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February 26, 2024

You Are Responsible! Knight in Shining Armor

By Pranab Ghosh

You Are Responsible! Knight in Shining Armor

Knight in shining armor! How could you!
How did you manage to beguile
The prince away from his course
And shatter the morale of the warriors,
Who had vowed to win the war?

Knight in shining armor! Languishing as you
Might be at the shattered dreams of yours
That lie scattered around you!

Knight in shining armor! Relishing you
Might be your VICTORY!
Possessing you might be the promises
Of the party that you held hand to
Betray your cause! But be sure
The promises were as empty as
Your sunken soul now!

Knight in shining armor! Afraid you could
Be as you know time will not be kind
In its appraisal of your giving away those,
Who had faith in you delivering
The VICTORY for them!

Knight in shining armor! How could you?
And how did you mislead the prince
In believing that in deliverance of
Your lie, lies the victory of the warriors
He was guiding to their destiny?

Knight in shining armor! How could you?
And how did you betray the warriors,
Who had faith in your wisdom? In
Your steadfast allegiance to their cause?
How did you? And how could you?

Time may have stood still!
Decay may have stopped on
Destruction may have ceased
From raising her head!
But only for your vain ambition
For a lame cause, TIME has become
A monster devouring

Destruction has become the order
Of the day and decay the spirit
Of our shattered times!

Knight in shining armor! We hold you
Responsible of all

Article © Pranab Ghosh. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-07-06
Image(s) are public domain.
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