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May 27, 2024

NVS Salon

By Alexandra Queen

Nina Gully has known for a long time that she has to watch what she says around her husband, Vince. He's a man of surprises, and any wish she makes out loud has a tendency to come true. But some wishes -- and surprises -- are definitely bigger than others. Gully has been a stylist for 11 years. Ever since beauty school, she's known exactly what she would want her dream salon to look like. Still, she had no idea what was coming when her new husband took her out for a cup of coffee in Ripon's Almond Blossom Plaza, weeks after their May wedding, and asked her how she liked the location. When she asked "For what?" Vince told her that there was a salon going in two doors down. Nina tells how when she said she thought it would a good spot for a salon, Vince just grinned and asked her when she wanted to start work. In retrospect, Gully said, she probably should have seen it coming. Vince is a forklift mechanic who operates his own business out of Stockton. During their courtship, when Nina had to decline an invitation to go for a motorcycle ride due to work, Vince would tease her by saying, "Oh, that's right -- you have to call your boss." Now Nina doesn't have to call anyone if she wants to take the day off, but that doesn't necessarily mean she gets to go riding more often. "It's a lot of work," Nina admits of her first business. "I have to pay the bills, and do all the maintenance. I still have drapes to sew and walls to marble. But the coming and going [when I want] is not all that. It's being able to do things my way that I like best." Starting from scratch gave Nina Gully more than just the opportunity to do the decorating her way. Everything from the flooring to the fixtures reflects dreams she's had for years as a stylist. A wall was brought out to create deep cabinets so that Gully, who at 4'10 describes herself as short, doesn't have to strain to reach for things from high overhead compartments. The salon chairs were ordered especially for the "lo-draulics" that lets them drop lower than regular chairs. "No one has to slouch for me now," Gully laughs. Even with her own shop a reality, there's still room for Gully to dream. Her father was a barber and taught her the basics of the trade when she was very young, but although she's been cutting hair since the sixth grade, Nina also really enjoys doing makeup. Currently, Gully gets her fix by doing clients' makeup when they come in for up-do's and styling for special events like weddings or dances, but she hopes to add a makeup station in the not too distant future. She tries not to say that too loud, though. With a husband like Vince Gully, she might just come in to work one morning and find one there. Nina smiles as his name is brought up. "He's an awesome man." NVS Style is located at 467 N. Wilma Ave #2, in Ripon's Almond Blossom Plaza. For more information, call 599-8331. This article first appeared in the Manteca (Calif.) Bulletin.
Article © Alexandra Queen. All rights reserved.
Published on 2004-05-08
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