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May 27, 2024

It's Too Late

By Tlalane Manciya

It's Too Late

I loved you, while you were loving others
I watched you, running after those who didn't even know you exist
I was always there for you even when you never bothered to give me your time
I wanted you so bad and never expected anything in return

No matter what I said, it always fell on deaf ears
No matter how much I tried to show you, it landed on blind eyes
No matter how much love I gave, I poured into an empty heart
I was never good enough for you, I was never what you wanted

Yet, I stayed, and hoped that one day I'll be the one
The one you'd rather spend most of your time with
The one you'd call when you are stranded
The one to talk to when you have a bad day
The one to hear the words "I love you too"

Hope kept me trying, hope made me stay
Though I could see day after day I mattered less
It hurt like hell, every night I cried like a child
Each time I saw you with someone else
Each time you looked the other way from me

I learnt the hard way what being a fool for love is
I guess we all go through that once in our lives
As much as I love you but I won't be your fool
My pride and loving you can't reside in the same place

I know this time I must choose pride all the way
Since loving you brought nothing but hurt and pain
My pride says enough is enough, I can't go back
I must move on and forget you and live my life

I would have given anything in the past for this moment
This moment you finally come to your senses
This moment you finally say you want me
But this moment I get to tell you that it's too late
My heart and love aren't yours anymore

Article © Tlalane Manciya. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-06-06
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