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May 29, 2023

Wake Up Time!

By Sunil Sharma

Wake up time!

The slumber
is over.

Dawn is on the red horizon.

Time to stir now
and get up, move.

Shout out
be heard.
sear the sky and earth
with the lancing words

if nothing gets changed
then -- unite and fight
the stupor

the drugged are to be woken up
and alerted.

time we all moved and marched on
in the public squares of the somnolent world.
Here comes the stormy petrel!
good sign!
let us get up
get going
and change the old set up.

Get tempered
in the forge of life

but unavoidable!

be cleansed in the fires
burning in that orange pit
hungry for more flesh-bones
by getting struck by the hammers
and emerge as invincible
top quality
through odd circumstance-body alchemy

drink the hemlock, unhesitatingly
with a certain poise and dignity
displayed by a philosopher
or a samurai committing hara-kiri

you are just -- 99 percent of the population, much denied
time you woke up to personal potential

and potential of mass action and solidarity

go, go,
become a fire-breathing monster
among the pampered angels
be outcast and drive the tormentors to sea

outsider, better
than popcorn-munching
consumer of TV

Article © Sunil Sharma. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-04-11
Image(s) are public domain.
2 Reader Comments
08:19:38 AM
Here Here, just DO IT!!!!!!
Dipesh Patel
10:36:37 AM
It really woked me up.
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