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July 15, 2024

Definition of Solitude

By Megha Sood

Definition of Solitude

To understand the meaning of solitude
you have to stand at the edge of loneliness
with the emptiness oozing from your eyes
and cutting both ends of the darkness
you are left alone
crowded yet alone,
in this swamp of
meaningless figures dangling and ricocheting between the
tombstone of dreams and reality

To understand the definition of solitude
you have to gaze deeply into the eyes of a heron
sitting and meditating at the base of that hill
isolation will eat the heart out of you
you look different even swarmed by the
million eyes and serrated limbs

To understand the meaning of solitude
watch closely the elbows
of a mother getting darkened by the time
resting on the window sill
waiting for the time
to slowly rot and lose its existence

To understand the meaning of the solitude
watch the trail of tears
marking a trail on the base of an epitaph
falling on the dried and crumpled petals
which fails to bring back the fragrance in her dying life

To understand the meaning of solitude
look at the moon in the night
with his borrowed light and his scarred existence
he still fails to hide the pain
with his sly smile.

Solitude is the body burning like whiffs of
slowly and surely,
losing its existence
to the thin air
cramped within the four walls of a crowded room.

Article © Megha Sood. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-01-14
Image(s) are public domain.
2 Reader Comments
Megha Sood
04:50:19 PM
So thankful to the editor Sand Pilarski to publish this poem of mine.
02:54:52 AM
Yeah, solitude, does make for an interesting idea when you truly understand its value for the precious jewels it yields when you spend time in its presence...Lovely again Megha
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