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December 04, 2023

Drunk Senses

By Tyler Willson


My head is as big as a mountain
My hands have lost all feeling
The earth is a roller coaster
won't stay under
my feet
Sound becomes
or drifts away on the wind as I ignore it
or concentrate on it.
Insignificant things contain
the meaning of life;
only if I choose to dwell on them
My senses are dulled to everything except
what catches my fancy.
and whatever catches my fancy,
is absorbed by all of my not-so-dull senses

Article © Tyler Willson. All rights reserved.
Published on 2010-08-02
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05:59:00 PM
Yeah, that sure is drunk. I like this because the images are so evocative without being judgmental, except by the truth they convey. It is like a classic, black and white, non-photo-shopped news photo. (http://english.china.com/zh_cn/news/international/11020308/20090422/15445078_5.html for example. Good job
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