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February 19, 2024


By Sonali Chanda


The scintillating dusk was filling with crimson blood,
and I'm soaking in the stained bloody red of dusky you,

O' my evening sky!
The path, leading to the core forest zone,

was far from the crowdy hamlet, where some shopkeepers had their shops open
till evening.

I used to walk every afternoon through the path,
as it was my regular way.
      Only those could find your blushing horizon,
behind the hills, who chose to!

Here life stops a while for me, just to see you, dear.
some unspoken words I murmur by myself,
that only reaches to you...!!

  Utmost silence sometimes bestowed the ultimate happiness,
you know!
Sometimes the way of happiness comes
in the form of your blush...
That in loneliness, I like to see!

Article © Sonali Chanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-02-28
Image(s) are public domain.
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