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June 24, 2024

When You Want To Dream

By Umar Yogiza, Jr.

when you want to dream

when you want to dream a girl like her
you'll first of all dream a clean stagnant water
on a mirror soil with blistering sun above
guiding it
even your presence is a distraction
you'll need a lot of sleep and talent
its like you're bringing mona-lisa back, flesh and bone with only daisy brush, water canvas and no imagination
her silent lips, are the colours of god's-made
apple, sacred, girandole of paradise before adam's premature harvest and adventures
her apron a white rose in god's sight
unimagined by any mortal
the oblong luster on her smiles has no resistor
to regulate its current in direct proportion to the burning voltage crossing to your admiration
the peace in her eyes is above contentment
above the strangeness of a country that lost how to feel the pains of losing people who died out of propaganda
when you want to dream a girl like her
be ready to be a journey beyond imagination

Article © Umar Yogiza, Jr.. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-12-02
Image(s) © 1. All rights reserved.
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