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February 19, 2024

gentrification took away my favorite bar

By John Grochalski

gentrification took away my favorite bar

gentrification took away my favorite bar
and it'll take away yours too if it already hasn't

maybe it got your favorite coffee shop
restaurant, record store or deli on the corner

gentrification took away the cheap beer
and the jukebox and the bartender
who used to cry over his shitty girlfriend

gentrification came for that old phone booth too

it took away the guys sitting in the corner
kvetching over horse racing with red wine

it took away the sticky wooden floor
and the low tin ceiling with the etchings on it

gentrification got those wooden tables
and the dart board and sunday jazz bands too

it took the guinness sign right off the window
and threw it in the trash with the vodka lemons and limes

it took the spiked holiday cider and dumped it
it burned the cheap salty popcorn that complimented a draft

gentrification took a nice huge rent hike shit
in a bathroom that only the brave could survive

it scratched out the punk band stickers
and unclogged the smudged and rusted sink

gentrification put up notices in the window

for something that the press are calling
a "euro-disney version of an irish pub"

gentrification took away my favorite bar
and gave me mickey mouse's limp dick to suck on

because gentrification shows no mercy
when it comes to bringing a good city to its knees.

Article © John Grochalski. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-06-25
Image(s) are public domain.
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