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July 15, 2024


By Stephen Kingsnorth


As if a lotto board engaged,
without cash prize or laughter raised.
Not a good fit, the present time,
the next, and the one after that;
ten minutes last, though check again,
Submittable, unchanged its tune,
prospective journal, presses died.
Past promised publication date,
enjoyed your work, cut, paste again,
parenthesis, mind-reading games,
write any style, (but not your own).
It is not luck that chooses House,
its furniture, the former guests,
to recognise rejection slips,
composed by writers, past ingrained;
the dread of midwife, news to share,
delivered, still-birth, motherhood.
Some shuttered image, open frame,
a patterned dress or sculpted shape,
as environs prints eroteme,
from sole debate what soul creates.
When site accepts, the tenth attempt --
assumed they must print anything --
or do I send them everything,
what means something, submit, though poor.
The treasure stored in box through years,
erupted into line and phrase,
unless the stranger finds a friend
on fallow ground, rotated crops.

Article © Stephen Kingsnorth. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-11-21
Image(s) are public domain.
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