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July 15, 2024

Good Morning

By Lydia Manx

Good Morning

Sketched on the back patio
Leaves dappling the chalk art
Sassy blue -- like your eyes
A smiley face on another part
Too bad about all your lies

How could you think I wouldn't know?
When your mouth tasted like her lips?
On your shirt casual strands of hair
Draped down your back, over a hip
Dark red -- not mine -- I had to stare

Why are you here? Why don't you go?
What reason can explain?
The deception and twists of facts?
My tears and heart -- sore with pain
At the very thought of you coming back

I remember you drawing me silly hearts and words long ago
On my front doorstep proclaiming your love for me
And how I welcomed the sight
You found the way in -- my key
Years long past deep into the night

Darkness robbed me of you too, I know
The late meetings and erased calls
Hang ups on the house phone
Your sudden interest in going to the malls
The other name you would moan

Now you must finally reap what you sow
I need nothing from you anymore
Rerturn my key -- let my heart go free
Go to her, leave me, shut my door
Once and for all -- let me be.

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2011-05-30
Image(s) © Mel Trent. All rights reserved.
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11:16:57 PM


Lovely, but very sad.
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