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June 17, 2024

Brilliant Hues

By Charles Cicirella

Brilliant Hues

Rocks catapult down upon us from the Heavens.
We're gluttons for punishment and other forms of calculated resistance.
You break the mold, you bought it.

Here's where we stand against the wind and inclement weather.
So tired of waking up and swallowing more despair and coffee ice-cream.
I'd offer you sanctuary, but my church is closed to white people entitled to their ignorance, but not their own set of slipshod facts.

You want democracy?
Okay bend over and prepare yourself for the cavity search of your generic, hollowed out lives.
We stopped making cowboys and injuns around the time television became the new crack and video games taught our children to kill with no conscience.

People surprised at how low this not ready for primetime administration will go as a limbo stick draws another quavering line in the single-minded sands of time.
I've run out of jokes and snide comments to make about this President.
Violence and mean spirited bullshit is never the answer no matter how ill-equipped our country has become at dealing with the cancers eating away at our democratic hearts.

There's an avalanche coming that will shake us to our sanctimonious cores.
You can do your best to pretend the fall of Rome is not upon us, but now you see it now you don't as our empire evades questioning and slips out the back door.
Met a racist in a black forest of dos and don'ts. My friend Joe kept borrowing her lighter as I watched my childhood disappear before melting eyes.

Article © Charles Cicirella. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-11-05
Image(s) © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.
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