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May 20, 2024

Warmer Flesh

By Stephen Kingsnorth

Warmer Flesh

Citizens of empty city,
former journeys fill eye bags;
temp accommodation offered,
only if get rid of dog.
But she only understanding,
she alone has need of me,
not regarding me as nuisance,
sidewalk swerving, eyes avert.
But as world self-isolating,
social distance outside home,
lay-abouts that litter pavements
better swept to hostel box.
Pigeon hole for those not fitting
into model life-style set,
but that fix ignores my closest;
life's a bitch, if me or her.
Where would others choose for shelter,
cleaner sheets or warmer flesh?
Rather share known breath of puppy,
panting tongue and wagging tail;
others share the bed of lover,
I would, pavement, kennel pooch.

Article © Stephen Kingsnorth. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-07-25
Image(s) © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.
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