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June 10, 2024

People, Pour in Some Adoration and Awe

By Ndaba Sibanda

People, Please Pour in Some Adoration and Awe

I cherish the magic of words that shows a reader
how I am in love with trees, sunsets, and sunrises,
poetry is my potent love and my labor of love,
yet people say poetry is one of the most
uncelebrated and underfunded artforms,
a pull-down poetry syndrome does not
in any way mean I am not enamoured
of poetry and its power and its role in life,
for without poetry how would I sing, swim
in the ecstasy of the wild and nature?
for without poetry how would I hear
the voices of the deeps, brooks, birds?
how would I explore the landscapes,
the human condition, the weather
patterns, the finery, controversies,
and complexities of life?
poetry, I pardon humans,
I am here to bare realities
for, I think, they err
on fostering fairness
as they fail to give
you what you merit!

lovely, lively, fathomable, fun poetry,
please pave way for the perfect pour
of my thoughts, blood and emotions
so that I may not long to escape
the insanity that rules and marks
your words, world, and wisdom
and call them a misplaced family
for in your oddness and boldness
is my safety, soundness, and sanity,
and where I see the world through
the prism of probe and preparation,
products that baptize me with visions
and hence it's my superb, stable family!

please profound, philosophical poetry
bond me with your voltage and verve,
protect me with your prime punch --
your profundity, power and precision,
bond me in a bold and intense fashion
as I savor each page of your digest and devour
each word, each sound, each line and each stanza,
allow me to unwrap your splendor which empowers me
to capture all the magic and wonder of your ageless urgings,
let me seize my hot and much-loved cup of Ethiopian tea
and nestle under a comfy blanket and be transported afar!

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-01-17
Image(s) are public domain.
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