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June 17, 2024

The Building 20

By Lydia Manx

Tricia Sanborn still gyrated on Jerry Cooper's fang tips but no longer with sexual need much less pleasure. Her hacker talents and somewhat cavalier persona was just that -- a persona -- an ingrained and nearly natural seeming personality she readily used to get what she wanted without the meatiness of a full sex kitten personality in reality to back the front. But her blood more than made up for her lack of masochistic tendencies and destructive life style. Her posing at the bars while waitressing as an offbeat sort was well established in the close-knit beach community. She made her true style in the ethereal arena of cyber space not with local human contacts. Jerry'd just found out how much her facade was fake and a cover due to the fact that he'd spent too much time away from her and her talents. Her blood was thick and she was sexually hungry. She nearly threw him out of her mind in her instinctual attempt at mating with him when she'd first noticed him coming through the door.

His disgust was thrust down as he drank more from her mind and her very rich veins. He was somewhat taken back since he didn't want to impale her with anything but his fangs. Taking in her fears into his thoughts, he began weaving new paths for her to pursue instead of trying to physically ride him. She grew overwhelmed as he pulled from her and licked closed the puncture wounds on her neck. It was a textbook Hollywood location for a vampire bite, but he wasn't stupid enough to leave them. With his vampiric saliva the bite healed immediately without a trace of fang imprints. Young vampires and those without care about their victim left fang marks. They weren't necessary, and were frowned upon in vampiric society -- and it was also another way humans could question what they thought was reality.

Once she settled down he physically thrust her away from him and back onto her chair. Listlessly she picked up her tank top and white shorts and dressed. The black tank did little to hide her hard nipples; despite Jerry's best work she was still somewhat aroused and thinking of her sexual gratification rather than the pathway to the million dollars from one of her recent victims.

He softly commanded, "Finish the job, Tricia. You can easily beat this man. You are better than he is and deserve the money."

He assumed it was a man because in all the time he'd been visiting her she'd never been trying to steal account numbers or money from a woman. He didn't know if it was just the random timing of his nocturnal ventures into her world or some die-hard rule she had. She was a quagmire of rules and self-imposed policies that tended to contradict each other when it suited her.

Nodding, she returned to the monitor and keyboard and her fingers flew nearly vampiric in her speed on the keys. He'd taken more blood than usual, but he also had pushed into her mind some vignettes to keep her appeased but her needs and her mouth shut. Her foul language irritated him nearly as much as her indecent attire. Granted, she was in the privacy of her own home, but still Jerry preferred women with a sense of style. The Elizabethan and Victorian eras were his favorites, but he'd allowed his modern vampires to dress respectably in the clothing from the turn of the last century and a few wore the dresses from the fifties. He preferred his minion and fledglings to look like the women did in the past centuries. It disturbed him to see how current society had dissolved to woman wearing little more than their under garments as clothing and having the audacity to call it style.

"Fine, be that way." She was extremely strong and her willpower was beyond anything he'd seen from her before. She still wanted him sexually and was exuding a scent he knew was sexual in nature. He hadn't touched her other than to put his hands on her face and shoulders while he fed and she was acting as if he'd been plunging away inside her for hours. She moaned softly and wiggled in her chair in a cat-like manner. Her hungers were nearly on the level with a fledgling's desire for blood.

A ripple of something ran through his mind. He never paid much attention to how many times he fed on a human before he killed them or had them turned in the past centuries. When he first was created he kept close count on the number of times he pulled from the same well. Once he became Master of the City in Detroit he had minion and others to concern themselves with that. It was easier to delegate and let someone else keep track of those sorts of tedious details. They were more protective of their place within the clan than he ever was. The more vampires created, the less time they got from him and the attention of his certain brand of control. One of his minions had once told him that every night she was away from him she mourned as if he were never coming back. He hadn't realized that he could create that dependency in a human, but from all that Tricia was doing and how strongly she was resisting his control he had to wonder.

She was still intensely clattering her fingertips across the keyboard while chewing on her bottom lip and shifting sensually with a rocking motion on her chair. He didn't want to over think why she was doing that, but was fairly sure she was getting something out of it other than the slight squeaky noise from the chair shifting a bit. His suggestion for her to find the money from where she was fleecing the latest victim seemed to be working because her face suddenly illuminated from the insides out.

"Damn right! Woohoo! I rock." A smile spilt across her face and she refrained from one of her more blue rants. She liked foul language; that was a fact that he didn't have to tolerate if he got a choice. Most of his suggestions had been rather forcefully slammed into her brain and he saw her grimace as she bit back a string of swear words. The suggestion wouldn't last for days and from the look of things it might not even make daybreak. Not that it mattered, since he'd be gone by then.

She punched a few more keys and hopped up and did a little dance. Twirling around, she caught sight of him again and said, "Ah, hell. Fantasy Man, what are you still doing here? I know what I could do ... " she trailed off as he pushed harder back into her mind, trying to stem the wave of want and need flowing off her. She really wanted him and Jerry was growing more than a bit uncomfortable, well aware that she was pushing back harder than ever at his mental suggestions.

"I want to talk to you about your talented skills." He said softly while trying to see the bank account number on the screen. Her innate sense of self-preservation and her desire to keep her money made her blindly hit some buttons and the information disappeared before he could get close enough to memorize the string of information. He resisted sighing because he didn't want her wondering later why he reacted to that. Her suggestible state only went so deep and he knew better than creating a loophole for her to wiggle out of his control.

"Blah, blah, blah. Talking is overrated. Let's get back to fucking." He was losing her again. He didn't want to take too much more blood and run the risk of starting the process of turning her. He needed her computer talents far more than complete control. He ignored the swearing and wagged a finger at her saying, "Oh, come now."

"Yes, please," she interrupted coyly while her hands began to trail her body, tugging and caressing.

"I want you to show me your computer skills. We both know you are undeniably sexy." He tried to placate her. It wasn't completely working as she began stroking her fingers over her breasts in a very apparent way. She had only been partially sated by his mental push and still wanted something more. He gritted his teeth mentally and wished that he had just one of his minion to call.

"Damn, you are so boring tonight. I want more than my fingers on keys and me. I want you deeper in me then you've ever been before," she illustrated her need with her own nimble fingers dipping back to her shorts, and Jerry kept the look of disgust and horror from his face by picturing her spread out on a sacrificial table while one of his fledglings punished her for her arrogance and assumptions. He just couldn't risk sucking her dry right now with his fangs. Tempting though the thought was for him. Some of what he was thinking was leaking out because she slowed her stroking and looked stunned.

Zoning, she shook her head and tried to recall what she was doing on the computer. Her base needs derailed by the mental images of her own death... Jerry read it in her thoughts and knew she'd pulled from him something more than sex in that momentary link. The glimpse wasn't something he'd intended, but it worked in his favor as she began to work her magic. He hadn't told her what he wanted her to do, but she was trailing after local television stations and looking for openings into their systems without him having explained the job. He realized then just how connected they'd grown from his sporadic feedings and her neediness. She wanted his approval and had yanked out of his mind not only her punishment but what he desired from her.

Soon the screen was filled with the graphics for the television station he'd been watching. She pulled out a few flash drives from her desk and began flipping through the colored two inch tools.

"Yes, come to mama." She yanked out a deep blue flash drive and slid it into one of the USB ports on her computer drive. Another screen popped up and her fingers flew as she loaded what she wanted from her saved material and inserted it into the television site. A few more screens flashed on and off at lightning fast speed and the monitor blinked as it tried to keep up.

"Mother fuckers! Like that'll stop me? Oh please, stupid tech schools. Like they think anyone is doing anything in C+ anymore?" She continued muttering swear words about the parentage of the programmers and the lack of basic computer programming skills. A list of employees for the news station with their addresses and phone numbers magically filled the screen from something she did while rabidly cursing the site manager and his lineage. It was an internal listing from the company's own site. It was exactly what Jerry needed.

She fired up her printer and it spit out the list. Slowly she looked at all the names then at Jerry and said, "Okay, Dream Man ... who's your flavor? I'll get you driving directions. Hey, can I come and play with you? Please?"

She really wanted to help him; her cravings were out of control and she couldn't resist asking.

Jerry considered how much he truly needed her now that she was tainted with so much sexual need. It dawned on him that he could always find another hacker and she could be bait. It would sever the bond that was forming, and also she would be one hell of a distraction for Celina to add in the mix. Knowing how tight knit the hacker community could be, he decided to first feather his nest before he cut her loose.

"Tricia, look at me." She spun in her chair with her face lit up with joy at his command. She was definitely enthralled by him. He needed to fix the situation before they left her home.

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2011-06-20
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