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July 08, 2024

The Road

By Shola Balogun

The Road

As you walk the road
To your destiny, fair wayfarer,
You need more than wishes and dreams.
You must be the first you must first discover.

As you go on the road,
Do not leave your courage
and endurance behind,

and you may not go far
without humility.


Let there be more space
in your heart to forgive,

and always remember

You have forgiven.

As you go along,

where the road is narrow,
have a broad heart.

The greater part of the journey
Is to become the journey.


Let the Spirit lead the way
to the inner door.
The starting point
is not where you begin.

The starting point
is where you meet
with the other half left behind.


When you get to a closed door,
Keep your mind open.
What you do not see with your eyes,
is not visible only to your eyes.


You need light to see through light.
The closed mind does not see
Through an open door, weary traveller

Let the Spirit lead the way
To the inner door.


Silence is a hidden guide
to hidden discoveries,
Lone Seeker on distant road.
There is no distance as far
as the depth of human heart.

It is the eyes enticed by evil
That send the legs on evil errands.

There should be more left unsaid,
on your return,
When you have said all.

The world, I know,
did not begin with you.
The world, you must know,
will not end with you.


Somewhere along the road,
There is a new beginning.

Wisdom is found
In unusual places.


When you get to a road
Where the road is parted,
Or the road where other roads meet,
beat a new path for yourself.

The crossroad is a multiplicity
of perspectives, not collision.

Tread the earth softly.
Let your words, lone seeker,
Flow always with grace.


It is the misdeeds of the living
that make one to remember
the good deeds of the dead.

There is loneliness on the lone road,
Lone wayfarer, be a bird.

Birds are bards with blissful songs.


Is the centre of the earth
Not the centre of heaven, lone wayfarer?
You must be the brook water
To find the depth of the brook.


The supernatural is when the bush
Is not consumed, it is not only
When the bush is burning.
Vision is seeing
In another dimension.


If you cannot see the light
From where you stand, it is because
The world is still what it is.

Your heart, not only your ears, must listen
To hear the silence of silence.

The distance between the heaven and earth
Is a little sleep in a little dream.
The world is a piece of land:
The world is a handful of earth.


The thresholds of the benevolent
Never crumble without remain.
The thresholds of the wicked
Never remain more than a debris.

Welcome home, long distant wayfarer,
Let your songs rebuild
The broken wall.


One who has never seen
something gleaming
That turned out only to be
an ordinary rope, will never see
something not stunning that will turn out
To be a gemstone.

Welcome home, long distant wayfarer,
To the other half of the journey
You left behind.

Article © Shola Balogun. All rights reserved.
Published on 2017-02-27
Image(s) © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.
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