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January 30, 2023


By Bharti Bansal


There comes a day
When sun shining overhead
Resembles the moon of the night
And in the fading distinction
Lies my heart
Beating to the tunes of a grief so profound
That all it asks me is
To jump off the precipice
But what beauty does it add to the world
My death
Besides a space being formed
For something more beautiful
Like breaking of bud to reveal its first petals
Or an ocean of my mother's sadness
As deep as the sky condensed into a poem
There comes a day
When this poet disappears
Like the raindrops on desert
But what beauty does it add to the world
My death
Besides a shadow of a light forever gone
Beaming through dark space
As my little sisters name after me, a star
And I shall then go on
Like gentle breeze
To kiss the graves of all those hearts
Which never lived to see what a beauty this life could have been
If only they had taken up my space
My body
My name
Forever echoing like cries of a lost man's family
Looking out for him in strangers' face
There comes a day
When all of this ceases
What remains is a plea of past
Floating like a dead fish
"Save me"
But what good is saving
After the dead is mourned
And life moves on
Like a train passing by
While dead stands on the rails
Shouting at first
Waving at last
A forlorn goodbye

Article © Bharti Bansal. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-05-16
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