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June 24, 2024

Why Standtoll And Trymore Collapsed

By Ndaba Sibanda

Why Standtoll And Trymore Collapsed

It was their humble version of The Country Has Talent
As the judge readied to unveil the winners, Standtoll
stood up, so did Trymore. Both claimed to be victors!

When the arbiter talked about the penultimate
contestant, Standtoll, thought of himself as the best.
Trymore tried to tell Standtoll that he was the winner!

Said the official, "Standtoll, you're the penultimate
contender." Standtoll leapt with joy. She added, "It
means you're next to Trymore, the very last guy!"

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-09-10
Image(s) are public domain.
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