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September 25, 2023

He Called Himself Giraffe

By Ndaba Sibanda

He Called Himself Giraffe

That he was a towering figure was no debate
That he was a 'giraffe' was a rarity to celebrate
He called himself a giraffe, though some found it odd
He found it a tall order why they would fuss or be sad
Numerous souls on the streets raised eyebrows
Each time he appeared they gave him stares
Not that he was a superstar by any measure
Out of courtesy, they would say it was a pleasure
Oddly their gentility made him feel like an idol of sorts!
Behind his back they said he had a habit of saying truths
Which meant that possibly he was economical with the truth!
Maybe people didn't understand his register, he was no youth
I'll die if I don't read a book week in week out, he would say
Liar or a bookworm? Did his hyperbole get other people astray?
In the face of other people's incompetence, he said: great job!
Was that a lie or a piece of irony? When they said liar he didn't sob.
One analyst said anyone who called himself a giraffe had an idiolect
Which could confuse people, and on how to say things he had to select

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-01-27
Image(s) © s. All rights reserved.
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