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July 15, 2024


By Tali Cohen Shabtai


When I don't have cigarettes,
it determines my
Sabbath fate.

it all begins with a cigarette on
with an exhale just
before sunset
until the inhalation
the next day when the stars
with the blessing "That distinguishes between sacred and profane"

This is the most important day
to consume cigarettes, because the day when
God rested
from all his work is not an idea.

That every business is closed
in Jerusalem, even if they made
enough from tobacco
consumption during the week.

Really, there's a woman for whom the cigarette is
her language
and the way she counts
in cigarette butts
corrects her phobia
with numbers.

I need a cigarette that does not exceed 10 centimeters
and is no more than 7 millimeters in diameter
The effect of the nicotine substance found in tobacco on the human brain
inspires in me at the same time
the quality of writing on the Sabbath.

It should be seriously considered
that there are withdrawal
symptoms arising from a lack of
nicotine in the brain that is prevented from me
to contain them
when a person does not consume cigarettes
on the Holy Sabbath.

Accordingly, the biblical saying will come here that
"the Sabbath may be broken when life is at stake"

Should I silence any thirst
and adhere with the Creator blessed without
any adherence to an object
for an entire day?

Generally the week enters on the Sabbath.
For me? On Sunday.

Article © Tali Cohen Shabtai. All rights reserved.
Published on 2021-04-05
Image(s) are public domain.
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