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June 24, 2024

left out

By Paul Tanner

left out

if I ever kill you, don't be offended

it's only because you're
fat and stupid and ugly and nasty and lazy and self-destructive
and antagonise everyone around you into justifying your victim complex
and you're one of those who yells when you yawn
and you're one of those who, when government-owned media devotes
endless coverage to a celebrity death, doesn't even wonder what evil shit
is going on behind the scenes while you're distracted,
and you have kids, even though no one gave you permission to,
I mean, look at you, and look at your partner, look at your physical lives
and inside yourselves: neither of you contribute anything, not
economically nor artistically, you're neither rich nor creative,
and on a purely personal level? you're mean to waiters
and you're violent towards shop workers
and you're not even nice to look at,
you're both unpleasant both inside and out,
so did you really think the world needed more you? let alone a
gross cocktail of the pair of you? did you even consider asking the rest of us first?
no, you insisted on fucking spawning, thereby preserving your
lineage of plebeian bitter misery, ensuring we have to deal with you forever,
and it's spiteful and there's already too many like you, narrowing our
evolutionary options down into a paddling gene-pool of passive-aggressive losers

so if -- no, when -- I kill you? don't be offended.
it was purely a practical solution:
we have to be a strong cohesive unit
if we're gonna eat the rich:

you know what they say about us?
they say we're
fat and stupid and ugly and nasty and lazy and self-destructive ...

Article © Paul Tanner. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-09-19
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