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January 30, 2023

Today Is a New Day

By Daniel Naman

Today Is A New Day

Today is a new day. Perfect. I am lost in the bed sheets. I am lost in my own thoughts. I am non-responsive to the bright stimulus that permeates through the curtains. The cold air fills my room, and I call out for the heat --whether it's for a simple moment or a long-term relationship, I miss You, the desire to achieve. You, the desire to make something other than my bed. I would love nothing more than a spark of energy to whisk me from my crucible.

But Today is a new day. Right? It is so easy to say to myself Today I will be a flat tire that keeps moving. I will be the sparks that fly when steel grates the ground. I will be the pig that learns to fly. But Today is a new day. This is not Yesterday, and while I still have Yesterday's thoughts carrying over into the now, I can choose to make a new set of thoughts. A new set of to-dos. And I think to myself, why not try to do something before I have to worry about Tomorrow. I think: Today is a great day to go outside and burn. I will melt myself to the ground-become a puddle. I will cling to the boots of those who step in me. I will soak their pants, and they will have to cope. They will have to clean me. They will have to deal with what I've done.

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Published on 2019-03-18
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