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June 05, 2023

In About the Early Winter in 2005

By Xi Nan (Nancy)

In About the Early Winter in 2005

Ye and Yuki came to me and Yang
(At the time Yuki was Ye's girlfriend)
(And I was Yang's)
We chatted
When reaching four o'clock in the morning
Yang suddenly suggested to see the sunrise
So drove his second-hand shabby Rover
(It was dark blue)
Carrying we three
Went towards the seaside of Newcastle (England)

The seaside in the morning of early winter was really cold
I covered my body with a jacket of Yang's
The wind was whirring, coming and going
We were young and excited
Took photos in front of a graffiti wall by the sea
Yang asked me to posture like I was holding the sunrise
(At that time Yang had not yet given up art to become a businessman)
(Till the summer of 2018, my best photos were all taken by him)
We also walked along the coastline for a while
Stepped a string of of footprints on the beach

Later we bought eight crabs
(Two per person)
Gingers and vinegar
While waiting for the supermarket to open in Chinatown
Everyone napped in the car
When I woke up, I put my hands on the car sunroof
Yuki took a photo of them
The black and red nail polish
Had fallen, left bits and pieces
We all thought it looked so good

We got home and ate those crabs, then we slept
Yuki and I slept in bed
Yang and Ye took our camping sleeping-bag
Slept on the floor
That was a really deep sleep
Until dusk time, the landlord came knocking the door
Told us to sign for a parcel
I opened the curtain
The sky was already completely dark
This was in about the early winter of 2005

Then the spring came
Yuki ran away with a married man
Who owned a singers agency
Another six months later
Yang and I also broke up

Article © Xi Nan (Nancy). All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-03-16
Image(s) are public domain.
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