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February 19, 2024

The Watchman: Book Review

By Wendy Robards

The Watchman, by Robert Crais.

The first patrol car arrived in seven minutes; the paramedics three minutes later. Larkin thought it would end that night when the police finished their questions, but her nightmare had only begun. - from The Watchman -

Larkin Conner Barkely is carefree, young, and very wealthy. When she is involved in a car accident one night in Los Angeles, she has no idea the chain of events which will follow. Suddenly Larkin's life is in danger and she is running from people who want her dead. Joe Pike, an ex-cop and ex-mercenary, is tasked with keeping Larkin safe ... which is much harder than anyone could have predicted. When it appears that someone is leaking information as to their secure whereabouts, Pike takes Larkin and goes off the grid, returning to his own network of trusted individuals.

The Watchman is the first book in the Joe Pike series and it is fast-paced, edge of your seat entertainment. Robert Crais does not clutter up his novel with extraneous information -- instead his writing is direct, plot-driven and high action.

I first was introduced to Crais's writing in his newest novel, Suspect, which I loved (read my review). I went right out and bought the first three books of the Pike series and finally decided to read it.

Joe Pike is a thrilling character with a dark background. He reminds me of the protagonists which people Robert Ludlum novels -- strong, fearless, and with extraordinary capabilities. But don't let that fool you -- beneath his cool interior, Pike has a heart and it is that touch of humanity which makes him not only a character to get behind, but one to love.

I'm eager to read the next book in this series.

Readers who love plot-driven novels with lots of action won't want to miss this one.


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Published on 2014-02-03
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