No matter how vociferously you spout that it was all mere "appearance of", your thefts are real live occurrences that really DID happen, they cannot be erased by verbal sleight of hand and verbal shell games, and are all glaringly obvious to all who've read these posts and the stories of the destruction YOU created on http://sacredvaults.org.
You always tell only a tiny part of the truth, Richman/Mercer/Carpenter.
The FACT is ALL of the activities you speak of above (trips, radio programs, etc.) were paid for with STOLEN MONEY, but you conveniently side-step that little fact and imply that it was you who generously paid for those activities out of your own pocket (a thoroughly scoff-worthy thought). Your “telephone consultations” you so consistently puff up your chest about held not one speck of metaphysical information; rather, they were gossip-filled, time-wasting and colleague-bashing sessions that you FORCED UPON your victims and which were completely WORTHLESS in every way imaginable especially in dollar value. Further, all of those activities, the importance of which you so greatly exaggerate, could only be described as you PRETENDING to do research, PLAYING at moving the Bruton Vault project forward and PROVING your stupidity and criminality again in that (a) you actually have no idea how real research is carried out and what is involved in real project management and (b) that you have no intention, and never did, of raising the Bruton Vault (not that you could anyway) because DOING SO WOULD END YOUR SWINDLE AND THE FLOW OF STOLEN MONEY. So this is actually one instance of "appearance of" being true - you only APPEAR to be doing research when it was obvious to everyone with a brain you were merely pretending to do so, with years passing and nothing real ever happening and that you always stall and endlessly drag out any real progress in order to buy more time to steal more money.
CORRECT YOURSELF FIRST RICHMAN/MERCER/CARPENTER, and know that your inappropriately arrogant COMMANDS from you to your victims to do so are neither DESIRED NOR REQUIRED by ANYONE, not even your invisible friend.

To act like everything is just so fine and harmonious and spiritual within “Tudorgram” when in the REAL WORLD you have brought unimaginable pain and suffering to people who trusted your word, is nothing short of wicked, cruel, sociopathic and greed-filled on your part. Your 25 years of immensely destructive actions and financial predation have reverberated around the Universe, and are soon to smack you fully in the back of the head.

Tudorgram is NOT fine. Tudorgram is NOT going merrily along towards their obviously phony goal of 'raising the vault' (which is Tudorgram code for stealing other's money). Their (meaning Fletcher Richman/Bradley David Mercer/Johnathan Carpenter, Eleanor Heard/Williamson/Henderson/Joan Washington, Warren T. Angel, L. Marie Haught and Estela Marroquin) criminal activities and heyday of attracting hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen money is OVER for GOOD. It is only a matter of time that the color of the day as Richman/Mercer/Carpenter orders his minions to wear will soon be replaced by the color of orange every day. Now THAT's something that truly deserves one's full attention.
Ray Palmer
06:27:40 PM
It's time to get that despicable Fletcher Richman and his accomplices, Warren and Ellie, into a jail cell - - - and throw away the key.
08:39:45 AM
First, thanks to Tedi for a excellent article. I enjoy the air of mystery that surrounds Francis Bacon in current times.

The comments preceding my own are also interesting. I searched online but could not find anything about Fletcher Richman other than what is referenced on this page. Actually I did find other sites and comments but those appear to be from the same individuals posting on this site.

I found several references to efforts at making his operaton look legitimate. Has anyone taken the receipts and copies of the paperwork from their investment to local law enforcement? What did they say about it? Wouldn't this be of interest to the FBI since it appears to involve numerous States?
12:53:16 PM
Bradley David Richman aka Johnathan Carpenter aka Bradley Fletcher Mercer aka Warren T. Angel was born as Cynthia Susan Mercer to Edward and Rosemary Mercer in San Diego, CA. The legal name change took place in 1978 in San Diego County. The police and FBI have had many people go undercover as students of Richman to prove these real theft allegations that have taken place for 25 years in so many states. He/She is a paranoid schizophrenic and sociopath. There are rumors of a mass suicide of his followers because of the end of the world in December 2012. The police and FBI are closing in before the thefts turn to a seriously violent end!
Mitchell Wang
07:21:15 PM
Extensive documentation of Fletcher Richman's 25 year long crime spree has been turned over to five federal law enforcement agencies. The days of his stealing through deceptions and lies are OVER!

Fletcher Richman is now SO exposed on the Internet, that not only will he not be able to steal and deceive as he has done for so many years, but he will not even be able to get a his old janitor's job back. All anyone has to do is spend 30 seconds on the Internet, and they will see this slimy criminal EXPOSED for what he is!
William W
06:19:22 PM
To Bradley David Richman (aka Fletcher Richman, Bradley David Mercer, Cynthia Susan Mercer, Johnathan Carpenter, Sir Shining Knight), Eleanor (Ellie) Henderson (aka Ellie Williamson, Ellie Heard, Joan Washington), Warren T. Angel, Linda Marie Haught, Estela Marroquin:
Do not try to apply your willpower to anything outside yourself. You have no right to do so anyway. It is wrong to apply your will to other men and women in order to get them to do what you wish done.
It is flagrantly wrong to coerce people by mental power as it is by physical power. If compelling people by physical force to do things for you reduces them to slavery, compelling them with mental means accomplishes exactly the same thing (such as in the enslavement of Warren Angel).
The only difference is in the methods. If taking things from people by physical force is robbery, then taking things by mental force is also robbery. In principle, there is no difference.
You have no right to use your willpower upon another person - even "for his own good" - because you do not know what is for his good.
02:33:05 PM
Wish these post had been on the Internet when I met Fletcher and his crew. So glad that the authorities have been notified and something is being done.
There is nothing you can say but he is a professional crook!
Richman Watch
03:51:07 PM

"If you have heard the name Fletcher Richman,know that you are in his hunting ground. You are being hunted. If you have met him you are in danger. If you have shaken his hand you are targeted for his plan. He will watch you for days, months, years before he makes his move. Count on it.

If he telephones you, hang up. If he greets you at a gathering, run!! Call the police and report that you have located the individual that is being sought by the FBI. He has been reported to the FBI. Read the stories and get the message. You are next. If you are nice to this individual, you are in trouble. Nice for you is not the same for him. Don't think that you can outwit his intent.

Only people who will determine to have nothing to do with him might escape his web. He won't like them as he knows they will challenge him. He knows the disdain some people have for him. That is when he will say all sorts of condemning, lying gossip about them. He also laughs about it."

To read the rest of the story from yet another victim of Fletcher Richman, aka Johnathan Carpenter, aka Bradley David Richman, aka Bradley David Mercer, aka Sir Shining Light, and his co-con artists, Linda Marie Haught, Warren T. Angel and Eleanor (Ellie) Henderson (aka Joan Washington, aka Ellie Heard) go to:


03:26:00 PM
Fletcher Richman is a nothing less than a short, fat, narcissistic, brainwashing, feeble, con artist. If you meet with him, do not fear this bearded midget, instead strike him with a firm fist and tie him up hog style like the pig that he is after which I suggest calling local law enforcement or death by sodomy. I am sorry to all those who got scammed but most of all I feel sorry for the minions that continue to feed this idiot's dribble. i.e. Shelley Smyth you blonde devil cretin and Ellie, Warren...all you brainwashed fools. In the end the devil who you so closely confide in will lead you to a long awaited beating to within an inch of your life. It is coming...keep a good watch over your shoulder fools.
10:59:38 PM
I can personally attest to being a first hand witness (brainwashed "student") to Fletcher's Crime Spree. Fletcher borrows money from people, promises payback, does not pay, and then claims the loaned money was a gift to his bogus establishment that he re-brands constantly. I personally was not taken for any money from Fletcher because I did not have any. I did however, have family and friends that I so mistakenly introduced to Fletcher be taken for all of their money. PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently a "student" of Fletcher, your long term financial health is at great danger. You should be very concerned and flee your relationship with Fletcher immediately. I also can personally attest to some of the stories on sacredvaults.org and can tell you that Jennifer's story about Warren and Fern are very very sad and true. AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: IF you are currently engaged in a relationship with Fletcher Richman, you need to take heed and cut ties immediately, or you yourself will be in the same robbed position as everyone else that has trusted Fletcher over the past 9 years. I have been able to move on with my life since I abandoned my relationship with Fletcher hastily, and am very saddened, yet not surprised that the ruse continues. I commend all past "students" that are coming out and exposing Fletcher's Ponzi Scheme. I truly hope that all wrongs will be eventually righted throughout this whole situation.
Shelley Smyth
09:24:31 AM

TO ANONYMOUS WHO POSTED ABOVE ON 8/6/2011. Who the hell ARE you? You don't know me at all. Because I assure you, if you did know me, you would know that: I RETRACTED completely and fully MY SUPPORT for Richman WELL OVER A YEAR AGO after it turned out he ripped me off for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I posted those retractions on ALL of the thatchannel shows we did, however, the "Comments" sections were later removed sometime after I posted my retractions. The fact that there are no recent shows on thatchannel of me supporting Richman should have told you I no longer support him!!

I and one other Richman victim are SOLELY responsible for, and worked nearly full-time hours DAILY over ten months from August of 2010, exposing Richman and his co-vermin Marie Haught, Eleanor Henderson and Warren Angel.

We made a "stopfletcherrichmannow@gmail.com" email address and sent requests for victim stories and weekly updates about our progress to no less than 34 email addresses Richman had cc'd on his emails to us over the years we were in contact with him. This is how many of the other victims had the courage to come forward out of their isolation and to tell their stories. We posted their stories on the http://sacredvaults.org website. We offered them a safe, confidential and anonymous place to tell their stories and receive support. There are TEN victim stories on the web site, with at least seven others who wrote in but who didn't want their stories made public, even though they were anonymous. We corresponded with all of them many times. The "Notice" on the website was written by me as well as "Tragic Story No. 2" and other articles on the site ("Peg-Legged Fletcher Richman" and others).

We reported Richman and Marie Haught to the FBI, SEC, IRS, SSA, U.S. Postal Service and United States Secret Service. We contacted his parents and his aunt, (supposed trustee of his non-existent trust fund). We were threatened with law suits but continued anyway.

We hunted for and took Richman down everywhere we found him trolling for new victims on the internet. If you Google "Fletcher Richman" there are at least ten pages of articles exposing Richman and warning off potential new victims. It is I and the other victim who DID that, thereby, hopefully, saving all other future victims from our agonizing fate at this sociopath's hands. In fact we know we did save some potential victims because they wrote to us thanking us for the warning. We continue to monitor various websites to see if Richman has surfaced again.

A final extremely important note to correct your gross assumption: Me and the other victim managing the website and email address never ONCE asked new victims for money to give to Richman (as he often demanded his victims do, making them his co-conspirators), so minions we definitely WEREN'T and victims we solidly WERE.

So what exactly did YOU do to stop this financial predator?

Get your facts straight before you go flinging tar around indiscriminately.
Kitty Noodle
06:04:35 PM
Hey Fletcher! I know you. I was there when you were ripping off Fern Webber. I saw it all go down you eveil bag of crap. You were with Brenda Hurley aka Patricia Larke, and a few others like Cheri Brown doing your dirty work. And, at that time you told the story of being an hermaphrodite and seeking out Drs to load you up with testosterone. You are a freak show and I can't wait to see you go DOWN!!
Richman Watch
12:35:00 PM
Dear Kitty: Thanks so much for popping in with more detail about the wicked deeds of the career con man, Filcher Poorman as we call him, and his co-conspirators. I met Patricia once and had no idea her real name was Brenda Hurley! I understand she's gone back to the UK. Have you seen our http://sacredvaults.org website? It is 100% dedicated to posting victim stories (10 so far) and articles exposing Richman. We have another 7 victim stories on top of the 10 posted, but those victims didn't want their stories posted. Feel free to email us through the website if you would like your story posted (no names are given) or if you are willing to provide more details on the Fern Webber theft. We recently found Richman trolling for new victims among his high school classmates, so we took him DOWN and made sure he is now a known financial predator among those classmates. On the website, there's a "profile" that Filcher would have written about himself if he had the ability to tell the truth. So welcome aboard Kitty. We've been offering support and a safe, supportive, non-judgmental place for victims, who were probably feeling very isolated and ridiculed by family and friends, to tell their Richman stories since late December of 2010.
Hope to hear from you soon
Richman Watch
Kitty Noodle
11:17:40 AM
Fletcher is a worthless scumbag, Currently hiding under a rock somewhere, he will emerge again looking for another vulnerable person to victimize because his ego is even fatter than his enormous fat ass. And when he does, there will be vigilantes waiting to nail him. In spite of his success at ripping off the elderly, he's quite a stupid man. He is from the dark side though. People that know about him have a duty to keep watch, warn others, and keep the bum on the run until he dies penniless & alone.
Uncle Sam
11:08:40 PM
Fletcher is such a slimy worm that he recently ordered his mindless wing-nut slave, Warren, to call one of the bigger victims of his financial crimes on that person's birthday! Warren left one of his lame "Swami Yami" messages on that person's voice mail! What a pair of ^&*&%$@##s!
12:37:19 AM
To Kitty Noodle,

Please be advised that everyone that is at one point a "minion' or "cohort" to Fletcher is at the same time a victim of his incredibly savvy brainwashing techniques. So, when calling out people by name in the future, please be advised that it is only a matter of time before everyone involved with Fletcher see's the true "Light" and understands the error of their ways and retracts their support of Fletcher and begins the long, long, process of rebuild their lives. So, I ask of you, please be mindful that everyone has their own time line and ability to see the light of Fletcher's true intentions on this earth. Please try your best to understand that others may just not have the ability to take a real, hard look at the facts and make their own opinions about reality.
Richman Watch
05:25:23 PM
Sir Foy:

I agree that most of Filthy Richman's cohorts started out being his victims. That is absolutely true in every case I've seen personally (with the exception of Marie Haught. She was a full, equal partner in his crimes from the get-go even though he, ever the miser, gave her as little of the spoils as he could). HOWEVER, when a victim starts assisting Filthy in pulling off his con knowing full well that new victims will never be repaid, then that victim has crossed over and has taken a huge leap from victim (innocent) to perpetrator (criminal). That is what Filthy's counting on, because then his victims descend straight into the gutter alongside him and become low-life scumbags, liars and swindlers just like he is.

Some victims, however, drew a line in the sand and refused to cross it when it came to obtaining money for Filthy from people they knew (or didn't know), because they knew full well those new people (friends, family!) would never be repaid and it was unacceptable for them to do that to another person. This is how a NORMAL, HEALTHY, MENTALLY BALANCED, MATURE, HONEST person behaves! Every victim faced with bringing in new money by conning it made the choice of which way they were going to go. Even if a victim thought Filthy would repay him from new victim's money and that's why that victim assisted Filthy in obtaining more money fraudulently, the original victim is nevertheless STILL complicit in a crime. His reason for doing it doesn't matter! There is absolutely no excuse! Perhaps it was desperation in wanting to get their money back, but those victims who assisted and are still assisting Filthy willingly set aside their moral compasses in the false belief they would be repaid (which, of course, Filthy never EVER does) and committed and continue to commit serious CRIMES like Warren Angel and Eleanor Henderson/Heard/Washington continue to do.

So yes, while his victims come out of their stupor at different points in their relationship with Filthy and do deserve our compassion and patience, it's the victims who then went on to engage directly with him in his con, and still do, who deserve absolutely no compassion whatsoever, but in fact deserve nothing but our contempt.

LET THEM ALL BE PUT ON NOTICE that one fine day, right out of the blue and when they are least expecting it, each and every one of them will be surprised publicly with huge buckets of piss, shit, vomit, maggots and stinking rotting meat being dumped on them so their outsides finally match their insides. (And may Filthy never have access to hair mousse, hair spray and a hair dryer so that his hair is forever flat and straight on his head instead of his beloved carefully-coiffed poof. He absolutely HATES his hair being flat more than being called a faggot!!) So BE ON GUARD, punks, be VERY on guard.
Kitty Noodle
10:49:35 AM
Warren/Fletcher still cruelly taunts his/her so-called "victims"? No big surprise. His special brand of evil is limitless. So, @Sirfoy, the nonsense you spout sounds like the kind of inane pacifism that Fletcher preys upon. Silence is consent! He must be stopped at any cost, regardless if it fits anyone's "time-line". I don't know what your motive is, or why you would ask me to be "mindful"? If you know of someone being abused and you say nothing, you lie by omission. The "victims" out there need a dose of reality. Call out this scum's crimes to anyone who will listen, and reveal names. It's the only way.
Richman Watch
08:57:06 AM
Amen, Kitty Noodle, Amen. We've all heard the expression "Evil flourishes when good men stand by and do nothing'. Call 'em all out LOUDLY and continue to do so. http://sacredvault.org
REAL Warren Thomas Angel and M
10:15:13 PM
We have found out so late about Fletcher Richman. He brainwashed us for so many years. We need help from those who have left. We did what we did since Richman threatened our lives if we did not. Anyone getting to know Richman - Run don't walk away!
09:03:59 PM
Shelly Smyth is (despite her seemingly heroic efforts) just a big a part of this scam as any of the others. Don't be fooled.
(not the first time she has actively been part of an illegal gambling scheme...right Jordan?)
Tudorgram Team
07:43:14 PM
New 'Sir Francis Bacon's Vault' Updates: Since the first attempt by the Archon-Luciferian, Four Minions of the Demonic Forces to try to discredit the TRUE, Ascended Master Students of the 'original''I AM' Activity and REAL Baconain Historians by their former 'friends,' known as the Luciferians: Judy Ann 'Alena' Cox, Frank Joseph Wiegert, Allen Reno Buresz, and Shelley Ann Rockwell Fowler (Smyth), the Karmic Curse of those whom have foolishly tried to destroy the 'Tudorgram Team' (Fletcher Richman-Eleanor Henderson, and Warren Angel), two have lost their lives: Judy Ann 'Alena' Cox, and Allen Reno Buresz. In the meantime, the Tudorgram Team are moving forward with their Divine Plan to 'hold the harmony' and Pray-Decree for the Divine Vision of the proper, professional, and public excavation of 'SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT' according to the Divine Plan of the 'MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE!' One must be VERY CAREFUL and ALWAYS ON GUARD when offering their God-granted Gifts and Talents to such Legendary and Sacred, Freemasonry Vault Projects, as those whom are childish and sinister enough to criticize, condemn, and judge those individuals that have received God's Anointing to work on such timely and important Projects, will only REAP what they have SOWN when trying to destroy the very Sacred Foundation and Individuals that have given their Lives and Talents towards seeing the successful conclusion of such Sacred, Historical, Scientific, and Metaphysical Research! Thank You, 'Anonymous,' for your statement of December 15th, 2014, at 8:03 p.m., for 'outing' the TRUTH about Canadian born Shelley Ann Rockwell Fowler (Smyth), concerning the TRUTH of her sinister 'ways and means' to try to attack her former American Friends, as SHE is one of the four culprits that began a very demonic and nefarious, Internet Campaign to try to falsely accuse and incarcerate the Tudorgram Team...but to no avail, as these serious and dedicated, sincere and passionate, REAL ASCENDED MASTER STUDENTS and BACONIAN HISTORIANS and Metaphysical Researchers are still following successfully forward with their daily activities on behalf of Lord Bacon's Divine Vision, that HIS 'Great Seventh Seal' and it's Sacred Contents would eventually see the 'LIGHT OF DAY,' according to his Timeline...and to the 'GLORY OF GOD,' on behalf of all constructive, Christian Conservatives and Patriots of their native Country! GOD BLESS AMERICA, and GOD BLESS and PROTECT the raising of 'SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT,' on time, ahead of time, and at the right time! Sincerely and Respectfully, 'I AM,' Fletcher Richman; Eleanor Henderson, and Warren Angel Williamsburg, Virginia USA
04:16:39 AM
Sacred, schmacred...Yer a bunch of whacko crook losers.

Felcher Richman, drink the kool-aid.

Bruce Jenner is calling answer the phone you freak.
04:35:52 AM
Surely you mean Ass-ended Bastards.

The only thing you know about Bacon is how to stuff your fat faces with it.

The only thing you are all masters of is eating doughnuts with a side of Vanilla Ensure.

When you say "I AM" you are forgetting to complete your statement with "An Incontinent, useless dumb-fuck"

Tudorgram team?? More like Village Idiots. Look at what you all have accomplished... Nothing. You have swindled unsuspecting and vulnerable people with no visible concept of reality. Good on ya.

The vault does not exist and even if it did, you band of losers will certainly have nothing to do with its rising unless the yeast from your vaginas come in contact with the old dough in the vault. Nobody believes you and you will all die miserable, lonely and with any luck in a cold jail cell where other inmates can take advantage of you like you did so many others.

Cynthia, stop taking testosterone pills and for god sakes shave. You look like a bloated dwarf from a Tolkien novel. How will you fess up to St. Peter with a mug like that??
Tudorgram Team
08:37:18 PM
Attention: Tedi Trindle and 'The Piker Press' of Williamsburg, Virginia: Here is an exact excerpt from your posted, The Piker Press Commenting Policy: "Flame wars, derogatory remarks about the authors, obscene or bigoted statements will also not make it into publication. Comments deemed to be of a personal nature will be handed on to the authors for whom they are intended, if they are not obscene or bigoted but will not be published." Here is my obvious question, then: "Why in the World would you EVER publish such evil, demonic, derogatory and obscene, bigoted comments from 'Anonymous,' when their recent, posted and sinister comments were certainly devoid of any mature and sane content, but instead, such evil filth and slander? The Tudorgram Team are appalled at the nefarious and sick comments from this mentally challenged individual, and we kindly request that The Piker Press and Tedi Trindle remove, immediately, the February 10, 2015, posting of this vicious individual, please! Thank you for your attention and co-operation in this matter; we have forwarded this information to our Legal Department, and we wish to have this request honored and go no further than our thoughtful request. Sincerely and Respectfully, 'I AM,' The Tudorgram Team of Fletcher Richman; Miss Ellie Henderson, and Warren Angel Williamsburg, Virginia USA
09:33:32 PM
Funny how you had no problem with any such comments when they were made Shelley Smyth.




Please refrain from using "I AM" without finishing the phrase with "AN EVIL CONNIVING PUREED BUCKET OF PIMPLE SQUEEZINGS"

SHAVE YOUR FACE CYNTHIA.....Do your legs too you freak.
09:40:19 PM
Fletcher, give it up.

Nobody cares about this stupid page and it will stand as a continuous mockery of all you stand for.....Lies, deceit and a sincere lack of faith and godliness. The only thing holy about you is your story and the stank ripe crap you are constantly dishing out.

If you think these comments are bad, wait until you get a load of the new pages those who are AGAINST everything you do have in store for you.

Your reign of evil, demonic, derogatory and obscene treatment of people and the theft of their assets is OVER.

I promise you this as "I AM" a true child of light and when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will be the train that runs you down.
ALL OF THREE YOU. The evil trinity will fall like ashes of a burning cross.
09:53:50 PM
One last question Cynthia...er..I mean fletcher ;) wink wink...nudge, nudge..
When you look back on your life and realize that outside of a few silly internet articles and the odd newspaper article that you are in, some of which make you look like a real bag of whack nuts, are you proud of what you have accomplished...which I will remind you is really NOTHING unless you count stealing and fraudulent activities as being accomplishments. When you take a long hard look at yourself and your pathetic little life, do you pat yourself on the back and feel a sense of pride? I mean, how does it feel that nobody...yes NOBODY takes you seriously outside of your two brainwashed minions? I wish I could see your fat little face getting all red with anger as you read all of this. Oh... and tell your legal department I said: hahahhahahahahahaa..legal department, yeah right. And I am a direct descendant of Sir Pea Meal Bacon. You are a real riot. Your legal department consists of Toto, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. You are nothing. Bring on your best and I will show you exactly what you are made of. Nothing but filth and scum.
10:19:55 PM
Hey everybody check this article out:


I love the part where the Burton Parish Church facilities manager addresses our man-lady of the hour as such:

“The chance that you'll be allowed to do any further excavation here is next to zero,”

Because that is what you are Fletcher: A BIG FAT ZERO
10:07:53 PM
Welcome to another installment of Fletcher Richman, a.k.a. Johnathan Carpenter, a.k.a. Bradley Richman,a.k.a. Bradley Mercer, a.k.a. Tudorgram, in cahoots with Ellie Henderson, and practical owner of Warren Angel, a.k.a. Tudorgram Metaphysical Research Historians, a.k.a. Sir Shining Knight, a.k.a.Tudorgram Team, a.k.a. Brad Mercer..oh wait we already said that one, a.k.a. Bradley Fletcher Mercer.

Here is another doosie, more proof that Felcher is a CON person:


Oh, let's not forget this little ditty exposing the sheer ignoramus of a little man.


Dear Fletcher: Beat that you little worm.

Stay tuned for the next installment of FLETCHER RICHMAN IS A THIEF, FRAUD, CON and possibly A WOMAN!
07:25:59 PM
If nothing else, this entire tirade proves that Fletcher Richman is still actively operating his usual fraudulent activities.

03:45:32 AM
Hey Tudorgram assholes...yeah its me again. I got that phone call from your QUOTE" "UNQUOTE legal team. (hardy fucking har, HAR you are all a joke with your empty heads and empty threats) and I am sorry but Dorothy isn't in right now. She is busy rustling up financial support with the Tin Man and Toto to help get Fletchcynthia a sex change operation.
Do me a favour though and type up your deposition and post it here. I will have Sir Francis' brother Pea meal review it and correct the multitude of errors you were born to breed.
And I may be immature but sinister? Isn't that a riot coming from a demonic cult such as the Brain Tumourgram Team. Good day!
Tudorgram Team
05:00:38 AM
"MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE," 'HIGHER MENTAL BODY,' Great Host of Ascended Masters, Mighty Legion of Light, Great Angelic Host, Great Guardians of the Heights, and Great Cosmic Beings! Come forth by the Power of the Unfed Flame, the 'Three Times Three,' and the Cosmic Light! Blast from existence forever, all that interferes with PERFECT, FREEMASONRY VAULTS and MINING ACTIVITIES EVERYWHERE! Annihilate all such causes and effects from existence forever! Seize, bind, hold inactive, and remove from the Earth and its atmosphere, all discarnate, carnate, and demonic entities within and around all FREEMASONRY VAULTS, especially SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT, 'THE GREAT SEVENTH SEAL,' located in the backyard of Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia; All Mines, and all that is connected with them in any way! Replace them by the Guardian Angels of the Blue Lightning of Divine Love! Release from every and all FREEMASONRY VAULTS and MINES throughout the World, all the Mighty Gifts of the "I AM PRESENCE," from those channels! See that all is used in the Service of the Light for the Eternal Blessing of Mankind! Charge forth Ascended Master Protection, Consciousness, Management and Activity everywhere throughout AMERICA, yes...the AMERICAS, in these activities and throughout the World! Open up those wonderful resources and release the new supply of Gold and all forms of Wealth for the Incoming Golden Age! See that everything within those channels is used constructively and to expand Ascended Master Perfection everywhere, through all forever! Charge the minds and bodies of all who are connected with those activities with Ascended Master Consciousness, Substance and the Cosmic Light! Show them the Perfect Thing to do at ALL TIMES, and see that they DO IT PERFECTLY! Give all such activities the Invincible Protection of the Cosmic Light, the Unfed Flame and the Ascended Masters, by the Power of the 'Three Times Three." I have spoken in the Name of the 'MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE,' and what I have decreed shall come to pass now, through Divine Love, Eternally sustained and I thank Thee, Thou does always answer our every Call!" 'Almighty I AM!' 'Almighty I AM!' 'Almighty I AM!' ~The ASCENDED MASTER SAINT GERMAIN; DECREE #54, Pages 153-155, from the 'I AM' Affirmations and Decree Volume V, of the 'original' Saint Germain Series, and published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1935 Chicago, Illinois USA HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, AMERICA...and GOD BLESS and PROTECT YOU, now and forevermore! Sincerely and Respectfully, 'I AM,' The Tudorgram Team: Fletcher Richman; Miss Ellie Henderson, and Warren Angel; Williamsburg, Virginia USA
Sir Ham & Bacon
09:53:21 AM
Yet another installment of gibberish, nonsensical blather.

If fat, stupid and useless con-artistry had a name, it would surely be "Tudorgram Team"

Please do us all a favor and drink the damn Kool-Aid
Tudorgram Team
02:15:24 AM
"The condition of the 'Outer World' at the present time is such that those, who SINCERELY SEEK THE LIGHT and want the Constructive Way of Life, must have more than human help, if they are to survive over the present period of chaos, which is the accumulated discord generated by Humanity in mass through the Centuries, and which is pressing heavily upon the outer experience of individuals today! Those individuals who continue to allow mean-spirited and vicious criticism, condemnation, and judgment, projected against the 'original' Saint Germain Series of Metaphysical Teachings, the Sacred, 'I AM' Discourses, and against the REAL 'I AM' Students that have been carefully chosen to carry this Light to 'Humanity-at-Large,' by their own human creation and discord, will learn severely their foolish mistakes, and will then go on generating more limitations in their Minds, Bodies, Homes, Personal, Business Experiences and Relationships, until their distress becomes so great that they will have to frantically call out to GOD, the 'MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE,' for the Karmic Retribution that is pouring back to them to be dissolved and consumed before their own Lives are ruined! Miss Ellie, Warren, and Fletcher have been met with terrific, demonic forces of 'seen and unseen,' nefarious energy, and have remained True to their own God Presence, the 'MIGHTY I AM,' and then to the REAL ASCENDED MASTERS, COSMIC BEINGS, and ANGELIC HOSTS, and no matter what has EVER been published on the Internet through Social Media Outlets; stated in newspapers or magazines; spoken over the airwaves on the Radio and/or TV about them and against them, as dedicated, Christian Conservative-Constitutionalists and Patriotic Citizens of the United States of America: Miss Ellie, Warren, and Fletcher will continue to 'RING THE BELL of FREEDOM' to help participate in the Education, Enlightenment, and Inspirational, Historical and Metaphysical acknowledgment of such a fantastic and wonderful 'LOVE GIFT TO THE CITIZENS OF EARTH' as was created then buried, for future generations to locate and properly excavate, by Sir Francis Bacon and his chosen, Baconian Scholars, Historians, and his close Friends, since the 17th Century, as has been placed in the backyard of Bruton Parish Church, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA! On this solemn, 14th year anniversary of the Luciferian attack against the American People, on September 11th, 2001, may we humbly Pray and Decree for the professional and ethically raising of the REAL, GREAT SEVENTH SEAL, SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT, before it is too late! GOD BLESS YOU, and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Sincerely and Respectfully, "I AM," The Tudorgram Team: Fletcher Richman, Miss Ellie Henderson, and Warren Angel Williamsburg, Virginia USA
02:30:53 AM
Generals gathered in their masses,
Just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction,
Sorcerer of death's construction.
In the fields the bodies burning,
As the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
Poisoning their brainwashed minds.
Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away,
They only started the war.
Why should they go out to fight,
They leave that role to the poor.*

Time will tell on their power mind, **
Making war just for fun.
Treating people just like pawns in chess,
Wait till their judgement day comes.

Now in darkness world stops turning,
Ashes where the bodies burning.
No more war pigs have the power,
Hand of God has struck the hour.
Day of judgement God is calling,
On their knees the war pig's crawling.
Begging mercy for their sins,
Satan laughing spreads his wings.
Tudorgram Team
10:58:26 AM
"It is not the work of a moment, I assure You, to PURIFY this World and Mankind upon it! Every day, because of the accumulating chaos, more and more destruction is being generated! So to draw forth enough to overwhelm all the destruction that's been created, (Sacred Fire Purity) must come from the Cosmic Beings in the Great Central Sun, who can concentrate It through the Cosmic Light Rays and through every Activity of the Sacred Fire that is called forth by those who understand this Law. So, each one of You can be an OPEN DOOR through which I can pour forth the Unfed Flame---if You will have called forth the Violet Consuming Flame first in preparation for Divine Law and Order to come into outer, physical conditions and change them, purify them, and raise them into Perfection!" ~The ASCENDED MASTER GODDESS of JUSTICE, Beloved Portia, the Twin Ray of the ASCENDED MASTER SAINT GERMAIN, (formerly known as Sir Francis Bacon), the true author of the 'original,' Shakespeare Plays and Sonnets, and the key creator and designer of 'SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT,' also known as 'The Great Seventh Seal,' buried in the backyard of Bruton Parish Church; Williamsburg, Virginia, September 8th, 1676 GOD BLESS and PROTECT YOU, and GOD BLESS AMERICA and the ethical, professional, and public excavation of 'SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT,' according to GOD'S DIVINE TIMING...before it is too late! Sincerely and Respectfully, 'I AM,' ~Tudorgram Metaphysical Research Historians: Fletcher Richman; Miss Ellie (Henderson) Williamson, and Warren Angel, Williamsburg, Virginia USA
Tudorgram Team
06:35:53 PM
Addendum to the above posting, dated 10/29/2015: 09:58:26 AM: The Metaphysical quote stated above, by the Ascended Master Goddess of Justice, Beloved Portia, can be located in the "I AM" Decrees, Series One Booklet, Set F, Page 125, Record CD 1474, and published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1970 Chicago, Illinois USA ~The Tudorgram Team
04:07:09 PM
Amendment to the last two nonsensical posts:

Address is fake, poster of the thread is a sociopath and compulsive liar as well as an ugly transsexual moron

So as it is written, so shall it remain

Any worthwhile accomplishments you want to share since your trail of blasphemous failures?


Fuck you Fletcher Richman fuck you, you fucking troll
03:46:09 PM
Happy 2017...Here is your update. Fletcher Richman is still a con artist. Funny how there is a reality show on TV involving the digging up of Oak Island and fat Fletcher hasn't even ONCE been mentioned on the show. Goes to show you what kind of a fraud s\he really is. What a failure, what a low-life failure of a human being preys on the elderly and innocent. You can run from your enemies, but you will never be able to out run your karma or the wrath of God. And of the energies you were sending my way to destroy my life. Well I did have the flu this past month and I have a tickle on my left testicle but other than that I am still doing fine. You might want to update your subscription to Hogwarts or ask Harry Potter to take a look at your spell casting skills because they are OBVIOUSLY not working. Back to sniveling troll class for you and your henchmen Fletcher. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!
Tudorgram Metaphysical Researc
01:29:13 PM
To the Reader: "The Great and Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, one of the Great Host of Ascended Masters whom has loved and assisted Mankind for Centuries, reminds us that to Pure Divine Love, there is no obstruction anywhere in the Universe! It is the Golden Key to the mightiest Heights of Attainment! It is the Open Door to Eternal Freedom! "I AM" Freedom to the Earth! Freedom means You must become Lord of Love if You are to be Master of Life! It is the Mighty Secret of the Universe! He who is WISE will enter into the 'Secret Place of the Most High,' the Flame of Love in the Heart of the "MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE!" One Beloved Ascended Master said that this Great Master, Saint Germain, Ascended, stands waiting patiently for more of Mankind to use the Authority of their own Life Streams to command the Light to take It's Dominion on the Earth, that His Great Freedom may bring Happiness and Perfection to all. He is the Great God of Freedom to the Earth and all upon it!
The Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain pours His Great Flame of Freedom to the Land of His Heart, AMERICA, the Land of Light! America, the "Cup of Light" to the Earth! America, the "Open Ended Cross" of Mighty Saint Germain's Freedom to all Life on this Earth forever! Everyone under this Radiation, (the 'original pattern' of the "I AM" Activity: October 3rd, 1932-December 31st, 1973) owes back to Life everything each one can ever give for the Freedom and Blessings which this Great, Glorious Being has brought into your lives thus far. In all Eternity, there is no balance for the Illumination of those Words, "I AM," or the Love He has poured for the Victory and Freedom of the ASCENSION for all! To this Glorious Being of Light, who has led the way, opened the Door, and given the Light, each one should consider it his or her personal obligation to continually pour out Happiness, Purity, and the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love to all Life, as some balance for what this Mighty Master has done for all. This Great Ascended Master Saint Germain has loved Mankind for over 70,000 years, and when the Life Stream has been defiant, His Love, His Divine Patience, never wavered. The darker the shadows become around a Life Stream, the more He poured His Love. Can You not do likewise?" ~TRIBUTE, Pages x-xi, from the first volume of the Saint Germain Series, (Green Books) called "Unveiled Mysteries," (Original), 1934, by Guy Warren Ballard, (Ascended Master Godfre Ray King); Published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. Chicago, Illinois USA ~J.C.
Tudorgram Team
02:13:25 PM
Sunday, August 6th, 2017 Summertime greetings to the dedicated, 'Ascended Master Students' here in America, then abroad, and to the sincere and intelligent, kind and compassionate, real Baconian Historians, Scholars and Metaphysicians whom have had to endure many Centuries of vicious and demonic attacks from sinister and 'Seen/Unseen Forces' by the malevolent Luciferian's "Puppets-Pawns-Claws and Emissaries" that have tried to destroy the 'Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Financial well being of individuals and small groups of passionate Souls that have done their best to remain CALM, HARMONIOUS, UNDERSTANDING, PATIENT, COMPASSIONATE; GENEROUS, then BOLD and COURAGEOUS while serving "The Light of God that never fails: the "MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE" here on this 'Planet of Many Sorrows: Earth!'

Because of the nefarious, evil projection by a few former colleagues and 'alleged friends' of the Tudorgram Team, whom have unwisely tried to use Social Media Venues to slander, libel, and defame Tudorgram's character and reputation of individuals that belong to this Ascended Master Student and Baconian Historian Research Team of Metaphysics, we have declined to submit any new information and updates as they pertain to the 'Sacred Quest of SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT,' until now.

The 'demonic dust has finally settled,' and many months have passed by since the last failed attempt by Frank Joseph Wiegert and his minions to continue their hateful attacks against us on the Internet; the time has arrived for us to resurface, and move forward with our individual and collective, 'Divine Plan,' in assisting the Ascended Hosts with the professional unveiling of some of the Sacred Contents that have been carefully sealed and contained for Centuries, within these most amazing Vault Structures here in America, and abroad!

With all the past and present tragedies, chaos and confusion, human drama of daily discord, insanity, greed, arrogance, and selfishness that is manifesting on a Global Scale here on Earth, we decree that any present and future comments placed here on the Internet, 'Piker Press' Site, be used only constructively and with intelligence and informative insights during these very challenging, yet exciting, 'End of Days' of all human creation and negative drama!

Therefore, we firmly yet kindly request that this Social Media Forum NOT be used any longer to viciously attack anyone, no matter whom they are...but instead, reflect through enlightening content, any information, questions, comments, concerns, or 'Red Flags' that need to be aired here in the coming days, especially pertaining to the real Sacred, Freemasonry Vaults that are buried here within the United States of America, and abroad.

With the pending and Massive, Earth Changes already being launched Worldwide by the 'Powers of Nature,' along with the unfortunate misuse of Mankind's destructive attempt to use 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' through Weather Modification Technology, Biological and Chemical Devices and Agendas, etc., the time for Divine Forgiveness, Healing, and Successful Progression by Mankind has arrived during this 21st Century of existence here on Earth!

God bless; protect; illumine; sustain, and supply all constructive, Christian Conservatives, Patriots, Civilian and Military Veterans here in America, then elsewhere..."The LIGHT of GOD never fails, and AMERICA is that LIGHT!"

Sincerely and Respectfully, "I AM,"
The Tudorgram Team: Fletcher; Miss Ellie; Stephanie; Charles, Warren; Ivana and Victor Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 3:12 p.m. EST
10:10:32 PM
These filthy animals are ripe with contention and a hate for humanity through their own demonic and satanic actions despite their forked tongues that flicker lies and deceit under the guise of enlightened divine guidance. Truth is these perpetrators are guided by no less than their own sick and twisted sociopath impulses that motivate their every step and every action. But let us not forget the TRUE reason we are all here: Fletcher Richman is a con artist, he and his team of vile and destitute sycophants are only out to steal your hard earned money using a not-so-elaborate scam involving this ass-ended masterbatery brainwash mumbo jumbo. Likely our troll friend is doing this all on s\he's accord with no help from so called 'ass-ociates' Furthermore, in this day and age (since you know so fucking much about the current times) information is freedom and social media platforms are best at exposing FRAUDS and delivering justice and shining light on the NEFARIOUS and DEMONIC actions of those that are too lazy and stupid to make an honest living. So ....disrespectfully yours, I AM a motherfucker and you Fletcher are the piece of shit that Satan will push out of his anus into a cauldron of hot sperm. Although you would probably enjoy that. Believe not the idiotic banter of a delusional and narcissistic thief misanthrope such as Fletcher Richman he has no viable and\or credible love, knowledge, link, lineage, allegiance or otherwise association to Sir Francis Bacon, The Burton Parish or God.
Tudorgram Team
01:02:44 AM
Monday, November 13th, 2017 "If one feels critical, inquisitive, or OUT OF HARMONY toward a person, place, condition, or thing, it is a sure signal that the outer self is acting and the right attitude is to correct it immediately! Everyone, especially Metaphysical Students, must realize, that they have only one thing to do and that is to feel, see, and be Perfection in their own Worlds." ~The Ascended Master Saint Germain; Volume III, 'The "I AM" Discourses; Discourse #13, Page 152, and published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1934 Chicago, Illinois USA

To 'Anonymous' My goodness, such evil, hate, jealousy, and sinister, human drama and foul discord you are foolishly displaying here on Piker Press and this Social Media Venue!

Sorry you are so unhappy and such a miserable, demonically possessed and stupid individual, 'Anonymous!'

The very fact that you refuse to state your real name, should speak volumes to the various Readers here on this 'Return of the Vault People' site!

Your unwise and nefarious wording displayed on this printed page sorely reflects your inability to honor and bless the Christ within you; the entire 'Tudorgram Team' and I will continue to daily Pray and Decree for the removal of that nasty, evil set of demons that have captured your Soul and childish intellect, 'Anonymous!'

May God, the "MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE," and the real Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, and Angelic Host, deliver you as soon as possible, from the dangerous and destructive, demonic pitfalls of your immature rantings and feelings of such hatred and condemnation, before it is too late for your Soul to be redeemed for the 'Light of GOD that never fails' in this embodiment for you! Sincerely, "I AM," ~Fletcher Richman, and the members of the Tudorgram Team of true Ascended Master Students and Baconian Historians Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 1:02 a.m. EST
09:24:09 AM
Don't pray too hard Fletcher, you might just erupt into flames! You evil and demonic wart hog.
The Tudorgram Team
02:11:29 PM
Sunday, May 13th, 2018 To the Reader: "Remember at all times, that when you are dealing with personalities, you are dealing with the outer human creation, and you have all right and power to command its silence and obedience, whether it is in your own outer self or somebody else! The power of Self-control would say: "Only GOD'S Perfection goes forth." This will handle any condition of uncontrolled impulses with which the individual is contending. When the Metaphysical Student has already let something go forth, that is undesirable, then the thing to do is to consciously consume it---instantly! There is nothing more tragic in the World, than for one person to hold the thought of limitation over another human being." ~Excerpted by direct permission from the Ascended Master Saint Germain; Volume III, 'The "I AM" Discourses, by the Ascended Master Saint Germain; Pages 156-158; Discourse XIII, and published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1935 Chicago, Illinois USA

Therefore, 'Anonymous'...being that you are acting cowardly NOT to reveal your true identity by publishing your legal name, "I AM" and will continue to PRAY for your Soul's Salvation, as You are still acting and sounding like an immature and foolish child...still 'name calling' and trying to upset my Peace and Harmony, which You will NEVER accomplish, and have not thus far! A miserable and sad, lonely Life You must be living here on Earth, to chose to remain so bitter and discordant against me...what a waste of precious time! God bless You, in-spite of your negative, human creation and drama! ~Fletcher Richman and the members of 'Tudorgram's Metaphysical and Baconian Research Society' of Williamsburg, Virginia Sent: 3:11 p.m. EST
01:28:46 PM
Everyone should remember that: When you are dealing with evil little wart hog crooks who have no shame, nerve or love for humanity, that "these people" will say or do anything in order to steal your money. Even from children and unsuspecting old folk who worked hard for their money are not safe. Pray for your own salvation Fletcher...you white devil. Hell hath a warm cozy spot for you and your lies and deceit. These internet tirades are nice but your karma will catch up to you one day and that you will not be able to escape! You WILL atone for your MANY sins...you rapscallion.
The Tudorgram Team
12:53:13 PM
Attention "Anonymous"..."It is NOT your province to judge another, for you do not know the forces playing upon another nor the conditions. You know only the angle that you see of it, and I tell you that if an individual should be entirely innocent of any intent to wrong another, the individuals who send criticism, condemnation, or hate to such a one, are doing worse than committing physical murder! Why is this so? Because thought and feeling are the only Creative Power, and while such thoughts and feelings may not touch or harm their objective, they must RETURN and bring with them the conditions sent out by the individual who sent them forth and always with accumulated energy! So, after all, the one who holds vicious thoughts to another is in reality, but destroying themselves, their business and their affairs! There is no possible way of averting it, except for the individual to awaken and consciously reverse the currents!" ~The ASCENDED MASTER SAINT GERMAIN; Volume III, "The "I AM" Discourses, Page 108, Discourse IX, and published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1935 Chicago, Illinios

Therefore, 'Anonymous,' and I have a fairly good idea by your misuse of the English Language; your writing format, your 'true identity here on 'Piker Press,' I would seriously heed the Metaphysical Warning from the Ascended Host, about your shallow and ignorant choices of attempting to try to destroy me...which will NOT happen in this Lifetime, or any other embodiment, as "I AM' a real ASCENDED MASTER STUDENT, and I know only too well about Karmic Retribution and Paybacks upon this Earth, and 'Beyond the Stars.'

Time for all this silly ranting and raving on your part, to 'Cease and Desist,' as "I AM" happily and successfully moving forward with my individual Divine Plan, on behalf of Sir Francis Bacon's Bruton Vault located here in Williamsburg, Virginia, and so are my sincere and dedicated, Ascended Master Student Friends and Baconian Historians! The time has arrived for You to enroll in some professional, 'Anger Management Classes,' before it is too late for your Soul to be saved in this embodiment! Get a Life, and maintain a more positive attitude within yourself, and then others...while there is still time for you to do so, "Anonymous!" Sincerely, "I AM," ~Fletcher Richman and the Tudorgram Team of Ascended Master Students and Baconian Historians; Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 1:52 p.m. EST
11:00:13 AM
Are you still here? All alone and miserable with your pitiful self? Here is what I think if your 'Case and Desist'... Fuck you, you thieving, conniving, pitiful, little rat bastard of a poor excuse for a human being. You will know suffering not only in this life but 'Beyond the stars'
You are really a belligerent idiot.
Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. Good day.
05:41:26 PM
Nefarious....more like hillarious.

You warthog faced buffoon .
The Tudorgram Team
10:13:12 AM
Attention: Potty Mouths and Demonic Souls: 'Anonymous and Heinous"...'I AM' offering You a helpful and intelligent, Sacred, Ascended Master Decree that will be of great assistant on behalf of your vile, cruel, rude and immature Spirit and foolish Intellect! "BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE,"'HIGHER MENTAL BODY,' WHICH "I AM!" ALL THE ASCENDED MASTERS, ALL GREAT COSMIC BEINGS, AND GREAT ANGELIC HOST! Don't let me get incapacitated! Never let me get irritated! Not even a little aggravated! Fill me with the Violet Consuming Flame! (3) Before I get exasperated! Prevent my human getting exaggerated! And compel all human creation annihilated! Before it can exist another instant and before it is too late! "ALMIGHTY I AM!" (3) ~The ASCENDED MASTER SAINT GERMAIN; Decree #52; Page 123 (Set E); "I AM" DECREES; SERIES ONE, and published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1985 Chicago, Illinois USA (Presented especially for 'Anonymous' and 'Heinous!' Sincerely, "I AM," Fletcher Richman and the Tudorgram Team of real Ascended Master Students and Baconian Historians; Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 11:12 a.m. EST USA
11:50:43 AM
Read up you tyrant and nonsensical misanthrope, you are only fooling yourself by posting your incoherent blather on this site in an effort to redeem your satanic behavior of the past and likely present. You are a gutless, worthless piece of human feces as trash does not begin to describe your putrid and despicable behavior\self. You are a fraud and a failure and your life is as meaningless as an ISIS terrorist.

Remember this online interaction you corrupt deviant sociopath?


Let me refresh your memory:
That Mr. Hall would entrust you with His valuable Books, Documents, and Gold Bullion is beyond utterly absurd and an insult to His memory. Mr. Hall moved in different circles, and your boasting of your association with the Hall's is most tactless, and speaking of their private lives in public despicable.

DESPICABLE! TACTLESS! YES! Do you see that you loathsome fraud cretin? I am not the only one that refers to you with such verbiage.

Now go forth and repent for your sins by first acknowledging that you are a deceitful little pervert who steals from the old and the poor. What good have you ever done with your life? Look back you work..all you have done is peddle some fantasy about the Burton Vaults to which you have no KNOWN or VIABLE association to.

You are a pitiful and disgusting worm.

I look forward to your stupid response. Try not to cut and paste too much you idiot.

SOOOOO much for your metaphysical sorcery...back to your Harry Potter books now you feeble minded ignorant cuck.
The Tudorgram Team
02:38:32 PM
You are right Hal..."I Am" all those things. In time your ruthless frankness and impermeable logic has made me see that I am all those things you and other have said about me :(

Published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1985 Chicago, Illinois USA (Presented especially for 'Fletcher Richman (me)' and 'The Tudorgram Team!' Sincerely, "I AM," Fletcher Richman and the Tudorgram Team of real Ascended Master Students and Baconian Historians; Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 11:12 a.m. EST USA
02:41:00 PM
Honestly!?!?? It's about fucking time you weasel. Now go on and rape farm animals or post nonsensical bullshit from the annals of your anus or whatever it is you actually do in your spare time other than spending the money you did not earn.
08:08:46 PM
Happy Hallows Eve Fletcher
01:24:11 PM
The comment of 10/31/2018 by "The Tudorgram Team", is a fake response. The email for the comment is not the correct email for the real Tudorgram Team, which is IAMtudorgram0072017@yahoo.com. Why would anyone admit to such ludicrous comments and horrid language. Readers please use discernment in reading these posts. They are vicious, immature and evil; and SHOULD have no business being posted on this website and serve no purpose. Since the webmasters are not doing their job of moderating or upholding their own commenting policy, we are demanding that this Cease and Desist now.
11:27:42 AM


Published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc. 1985 Chicago, Illinois USA (Presented especially for 'Fletcher Richman (me)' and 'The Tudorgram Team!' Sincerely, "I AM," Fletcher Richman and the Tudorgram Team of real Ascended Master Students and Baconian Historians; Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 11:12 a.m. EST USA
11:20:00 PM
Don't forget the PURPOSE of these posts serve is not only to insult your stupidity but mostly to expose you for the thieving fraudster that you are MISTER RICHMAN.
The Real Tudorgram Team
08:43:35 AM
To the Reader: "Judging a person does not define who they are. It reflects who You are when You foolishly and viciously criticize, condemn, and personally attack anyone by slandering, libeling, and defaming their reputation and character! Therefore: Attention: The sinister 'Anonymous,' 'Heinous,' 'Hal,' The impostor 'Tudorgram Team' that used the e-mail address as: 'assholes@fletch.com,' and Satan: "YOU HAVE NO POWER; YOUR END HAS COME!" The REAL TUDORGRAM TEAM of Miss Ellie; Warren, and Fletcher, are truly devoted and dedicated, "S.F.B.I. AGENTS," 'SIR FRANCIS BACON'S INVESTIGATORS,'...Firm Believers in Christ! Our spiritual decision has been made in this embodiment; the dye has been cast, and we have stepped over the line from the human into the Divine Way of Life as Christians, 100%, Ascended Master Students and Metaphysical, Historical Researchers! As true Disciples of Christ, we will no longer look back, let up, slow down, back away, or be still! Our past has been redeemed, our present makes sense, and our future is secure! We have finished with human nonsense and boring living, sight walking, worldly talking, cheap giving, and tamed visions! We no longer need preeminence, position, promotions, power, or popularity. We don't have to be recognized, praised, regarded, or rewarded! We now live by Divine Faith, sincere Gratitude for all our daily blessings and protection, and we walk in VICTORY, and labor in LOVE! Although down through the many Centuries here upon this Planet of Many Sorrows and Miracles: Earth, the road has often times been before us: narrow and rough, GOD'S DIVINE COMMISSION has been undeniable in our Lives, and our Spiritual Mission, while earning our ASCENSIONS, has been made perfectly clear: To be of assistance to help Educate-Enlighten, and Inspire the timely, professional, and public excavation of 'SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT,' also known as 'The Great Seventh Seal,' according to GOD'S DIVINE PLAN! The real members of the 'Tudorgram Team' cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, deluded, or delayed any longer! We will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of the enemy, pander at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity. We won't give up, shut up, let up, until we have Prayed, Affirmed, and Decreed Up; Praised Up, Paid Up, and Spoke Up for our Blessed Lord and Savior, the Ascended Master Jesus the Christ; the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and the Ascended Master Blessed Mother Mary, and their true Heavenly Host, that will be returning very soon to walk and talk with those dedicated and real Christians upon this Earthly Plane! 'I AM' and the real Tudorgram Team are Christian, Peaceful Warriors and devoted Patriots as legal, American Citizens, and we are unashamed as FIRM BELIEVERS IN CHRIST (F.B.I.) "Almighty I AM!" (x3) Sincerely and Respectfully, "I AM," ~Miss Ellie Williamson; Warren Angel, and Fletcher Richman..."Tudorgram Metaphysical Research Historians" Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 11/09/2018 8:43 a.m. EST
12:37:44 PM
But judging a person by their evil-doings and actions is a necessity of life lest we fall prey to those with the MOST ill intentions towards us. The Tudorgram Team may "believe" in Christ but they desecrate his teachings by twisting his words to meet with their equally twisted and degenerate agenda. Isn't that right Fletcher Richman? AND opposite to your blathering and stupid ill conceived posts, I do have power...POWER OVER YOU, POWER OVER YOUR THOUGHTS, You cannot help but think about me, you go to bed and wake up thinking about me, "I AM" under your skin you fraudulent gnome. Your metaphysical ways and your EVIL will have no effect on me. I AM that which will haunt you in the night, I am the young hooligan who will steal from you when you are old, I AM the bumps in your home while you sleep, I AM all the EVIL doings that you have so willfully perpetrated coming back to haunt you through the ill will that you will surely experience from now until you repent your EVIL ways. I AM KARMA.
You have nothing to do with God's divine commission, you only have the love of Satan who's bidding you have so willfully and dutifully chosen as your life course. Lies, deceit, theft...are these the teachings of Christ you abhorrent vile and destitute in-human being you? Do you think God would have anything to do with your putrid self? Look in the mirror...What you see gazing back at you is a hollow and empty soul blessed with a conniving brain, a forked tongue and a capricious life devoted to spreading pain and sorrow. Now is that the way children of the light behave? I think not. You have no backbone, no spiritual acumen nor do you, or will you ever know what Love or selflessness actually is. Personally, I think that your character archetype lends itself to Pedophilia but I suppose only time and the law will prove my suspicions about you as likely true. PAY UP BITCH
01:08:04 PM
You idiot, did you not see my previous posts? The Bruton Parish has (rightfully so) written you off as being a whacko, nut-job with no viable information, link or lineage to....damn this is just a waste of typing energy. Like talking to a moron who just does not get it. Yes Fletcher I am talking about you. Furthermore, you will NEVER excavate anything other than oreo bits out of your DQ blizzard which you will then stuff into your fat, filthy mouth. Your life work is worth literally nothing other than the money that you have willfully and knowingly stolen from the many people as listed on this site. A testament of your satanic and evil ways.
Miss Ellie
05:12:00 AM
Tedi Twindle...why are you not monitoring and honoring your Internet Website truthfully, and according to your 'Guide Rules' of the requirements to post on this location: "Piker Press?" Any decent, educated and morally sound individual, can only surmise after reading 'Anonymous' and other fake names given to such a nefarious and cruel person, who twisted and sick this individual is that tries to continue to defame and slander, viciously attack Fletcher Richman, and other Christian members of their Baconian Research Team! Your chosen filth of inappropriate wording reflected on 'Piker Press' is a waste of time; seek out professional and spiritual counseling, immediately, before it is too late for your troubled Soul to be redeemed in this lifetime! Miss Ellie
Charles Story
05:20:10 AM
Come clean and out of the closet from your evil rantings, 'Anonymous,' 'Hal,' 'Satan,' and other demonic names used to try to hide from the LIGHT! As Mr. Richman has firmly and accurately stated many times: "YOU HAVE NO POWER; YOUR END HAS COME!" Coward and low-life that you are, PLEASE take some important moments and read the 'commenting policy' found above on 'Piker Press' and this particular Internet Site. What a sorry excuse for a deranged human soul, 'Anonymous,' 'Hal,' 'Satan,' and your other evil titles! Mr. Richman, Miss Ellie, and I will continue to PRAY and DECREE for your weary and twisted soul; you need all the help you can get at this point in your sad and lonely life! W.A.
11:03:20 AM
So, I have been able to hack an IP range from Fletcher's online activites, It appears this weasel is not in W.A at all. The IP hops are coming from Pennsylvania! I am on the verge of hacking your computer now Fletcher, you are done.
10:30:11 AM
Also, the two posts pretending to be Miss Ellie and Charles Story are also coming from the same IP further proving that Fletcher at this point is acting alone. The gap is closing.
11:38:54 AM
You need to pray for your own soul Fletcher, I have a warm seat waiting for you until you repent and make good on your evil doings. You don't need me to tell you this, you truly know deep down in your heart how spiritually lost you really are. Time will show you how right I am. Go on now. Keep pretending. Your time will come.
01:43:57 PM
You might want to get Tedi's name right you arrogant, incompetent, ignoramus fool.
The Real Tudorgram Team
06:14:06 AM
Saturday, November 17th, 2018 Oh, Tedi Twindle...give up the Ghost and your Wicked, Wicca ways...as You have done NO DAMAGE to the Real Tudorgram Team, especially because WE ARE TRUE CHRISTIANS and POSITIVE, HAPPY and BALANCED METAPHYSICIANS...and NOT under the demonic spell from Satan/Lucifer as You have been for so many Centuries! You are really a twisted and sick person to be misusing the Internet in this evil manner! The Ascended Host have been waiting, until this moment, to 'catch You in your own dark net of anger and despair,' so as the Metaphysical saying goes: "When You give a calf enough rope to hang themself, they do...and so it is!" The REAL TUDORGRAM TEAM and I are now permanently signing off this Satanic, Luciferian site, as we are NOT and will NOT waste anymore of our precious time with this silly nonsense, Tedi Twindle...so fare Thee well...and to the Compound You will go when You take your very last breath here on Planet Earth! You must really have some serious Karma to balance, Tedi, with the Ascended Master Saint Germain, for You to be so evil and mean-spirited against any of his REAL ASCENDED MASTER STUDENTS...so as my parting gift to You, Tedi Twindle, I would highly recommend that You obtain the Twenty Volume Set of the 'original' 'I AM' Teachings that were first published by the Saint Germain Press, Inc., beginning in the year 1934, so that You could begin to FREE YOUR TROUBLED, DARK SOUL from the hypnotic clutches of the sinister forces in this World of Satan/Lucifer...at long last! Adios, Tedi...God help You...as You are going to need every bit of Divine Mercy and Forgiveness for being such an willing Emissary of the destructive forces in this World! Sincerely, Miss Ellie, Warren, and Fletcher The REAL TUDORGRAM TEAM, Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 6:13 a.m. EST
02:08:00 PM
Oh he’ll be back. Like an STD even if you ignore it, will not go away. To hell with you Fletcher I hope you die a heinous and awful death. Enjoy your pitiful life you hideous and vile troll. If u come back here EVER again, even once it will prove you are a spineless gutless vermin piece of shit.
The Real Tudorgram Team
02:04:33 PM
Well, I suppose just one more post to prove you right ONCE AGAIN.

Sincerely, Miss Ellie, Warren, and Fletcher The REAL TUDORGRAM TEAM, Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 2:13 a.m. EST
The Real Fletcher
02:14:09 PM
Actually I am in California now but thanks anyway Mister Know-it-all

Sincerely, Fletcher The REAL TUDORGRAM TEAM, Williamsburg, Virginia Sent: 3:30 p.m. EST
Miss Ellie
09:15:32 PM
Fletcher Richman is not a man. She is a woman. Believe me, I know.
The Real Fletcher
01:23:43 PM
Tuesday November 27th, 2018 To the Reader: It is important to remember that The Tudorgram Team is a figment of my (Fletcher D Richman) imagination. Because I feel so helpless at the onslaught of TRUTH that has been reported so honestly and transparently on this site which stands as an unfortunate representation of the WRONGDOINGS I have willingly perpetrated against those who MOCK and ATTACK me through this forum. I admit that I can no longer exist in HARMONY when the cloud of DISHONESTY and LIES resides over me constantly. As a TRUE BACONIAN metaphysician, my ascended host is fading into the lightless QUAGMIRE of HATE and EVIL that my life has become as a DIRECT RESULT of my CONSTANT wrongdoings and the BASKING in Satan's voluptuous and robust attentiveness as I am completely helpless to his calls to action. My mind is CORRUPT with ill thoughts and actions that support my evil NATURE as I am too far gone to recover from my hellish fate since I cannot break free from the DEMONIC forces that possess me to act out the evil deeds that so easily come to fruition in my mind and by my hand. In fact, my I AM discourse exclamations echo through hell as the demons who heed my call and act on my bidding repeat I AM as a meta-physical bond between my WICKED ways and its PHYSICAL manifestation on Earth.

Sincerely, Miss Ellie, Warren, and Fletcher The REAL TUDORGRAM TEAM, Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 1:23 p.m. EST
Miss Ellie Henderson
02:34:11 PM
To Tedi and her husband, John; Frank Joseph Wiegert; Shelley Rockwell Fowler, and anyone else that assumes to know the birth trauma, medical and personal background of Mr. Fletcher Richman, a long time, personal friend and business associate of mine for over 17 years! Immediately 'Cease and Desist'discrediting and disrespecting his reputation and character, using evil and vicious slandering, libeling, and defaming, insane tactics, as your KARMA of God's Divine Retribution will be swift, severe, and rightly so, back into your Minds, Bodies, Home, World, and personal-business affairs! He will NOT be ever returning here on Piker Press, as the 'owners,' Tedi and John Twindle, have not morally, ethically, or legally stood strong with TRUTH or JUSTICE in protecting and honoring their commenting policy as listed above, on Piker Press! I AM demanding that You STOP using Identity Theft of my name, and abusing my personal, e-mail address, and that of the REAL TUDORGRAM TEAM, or otherwise, serious legal litigation will be imposed against those idiots and fools responsible for such immaturity and nefarious misrepresentations! 'SIR FRANCIS BACON'S BRUTON VAULT' is a real Historical, Scientific, and Metaphysical Project, and the Sacred Contents will see 'THE LIGHT OF DAY' in our Lifetime...at long last, for the education, enlightenment, and inspiration for all constructive 'Humanity at Large!' Mr. Fletcher Richman is NOT a woman; never was, and he has many years of quality, medical documentation to prove this reality, and SHAME ON ANYONE whom ever tries to attack him for being physically disabled, as he is protected under the American's Disability Act, and he has copied, pasted, and recorded these sinister attacks against him on line, and these malevolent comments here on Piker Press have been turned over to his Attorney, accordingly, for perhaps, future action! This will also be my very last series of comments on 'Piker Press,' too...as this Internet site has become 'tit for tat,' and a waste of precious and important time that is being pulled away from serious, Historical-Scientific, and Metaphysical Research that is vitally important...and has been, for many Centuries! God bless AMERICA, and God protect the true and devoted members of "SIR FRANCIS BACON'S SAGES of the SEVENTH SEAL!" ~Miss Ellie Henderson 11/27/2018
Tudorgram Hunter
09:08:18 AM
First of all, you are the THUG here. You can cry all you want, the reason this TESTAMENT of your EVIL-DOINGS stands here because YOU perpetrated your FRAUD to the innocent people some of which have assembled on this form, which is the reason this website comments are posted here you moron. I am doing my best to help you ATONE for your SINS. Instead you CONTINUE to come back here and WASTE your own time, I thought a "MAN" of your metaphysical prowess and INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORITY would be the bigger person in this scenario and be able to stay away because of your indefatigable spiritual strength. Do not think you are fooling anybody by posting as anyone other than your true demonic self FLETCHER D RICHMAN. SHOW YOUR TRUE FORM DEMON. Is this the professional extent of the world renown Tudorgram Team? If you are so powerful in your metaphysical bull-shitery, why not use those POWERS and associations to confer with your celestial host beings to find out who I am instead of blind firing blame in every direction. You are not only a belligerent little worm, your life, work, study and RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS are completely meaningless. In fact, the entire content of your responses are nothing less than dribble and blather. I will not cease or desist. You are a treacherous TROLL and the world needs to know that the name Fletcher D Richman and The Tudorgram Team are associated only with DELUSION, FRAUD, THEFT, DISHONESTY and FURTHERMORE, YOU HAVE NO ASSOCIATION, KNOWLEDGE OR LOVE FOR JESUS, GOD or HUMANKIND; you are a leech. Back to your hole you despicable piece of human feces you...you and your whole team.
The only disability Fletcher has is a lack of moral framework and being bereft of any semblance of what is right, having compassion or a soul. DO NOT FORGET that being a sociopath is not a disability. Now go back to HELL where you and your minions surely belong.
The Real Fletcher D Richman
11:15:53 AM
Don't listen to MISS Ellie Henderson, she is a raving mad lunatic and get this...she is really a MAN!!

Sincerely, Miss Fletcher D Richman The REAL TUDORGRAM TEAM, Williamsburg, Virginia USA Sent: 11:14 a.m. EST
06:15:53 PM
If the sacred contents of the Bruton Vault see the light of day, it will certainly have NOTHING to do with The Tudorgram Lunatics. LUNATICS.
Satan Claws
02:30:02 PM
Merry Christmas Fletcher

You’ve been VERY naughty.....
10:13:39 AM
Miss Ellie? Fletcher? Where are you dirt bags? Come on, I know you are still watching.
11:57:39 AM
Hi Fletch (wave)

You are a weasel.

That is all
12:16:54 AM
There is PLENTY of evidence of fraud done by Bradley David Richman aka Fletcher Richman as well as his minions Linda, Warren, Ellie, and others. Law Enforcement are watching them and preparing for their arrests anytime. No way to get out of this one Fletcher. None of your pseudo psychotic beliefs will save your ass anymore. You can surrender quietly as you should or be taken done faster than you think. We know everywhere you go. We are watching you too! GAME OVER!
12:43:48 PM
Happy 2022! Let us all pray that Fletcher Richman will get caught and be held accountable for their misdeeds.

God bless the children of light (not you Fletcher you are darkness and evil)
01:09:29 PM
Bradley David Richman aka Fletcher Richman has been tracked down.

He doesn't know there are students who are undercover law enforcement. There is proof of his money thefts in numerous states.

Your con games are going to be over soon enough!
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