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May 20, 2024

Run-of-the-Mill Jimmy

By Jimmy Pappas

Poet Jimmy becomes
Run-of-the-Mill Jimmy
when he works on his
magnum opus:
A History of Philosophy.

But I doubt his opus is really
as magnum as he claims it is.
It sounds to me like an example
of typical male braggadocio,
so Run-of-the-Mill Jimmy probably
has a Run-of-the-Mill opus
as far as opuses go
(or should I say as far as opi go?),
but I don't know
since I haven't seen everyone's opus,
and who cares anyway
since magnumness
is vastly overrated
and just because my opus
is magnificently magnum,
who am I to be critical of those
who are not so well endowed
when their opus may be
just as effective as my opus.

So there he is,
Run-of-the-Mill Jimmy,
he of the supposedly magnum opus,
typing away at something
that no one will ever really
give a shit about
in the always

Article © Jimmy Pappas. All rights reserved.
Published on 2016-05-09
Image(s) are public domain.
2 Reader Comments
08:08:42 AM
Hmmm. Run-of-the-mill. What does that mean, Jimmy? Does it mean that all grains are equal (the ones that are run-of-the-mill), or does it mean: all grains are unequal as they are spit out of the mill or maybe it means: whatever, of any size, shape or importance comes out of the mill. Whatever it means, I always enjoy Jimmy's poetry, run of the mill or whatever.

Jimmy Pappas
02:42:42 PM
Thanks, Poppy. I always intended Jimmy to be an Everyman, so his frustration with not having written his philosophy masterpiece yet should echo with all would-be writers who want to complete their grand plan.
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