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January 23, 2023


By Fabrice Poussin


They invade libraries of infinite knowledge
blind in the light as they wish to be
voracious in their appetite for sameness
is it not more comfortable to wallow in ignorance?

Their curiosity is a faint spark in the darkness
learning the queries allowed by somber masters
revisionists for the mere realities of the trees
ancestral giants witnesses to millennia.

Once children with insatiable appetite
to understand things so far away in the cosmos
microcosms deeply engraved in this land
adults they shut their souls to so many marvels.

What will they take with them beyond the realm
when it is too late to explore truths
so early to die in this senseless mass
and their candle can no longer sustain the lies.

They might be zombies eaters of gray matter
eager to lock all gates to the wonders of the universe
beauties created to be explored
gifts to enlarge the minds of even their kin.

But there is no time left for the cannibals
like vampires of insane narratives
they perform black magic upon the gentle
and find refuge in a black cave beneath heaven.

Article © Fabrice Poussin. All rights reserved.
Published on 2021-10-11
Image(s) © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.
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