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January 30, 2023


By Ngwako C. Maifala


Johannesburg! Jo'burg! Jozi! E'goli! M'jondolo! Kwandonga Ziyaduma!
The so called city of gold
Yet of disaster to me.
A city so dear to many
Yet so bitter to me.
A city many ascend to for money and survival
Yet that robbed me of paternal identity.
A city to which many decamp to raise their families with love
Yet that robbed me of the love and hope.
A city in which many find comfort and pleasure
Yet that left me bereft of both and the like.
A city many sing beyond measure
Yet that broke my heart and spirit beyond remedy.

Johannesburg, you traitor!
Johannesburg, you criminal!
Johannesburg, you evil!
Johannesburg, you murderer!

I detest you, Johannesburg!
I detest your name!
I detest your sight!
I detest the sound of you!
I detest all of you!

Oh Johannesburg, why me?

Article © Ngwako C. Maifala. All rights reserved.
Published on 2021-10-18
Image(s) are public domain.
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