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September 25, 2023

fat american kids at the anne frank house (amsterdam)

By John Grochalski

fat american kids at the anne frank house (amsterdam)

they're running circles
around me and my wife
and everyone else whose standing out here
like we're going to a rock concert
instead of going where eight people hid from the nazis
they have us queued in a tight pack
near the church where rembrandt buried his old lady
and these kids are getting on my nerves
two pasty, tow-headed cherubs
in wisconsin t-shirts wrapped around their fat bellies
their parents must have them hopped up on something
they stink of mcdonald's and can't keep still
and the old lady is giving it to the old man
about where they're going to have dinner in a place like this
while the kids run around
saying things like, why do we have to visit the house
of some dumb girl who died?

and their parents don't even have a reason for it
don't scold them for their words
the old man shrugs
not even an ... but anne frank is important
mom just hands her cell phone to the girl
as the boy is trying to frog hop
these metal poles they have all over amsterdam
meant to keep the sidewalk separate from the street
there's a good chance he'll land wrong and crush his nuts
maybe even smack his jaw on one
bite off a part of his tongue and break a few teeth
at the very least he's going to fall and get hurt
and it'll be someone else's fault but his own
and his parents will wear their indignity
as if draped in the american flag
which is to say they'll blame it on someone else
demand some form of restitution
and as a courtesy
they'll get pushed to the front of the line
sent into the anne frank museum for free
to see something not a single one of them has a clue about
but that the tour book mom is holding
says in bold letters ... is a must see.

Article © John Grochalski. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-04-30
Image(s) are public domain.
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