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February 19, 2024

Vision of the World

By Pranab Ghosh

Vision of the World

Step by step,
You were
Drawing closer to me.

Step by step,
I was moving

Step by step.
You kept on moving
Step by step.

I turned around
Only to find you
Moving towards me
From the other direction.

Step by step.

I turned left
Only to find you
Moving towards me.

Step by step.

I turned right
Only to find you
Moving towards me.

Step by step.

I tried to move away.

Ahead, behind, left and right.
But could not move a step.

You were there ...
Everywhere ...
Moving towards me

Step by step.

I closed my eyes.
My inner being trembled.
I kept my eyes closed.
I could hear your footsteps.
Moving towards me
Step by step.

I tried to run ...
I tried to shout ...
I tried to ...

Suddenly the breeze
Began to blow

Your hurried footsteps
Were drawing close.

I opened my eyes ...

I could now feel your
Presence ...

You were there on
All sides
Breathing faster.

I tried to look at your eyes.

I spotted a glow.

I then looked to my left
To my right
Ahead of me
And behind.

Your eyes were glowing
You were stationary.
The glow engulfed you.

There was only glowing light
All around me.

I tried to touch the glow
You disappeared.
But the glow remained
Drawing closer and closer.

In the glow
I could see
The burning
Desire of our times.

Men and women, boys and girls,
Buses and cars, trains and aircraft,
Fighter jets and tanks and
Armored vehicles ...

Everything was burning.

Salons, parlors, malls,
Restaurants, temples, churches,
Mosques ...

Everything ...
Everything ...
Everything ...

Then there was

I called out your Name
I shouted at the top of my voice

There was only a lull.
A silence for an answer
Not even an echo
Not even a vibration
In the wind.

The breeze had long stopped

In the darkness
I could not find myself again.

Where are you?
Where am I?
Where is our existence?
Where is our civilization?

Was it a vision?
Was it a premonition?
Was it a dream?
Or was it ...?

You lay dead everywhere ...
On my left
On my right
Ahead of me
Behind me.

The vision

Is KRISHNA alive?

Article © Pranab Ghosh. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-11-19
Image(s) are public domain.
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Sarah Ito
07:54:18 PM
Another home run! I love the ethereal feel of these words.
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