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September 18, 2023

Early Morning with Jesus

By John Dorroh

Early Morning with Jesus in the Kitchen: Lay Hands on My Bacon and Eggs

4 AM is too early to pretend to be awake, so I'll invite Jesus in. (He's there anyway, right?) What would You like for breakfast, Jesus? Bacon and eggs? pork okay? I've got turkey sausage, or You might like vegetarian. While You're here, could you take a look at this hole in my side. It doesn't seem to be healing. And my sciatica's a bitch ... oops ... I mean, a real pain. What's that, Jesus? You want to bless the food and lay hands on me. Sure thing. I'd appreciate any help You can give me. (Pause) Thanks, Jesus, it feels better already. What's that ... You won't put more on me than I can handle? That's cool. But some days I feel as if everyone's deserted me, left me alone to fend for myself. Oh, You get that. I'm sorry.

Article © John Dorroh. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-03-02
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