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February 26, 2024


By April A.


You wake up at six: intercourse with your spouse.
You're under the blanket with tightly shut eyes.
At seven a postman arrives to your house
With two printed portions of scandals and lies.

You turn the TV on. Your damn daily dose
Of lies is exceeded with fresh morning news.
You firmly believe global changes are close -
You have no idea they've hidden the truth.

In life you've achieved less than nothing, you're poor
Though you were the best both at college and school.
Well, man, who are you? You are not even sure.
In fact, you're a pawn in the game of a fool.

You can find out more about April A. through her creative works here.

Article © April A.. All rights reserved.
Published on 2011-01-03
1 Reader Comments
clearly rvoza
07:14:31 PM
who is the fool? if the fool is able to control the "pawn" so well, then i see the pawn as more of a fool, which is why i need to ask who the fool is.
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