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July 08, 2024

Why They Called Her Ms. M

By Ndaba Sibanda

Why They Called Her Ms. M

She was a hungry, pushy and predatory kisser.
She didn't like flowing water. She just didn't.
Do you know who she was? Ms. M. Her name.
She was fond of people who were too lazy
to empty their kids' wading pools. Those
were her victims too. She also adored
those who were too lazy to change
the water in their birdbaths.

She had no kind words
for those who kept the grass well-trimmed.
She resented them. She frowned at those
who walked in wooded or lush areas
while wearing long sleeves
and trousers. How dare they!
If ever one used an insect repellent,
then one was Ms. M's
downright antagonist!

She fed on plant nectar
and water. She was no innocent kisser,
not at all. Ms. M was a maddening
and toxic kisser. She kissed one
and left one writhing and reeling
from a stinging sensation.

Where did the kissing lady live?
Well, she lived in grasslands
close to areas where folks lived.
Stagnant water was her much --
loved breeding ground,
her happy habitat.

Together with her friends,
they gathered in storm drains,
they boogied in abandoned birdbaths,
in blocked rain gutters, pools and ponds.

Do you know what she did?
Well, Ms. M kissed Mr. Dube.
How did she do it? She pierced
Mr Dube's skin and fed on his blood!
Ms. M bit him, injecting her saliva
into the old man's body while
draining off his blood. That
was no romantic kiss too.

I think bloody Ms. M was a vampire.
A bloodsucker. Mr. Dube felt the result
of her sharp kiss: a revealing red puffy bump.
Pain and itching held him hostage. Mr. Dube
whined as the bump became itchier, larger,
redder and stiffer. He developed body aches,
a headache, and fever. Ms. M was unworried
and unavailable to respond to questions
on why her saliva carried bacteria,
parasites and viruses.

Ms. M had left an itchy welt behind.
Bloody Ms. M! What a stinging sensation.
Squealed Mr. Dube seeking medical attention.

The doctor talked about vaccinations
and medications. The specialist said
"M stands for Mosquito. At home,
once bitten, treat mosquito bites
by washing them with soap
and water or pain relievers
or other anti-itch

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2021-08-23
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