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February 26, 2024

New Discoveries at the Laelaps Bar

By John Grey

New Discoveries at the Laelaps Bar

Locals gather in one corner,
aliens in another.
We've been both in our time
but for now,
we gravitate toward the latter.
Green-skinned and four-eyed
they may be
but these creatures weren't born here
and neither were we.

It's been a long day of detente,
of dealing with bureaucracy,
of signing treaties
to benefit both our worlds.
But now, it's time
to shed the jacket,
loosen the tie,
get wasted on whatever concoctions
the four-armed bartender
can summon from his bag of mixing tricks.

A hard, frustrating day's work
followed by a bout of alcoholic sorrows drowning --
the universe has become no more
than a kind of supra-Earth.

Yes, we know all there is to know about our own planet.
And there's still so many mysteries to be revealed
on other planets.
But they're mostly things like
"What kind of drink is
an Intergalactic Brain Outsourcer?"
I'm about to clear that one up.

Article © John Grey. All rights reserved.
Published on 2017-07-10
Image(s) © Alexandra Queen. All rights reserved.
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