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June 17, 2024


By Pranab Ghosh


Mind like a nomad travels
Blurring distance

Mind like a rabbit travels
Covering meadows

Mind like an imprisoned beast
Gnaws at the walls of
Decorum, propriety

Mind like a soul possessed flutters
In the evening air!

You reach a nowhereland
Meadows turn into deep
Death gorges

But mind travels
Ceaselessly, ignoring
Insult and injury ...

Connecting with souls
Imprisoned for decades

Devoid of fresh air
To breathe, fresh water
To drink, in this prison
Of the world

Souls decay
And you gasp for air
Full of particulate matters
And one day you
Cease to breathe!

Article © Pranab Ghosh. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-10-12
Image(s) are public domain.
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