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May 20, 2024

Brave New World, an Expert Opinion

By Phillip Larrea

One of those queer kids who collects candy
wrappers. Abba-Zaba, Big Hunk,
Good & Plenty, $100,000 Paydays.

Suddenly realizes -- he hasn't seen
$100,000 lately. Mental note:
'Must ask Mom next time we shop.'

Payday is smaller. He is sure of this.
Mom swears "It is for your own good.
We have all gotten too fat."

She tells him that is why he can't
ride in the shopping cart.
"Why? There's lots of room." he complains.

But now Mom only carries a basket.
Makes him tramp along side. Hard
to be sure from this disadvantage point

But wrapper selection looks thin to him.
Kisses are not solid anymore.
Peanut butter cups have been blown to itty-bits.

Article © Phillip Larrea. All rights reserved.
Published on 2014-04-21
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