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April 15, 2024


By Monique Jetton

Today, I came to a place where it seemed my life was laid out before me. My past was the way I had just came from and I turned and saw all the bumps, twists, & turns that occurred. My present looked smooth as if I had not lived but died. It's as if part of me does not want to make a choice of which direction to go. So, I have died before I started my journey. It only looks different, like a new journey, but it's the same. Just the scenery has changed.

With all the bumps and turns in the past and the lessons I learned I dared not make the same mistakes in my present or future. I find myself wanting a new beginning but not sure which direction to take. Each of us have responsibilities, but do we dare to test fate, go out on a limb? What will the consequences be? My future shined bright but there were so many choices. Which way should I go? So many things that I want in my life, is it possible to have them all? Is it possible to be happy in your job, family, and social life? What decision must be made so you can have them all with out making the same mistakes as the past? I am not sure but I know that the sleeper must awake and action must be taken before there is nothing.

Realizing this, I decided to make positive changes about the present and the future will worry about itself. Living each day to the fullest and remembering to have fun. Not worrying about the past because it's dead and buried. But living for the now and making realistic goals that I can accomplish in a short time, thus making it possible to enjoy life again. Take one step at a time; though they may seem small they are in the right direction.

Will I ever get to have everything I saw on the road called the future? Only time will tell, but I am not concerned about it now. It's not something I can control but yet if the right choices are made and the right roads are taken anything is possible. I feel the urge to keep myself grounded as to what's true and the certain responsibilities of life I must bear. Yet I still strive to dream and reach my dreams.

Sometimes seems as if it is an impossible task. I get bogged down with all of lives woes that I forget for just one moment about what is important to me. The dream slips away and a void remains. Until the next moment of inspiration or the nagging voice in your head says "WAKE up you have dreams and stars to catch, don't walk but fly." Then I realize that feeding into the void of nothingness will only stop me from walking down the path to the future I want so badly. So, I must keep hope alive and remember anything is possible if you just believe. BELIEVE in yourself and be content with the present and hold out hope for the future. Above all make a leap of FAITH that everything will turn out the way it's meant to be. REMEMBER don't second guess yourself, if something goes wrong, fix it and move on. CHERISH those around you for their love, strength, & support to see you through those tough times because you will SURVIVE!

Reach for the Stars and Succeed - you will make all your dreams and hopes come true.
Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2003-06-16
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