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February 26, 2024

For Harry Fainlight, Heckled at the Albert Hall

By Bruce Hodder

For Harry Fainlight, Heckled at the Albert Hall

Harry, I want to intervene for you.
Grand gestures aren't exactly what I'm known for,
but everybody else got to finish reading.
Some of them were rubbish. You were great.
That guy who interrupted should be shot for rudeness.
And people would cheer anything in London, Harry;
they're desperate for everyone to think they're hip.
So try not to judge the crowd for clapping him,
not you. Allen Ginsberg shouted, 'Read the text!'
I'd rather have the love of Allen Ginsberg, Harry.
But still I'd like to set the record straight on stage.
It upsets me to see you slouching, so despondent.
I get self-conscious sometimes, hot and bothered,
and I want to run away, except when I'm at home.
Harry it's cool, don't look so devastated.
Don't sink into your seat and brood; don't hate the world.
That's just another way to hate yourself, my man.
I've been there. I hid inside my house for months.
Okay, if you're too distraught to stop the reading
and get back up on stage, why don't we leave the place?
Let's walk into the London night, heads held high,
and go and find a pub to do some drinking in.

Article © Bruce Hodder. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-12-21
Image(s) are public domain.
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