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July 15, 2024

Chain of Rocks

By Julian O. Long

Chain of Rocks

It's a footpath now
and I've never seen it, but living
here even in this diminished capacity
for walking, I'd like to walk it one day
just to the place where it bends and look
around. There's ample water in the
Mississippi there, though it's shallow
and an extra channel had to be dug
nearby for the barges on account of
the rocks -- I've seen photographs
but I'd like to take my own, Arch and
cityscape to the south, picturesque
Musial bridge to the north, old water
intakes for the city jutting up nearby.
I wonder if I'd be queasy like that time
not long ago at the Rio Grande gorge near
Taos when I couldn't get my eighty year old
bones to manage a walk past the edge.
I'd been braver years before at twenty
something over the Royal Gorge when
the tour bus stopped mid bridge
and I got out and stood there wearing
my brand new Alligator trench coat
in a snowstorm.

Article © Julian O. Long. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-04-18
3 Reader Comments
03:59:13 PM
Definitely captures that bridge!
AnonymousJean S. Baker
09:09:46 AM
Good to hear from my old debater pal!
Patricia Tracy
08:27:59 AM
Love this. Brings my mind back to a dark night long ago,looking for adventure as usual with my wild, crazy friends and walking out onto that bridge, with a beautiful moon shining bright. I knew this moment had been waiting for me. The bridge called out to me to trust it to let my body dangle from it's rusty arms. I knew it would keep me safe. I had no fear. I obeyed it and felt a moment of total freedom, like I could fly. It was only a moment but it still lives in my heart.
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