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February 19, 2024

From the Heart

By April A.

From The Heart

I'm here in the corner, devoured by cold,
My little ribbed shell hides a desperate sigh,
It holds an enigma for you to unfold
Until I'm asleep to your breath's lullaby.

My soul is rushing beyond the extremes,
Revealing the vibe that is hard to appease,
But once you discover the door to my dreams,
My consciousness lives through a moment of peace.

Whenever my lips start exploring your skin,
They bleed unexplainable bitter remorse --
My poison leaves stains, and it feels from within,
But lips ever sealed do appear much worse.

You can find out more about April A. through her creative works here.

Article © April A.. All rights reserved.
Published on 2011-06-27
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Churchill grandchild.
09:25:02 PM
Gramps would have liked this.
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