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December 04, 2023

How To Tell Whether They Are In The GG Group

By Ndaba Sibanda

How To Tell Whether They Are In The GG Group

Deep in desecration of democratic processes,
drowning in deceitfulness and "demoncracy "

If there is a culture of brutality, decay and damage --
chances are that you are ruled by a rogue leader

Their WhatsApp Group is called Good Governance
All the bad eggs in the corridors of power are here!

One of the senior members, a long-serving president --
is writing a little article on how to be a life-president

The other day he was lecturing other group members
on how to deal with "silly" demonstrators and detractors

By fate of life, some of the notorious GG founder members
are retired (though, don't be fooled -- they have a legacy)

If your national leader is averse to human rights and all --
not accountable to their citizens, it's likely they are here!

If your president doesn't give a hoot about the rule of law,
or your nation's constitution, sorry, he or she is in this group!

This big group is graced by big names which are institutions
in their own right, and they don't care about civil liberties

If your national leader is a fan of the militarization of the organs
of state, then he or she is in this group by choice or default

If your national leader is not a servant leader but a sleek despot,
there is no prize for stating the obvious: he or she has a GG card

In principle and practice, those who seem to have or enjoy
the GG membership worldwide are none other than male rulers!

If your ruler, to his or her discredit, has always run your nation
like it's his or her privately-owned company, sorry ,he or she is in!

If your president uses violence and subjugation or turns elections
into some gimmicky playground, then, he or she is a GG member

If your president is a megalomaniac who wields absolute control
over government institutions , he or she is in this WhatsApp group

If your nation doesn't have an independent judiciary but partisan security
officers and biased public media, then certainly your "dear" leader is here!

Some don't seem to know whether theirs is a presidency or a monarch
as they keep on extending their terms till folks begin to raise eyebrows

Remember, those in the GG WhatsApp group won't be identified by
their public posturing or speeches, but by their actions and annals

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-12-24
Image(s) are public domain.
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