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July 22, 2024

The Follies of Our Youth

By Tedi Trindle

The follies of our youth, they come back to haunt us
Endless seeming things we have forgotten.
So much we have learned, so much we have endured.
So much for which we still find ourselves

It would seem we would rise up.
Be our better selves.
Be nobler, smarter, wiser.
It would seem.

It would seem that we would put the past
Where it belongs.
And move on, and take charge.
Do the right thing.

It worries us, our children.
They do seem to know better.
But do they? Can we really teach them
Right from wrong?

What is right? What is wrong?
Who decides? What is the consequence?
Who pays the piper? How can we
Spare ourselves the ultimate pain?

The good that is life. Will we
Ever enjoy it?
Ever claim it for our own?
Ever learn that lying is its own

And that all we really need to do is be who we are.

Article © Tedi Trindle. All rights reserved.
Published on 2004-09-18
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