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July 15, 2024

Prelude to the Newest Love Song

By Pranab Ghosh

Prelude to the Newest Love Song

What choice did we have?
You and I ...
Were we aware of our existence?
You were a mythical figure to me,
Stuff that dreams are
Made of.

You existed for others ...
Lived in their dreams and desire,
For me you were yet to happen.

I travelled the distance that
Evening with no purpose in mind,
But to be present where
You were, in the heart
Of the city.

Words flowed, poetry took shape
Time was traversed;
There was a bonding.
Words united us
I listened, mesmerized.

And when time came
I took from you a
Memory to cherish
And gave you words,
My words that poured
From my heart.
I know, yet I do not know
What it meant for you.
You gave me courage.
You gave me a dream.

Now we have a choice.
You and I.
I do not know ...
Yet I do know ...
What you will choose.
For me it is an open and
Shut case.

For me there is no choice.
Measuring time
Without you
Seems unbearable.
I have no coffee spoons
To stir our cups.

Time for me has
Stood still since.

It has been my choice.


It has been my choice
To think of you ...
To think of me ...
To think of you and I.

It has been my choice,
But you helped me to choose.
Was it a difficult choice?

I had a vision about you as I meditated.
You acknowledged the vision.
Choice says there could be revisions.
But the vision for you was true.
For me it was something beyond truth,
Beyond our daily existence, beyond
Our hopes and desire,
Something so perfectly
Embedded in time
That I dare not question it.
It was something so full of life ...
It was life itself.
The happiness to create and recreate.

You looked so perfect in that creation.
It was your creation ...
It was our creation ...
Why should there be a revision?

What was the choice?
Where was the question of choice?
As if something stood determined to happen,
To you, to me, to you and I.
What were we in front of that determination?

It was a moment sculpted out of the future,
A moment made eternal by you and your creation;
It was joy eternal for you and I.

Was it my choice?
Was it our choice?

Time chose it for us
And we stood fixed
In the eternal time.


And we stood fixed
In the eternal time,
As life exploded in
All its splendor.
You pointed it out.
I had no question.
To question was to doubt.
Life eternal is beyond doubt,
Beyond time and structure.

Life exploded in all its eternity
Joy beckoned, we forgot who we are,
Who we were.
A new reality dawned.
Do you doubt it?
Do I doubt it?
Is there a choice?

With time eternal where could doubt be?
Where could choice be?
Life stands still in front of us
What if we fail to embrace it?

That could be a choice.
But a choice so forced, out of sensibilities blurred
That it rather not be the choice.

Why deny life when we could choose it?
Why deny life when revisions are ruled out?
Why deny life when everything temporal
talks of a lapse in our times and lives that
eternal truth offers to endure?

Why not embrace the truth?
But is that the truth?
It is a question and not a choice.
To run away from the truth is a matter of choice.
But why choose to run away
When we could walk the miles together?
It could be our choice as well!

But would it be our choice?

To run on or run away
Is the question.

It is a matter of choice.


To run on or run away
Is the question. It's also
A matter of choice.

If we choose to run away, how far can we run
And from what?
We were strangers a day before.
We could be so even a day after.
What difference would it make
To the world?

But the vision we shared,
You and I tell a different tale.
Running away is ruled out.
Revisions only envision the truth,
And truth is or should be our choice.

It's the truth of the oracles.
It's the truth myths are made of.
Your presence was like a myth to me.
Why, if time comes, shall we not
Live the myth? Nothing could be truer then
Than you and I measuring the time
Together in a togetherness that time is yet
To experience. To you this may be romantic
babbling, but it could be finally a matter of choice.

Because what is eternal is true and vice versa.

Then what would be the choice?

The mermaids wouldn't sing to me
But they would sing to each other.

Let us sing to each other then what life has in its fold.

Let's sing the song together!

Article © Pranab Ghosh. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-06-08
Image(s) are public domain.
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